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Words from the Wise (Guys) - Nicholas HM Caldwell
The Editor talks about his latest project - Construct Companion


Alternate Coinage/Commerce System - Aaron Smalley
A supplemental article for the City of Archendurn module, including an extensive price list


Playing MECCG - Hazard Play - Nigel Buckle
The first in a seven-part series on how to improve your MECCG games through better play


Rethinking Umbar - Chris Seeman
Using evidence from the History of Middle-Earth, a new picture of Umbar in the Third Age is revealed


Irregular Maneuvers - Tim Dugger
A simpler system for handling static maneuvers, moving maneuvers and resistance rolls with a single table

Law and Order - Eric Brad
Our irregular series for less-experienced GMs and players looks at crime in fantasy worlds

Revised RMSR Stats and Categories - Denis Garnier
An Integrated System of Stats/Categories with new stats for Rolemaster

Rolemaster Professions in the Forgotten Realms - Chris Adams
How to use RMSS/FRP Professions in the Forgotten Realms


The Guild Companion: Crash and Burn - Two Sample Crews - Greg Schneider
Ready to Run PCs from two privateer ships for Spacemaster. A companion article to last month's "Crash and Burn" scenario.

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