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Words from the Wise (Guys) - Nicholas HM Caldwell
Old Books for A New Year

d20 System

The Collector - Part Four - The Guild Companion, D. Andrew Ferguson, and Jarrett Sylvestre
A d20 System-Rolemaster campaign module in four parts. This issue: the final mission for the Collector and the epic climax.


Calling ALL MECCG Gamers - Wolfgang 'thorondor' Penetsdorfer
Advance warning of Lure of MECCG III


Ascowt - Nigel Buckle
A free game of racing cows


Alchemy Training Packages - Roy Altman
Alternate Treasure Companion Training Packages for the discerning Alchemist

Integrated System for Character Design - Denis Garnier
A comprehensive points-based system for character design

Silent Death

Additional Rules of Warfare 2 Fixed Fleets - Stephen R Wilcoxon
Fixed Fleets for later Silent Death houses.

Alternate Silent Death Events - Stephen R Wilcoxon
A medley of new house, gunboat and warhound smash events for Silent Death


Crash and Burn - Greg Schneider
A full-blown scenario for Spacemaster

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