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Words from the Wise (Guys)

An Editorial Rant


To the forty-eighth issue of The Guild Companion.

Origins Awards

At the start of every year, one of my tasks as editor of this magazine is to submit The Guild Companion for consideration in the periodicals category of the Origins Awards. The Best Amateur Gaming-Related Periodical no longer exists as a separate award this year. Instead there is a single Best Periodical category, so we'll be competing against the likes of Pyramid, d20Weekly, Dungeon and Dragon (!) simply to get on the nominations ballot.

We've also entered City of Archendurn for consideration in the Best Roleplaying Game Supplement category. It will have its own battle to win in that category.

Wish us luck.

Blasts from the Past

In last month's editorial, I talked about our agreement with Mjolnir concerning the republication of out-of-print ICE products in PDF form. We are currently in negotiation with the authors of four currently unavailable supplements. Once contracts have been concluded to the satisfaction of all concerned, we will proceed to the implementation phase of this project. More news as it happens.

Construct Companion

It's time to reveal a secret. Late last year, I was asked by Heike Kubasch of Mjolnir if I was available to write a book for Rolemaster. After some emailing to-and-fro, I accepted the project - Construct Companion.

My commission is to explore the whole area of artificial entities for Rolemaster. In RMSS/RMFRP, mention of such beings has up to now been limited to the golem and construct entities of Creatures & Monsters with no details on how they might be created by artifice or magic. In Rolemaster Second Edition, there was a scattering of spell lists across various supplements but there was little consistency and many details of entity construction were simply ignored.

I aim to change all that with Construct Companion. I'll be rigorously defining the various categories of artificial entities, and providing construction toolkits for each category, giving a step-by-step guide for the aspiring creator. No GM will ever again be constrained to just using the specific artificial beings of the Rolemaster bestiaries. If you or your players can imagine it, then you'll be able to create it.

I'll also be looking at the mechanisms and the ethics of making intelligent entities. How does a caster persuade a spirit or a demon to incarnate itself in a metal body? What are the benefits to the caster? What's in it for the spirit? Can a creator trust a demon to obey?

Fashioning constructs and the like is a branch of "Alchemy" in the Rolemaster sense of item creation. Many entity creators will therefore be members of the "Alchemist" professions. However, few players choose to play Alchemists in Rolemaster campaigns for various practical reasons. Hence there will be other routes which characters may pursue as they seek to master the secrets of nature. My aim is to allow GMs to choose the degree of access to such abilities that best suits their campaign worlds.

There's a lot more in the plan for Construct Companion, but talking about the book won't get it written!

Farewell (for now ...)

It's time for me to get back to writing while you enjoy this month's issue. We'll be back with more news and more articles in March, but until then ...

Keep gaming and have fun!
Nicholas HM Caldwell
General Editor for The Guild Companion

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