Card Ideas for MECCG

Copyright Nigel Buckle © 2003

Edited by Nicholas HM Caldwell for The Guild Companion

"We will have peace when all your works have perished - and the works of your dark master to whom you would deliver us"

We Will Have Peace

-3 MPs Hazard Permanent Event


Playable on a fallen wizard's faction or a minion (non Orc, non Troll, non Animal, non Dragon) faction, if you have a hero man character at a site where the faction is playable. The faction now gives -3 MPs (to a minimum of 0). Discard when the faction leaves play.

"We will have peace when all your works have perished - and the works of your dark master to whom you would deliver us" LOTR

Suggested Artwork - Theoden (with the riders of rohan behind him) at the foot of Orthanc, with Saruman at a window.


Hero Minor Item 1 Corruption Point

Wizard, Hobbit, Dunedain, Dwarf only.

Playable as a starting item or only at a borderhold or freehold when a minor item could normally be played. May be played from your discard pile as though in your hand. Tap bearer to bring a smoke ring from your discard pile or sideboard into your playdeck and shuffle, bearer makes a corruption check.

"Where is that leaf? And get my pipe out of my pack, if it isn't broken" LOTR

Suggested artwork - a long stemmed pipe with a tobacco pouch


3 Misc MPs, Hero Permanent Event


Playable on Wellinghall (tap the site if untapped) if a company there has an ally playable at Wellinghall and discards for no effect a lost or stolen knowledge card. Wellinghall never untaps for you, and is never discarded. No factions or allies are playable at any version of Wellinghall.

"We come, we come with roll of drum: ta-runda runda runda rom!" LOTR

Suggested Artwork: A band of Ents marching (one Ent carrying 2 hobbits)

What of the dawn?

Minion Resource Short Event

Playable on a company containing an Uruk-hai facing an attack. All Uruk-hai in the company receive +2 prowess and -1 body against the attack. Cannot be duplicated against a given attack.

"What of the dawn? they jeered. "We are the Uruk-hai, we do not stop the fight for night or day, for fair weather or storm. We come to kill by sun or moon. What of the dawn?" LOTR

Suggested Artwork: Aragorn looking over the battlements at Helms Deep at an army of orcs & wild hillmen.


2MPs 3 Mind Hero Ally Prowess 6 Body 7

Unique, Playable at Wellinghall

If Beechbone is wounded all other allies playable at Wellinghall in his company get +3 prowess and may be attacked by automatic attacks and hazards keyed to sites. Discard Beechbone if his company moves to a site not in: Fangorn, Gap of Isen, Wold & Foothills, Enedhwaith, or Redhorn Gate.

"Beechbone I think he was called, a very tall handsome Ent" LOTR

Suggested Art: A tall handsome Ent

Almost feel you liked the forest!

Hero Resource Short Event

Playable on an attack by Awakened Plants, the attack is cancelled.

Alternatively playable on an ally playable at Wellinghall, the ally may face a strike from an automatic attack or attack keyed to his site (until the end of the turn).

"Almost felt you liked the forest! That's good!" LOTR

Suggested Artwork: Treebeard encountering 2 hobbits in Fangorn

Curse him, root and branch!

Hazard Permanent Event

All Awakened Plant attacks receive +1 strike and +1 prowess (+2 prowess vs Dwarves, Orcs and Fallen Wizards). Discard this card when an Awakened Plant attack is defeated. Cannot be duplicated.

"Down on the border they are felling trees - good trees" LOTR

Suggested Art: An enraged Ent fighting an axe wielding Orc or Dwarf.

We aren't careful about that

(3) (bracketed) Misc MPs Minion Resource Permanent Event

Riddling Attempt. Playable during the site phase on a character at the same site as an opponent's company. Tap the character and choose an opposing character, each player makes a riddling roll modified by +1 if his character is a sage, +2 if a minion, -3 if a hobbit (re-roll ties). If you win the roll place this card on your character. This card may be stored at a Dark Haven, only if stored do you get the points.

"You'll be letting out your own right names if you're not careful" LOTR

Suggested Art: Treebeard holding 2 hobbits.


Hero Ally 1 MP 0/7 (prowess/body)

Unique, Playable only at a tapped or untapped Bree. Discard this card if his company moves to any site that is not in Arthedain, Cardolan or the Shire. Tap Nob to search your discard pile or play deck for Bob. Place Bob in your hand, reshuffle your play deck. If Nob and Bob are in the same company, tap both to untap their current site.

