December 2003

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Words from the Wise (Guys) - Nicholas HM Caldwell
The State of the Industry


The Guild companion: Symka Issue 10 - Sean McGinity
Our heroes battle on the rooftops of New York City to claim the second Symka tablet


Card Ideas for MECCG - Nigel Buckle
Sixteen new unofficial cards for MECCG


Character Creation Made Simpler - Joel Lovell
An Excel character spreadsheet for MERP


Review Draconomicon - Robert J Defendi
A must-have compendium, especially for those who love and include Dragons in their games.

Wolf's Head Review - Nicholas HM Caldwell
A missing persons case, marital trouble, and supernatural horror combine to form one of the best modern horror scenarios available


Rolemaster : Learning Spells - Thomas A Stobie
New rules (suitable for all campaign power levels) for aspiring mages, including restricted spell lists, spell learning talents, flaws, training options, and magic items

The Sea Lion: A RM Conversion - Kerry Drake
Add this fierce coastal predator from the Revised System Reference Document to your campaign. This is an Open Gaming article.