" 'Hi Nob!' he shouted 'Where are you, you wool-footed slow coach? Nob!' " (LOTR)

Suggested Artwork: A hobbit (Nob) working at the Prancing Pony (maybe carrying some drinks)


Hero Ally 1 MP 0/7 (prowess/body)

Unique, Playable only at a tapped or untapped Bree. Discard this card if his company moves to any site that is not in Arthedain, Cardolan or the Shire. Tap Bob to search your discard pile or play deck for Nob. Place Nob in your hand, reshuffle your play deck. If Bob and Nob are in the same company, tap both to untap their current site.

" 'Where's Bob' asked the landlord, 'You don't know? Well find him! Double Sharp!' " (LOTR)

Suggested Artwork: A hobbit (Bob) working at the Prancing Pony (maybe in the stables)

Not Much But Every Little Helps

Hero Short Event

Man Only; Cancel an attack keyed to a borderhold or borderland targeting the man's company. Additionally if the man's home site is Bree also decrease the hazard limit against his company by one (no minimum)

" 'Against the Shadow of the East', said Strider quietly, 'Not much, Barliman, but every little helps' " (LOTR)

Suggested Artwork: Aragorn (Strider) 3 hobbits (Frodo, Sam and Pippin) and Barliman Butterbur all standing by a table in the back room of the prancing pony.

You've Come Back Changed

Hero Permanent Event 3 (bracketed) Misc MPs

(+1)(+3) Prowess bonus (appears in lower right hand card corner)

Playable on a hobbit at Bree during the organisation phase. You can tap the hobbit during the same site phase his company enters a shadowhold or darkhold to tap this card. This card remains tapped until the hobbit is at Bree during a site phase - tap the hobbit to invert this card. Once inverted you receive its marshalling points and the hobbit receives +1 prowess (+3 vs men or agents). Cannot be transferred, stored or duplicated on a given hobbit.

" 'good luck to your homecoming!', said Mr Butterbur ... 'You've come back changed from your travels, and you look now like folk as can deal with troubles out of hand' " (LOTR)

Suggested Artwork: 2 hobbits one dressed as a Rider of Rohan and the other as a soldier of Gondor

Once It Got Away

Hero Short Event

Playable on Bill the Pony or a non-unique ally in target character's company. Tap the character and place the ally under target character's control. This card may target a minion non-unique ally if the target character is a fallen-wizard.

" 'I wonder' said Strider, 'But I can't imagine any animal running home to him once it got away' " (LOTR)

Suggest Artwork: Sam holding Bill the Pony

If You Had Let Him In

Hazard Short Event

Can target and cancel 'A Chance Meeting' or 'We Have Come to Kill' in the same chain of effects (i.e. before the resource card resolves). Does not count against the hazard limit and playable outside the movement/hazard phase.

"And that ranger, Strider, he's been asking questions too. Tried to get in here and see you, before you'd had a bite or sup, he did" (LOTR)

Suggested Artwork: Barliman Butterbur standing over 3 hobbits eating at a table

You've Put Your Finger In It

Hazard Permanent Event

Playable on a non-wizard, non-ringwraith character bearing a gold ring. The hazard limit for the character's company is increased by one until this card is removed. Cannot be duplicated on a given character. During the organisation phase a ranger in target character's company may tap to attempt to remove this card. Make a roll if the result is greater than 6 discard this card.

" 'Well?' said Strider, when he reappeared 'Why did you do that? Worse than anything your friends could have said! You have put your foot in it! Or should I say your finger?' " (LOTR)

Suggested Artwork: A crowed Prancing Pony, with all the patrons pointing to an empty table (a hobbit is just visible crawling away underneath)

Things Were Far From Well

Hazard Short Event

Playable on a haven, freehold or borderhold in Arthedain, Cardolen, Numeriador, Rhudaur or the Shire if the Rangers of the North are not in play. Tap the site.

Opponent may discard from their hand a dunadain character with a home site in one of these regions to cancel this hazard.

"Things were far from well, he would say. Business was not even fair, it was down right bad. 'No one comes nigh Bree now from the outside', he said " (LOTR)

Suggested Artwork: A deserted Bree, - the Prancing Pony with closed shutters.