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Calling All MECCG Gamers

Wolfgang "thorondor" Penetsdorfer

Early in 2003, we're hosting a big international meeting for all MECCG gamers. Join up to 100 gamers for:


When: 28 March (starting 3 p.m.) to 30 March (ending 3 p.m.)


Where: Castle Stahleck

This castle lies in the small town Bacharach; thatīs in the middle of Germany, some 50 km south of Koblenz and 50 km west of Mainz.

Have a look at Bacharach and the castle (#1) here:


There is a range of different rooms (between 2 and 10 beds; shower/toilet either in the room or on the floor), so there is a range of prices, too: it's between 47 and 60 Euros (or Dollars).

For more details just ask.

This includes breakfast and supper (a warm meal). There won't be any additional tournament fees (except for the sealed deck events)!



In the centre of the programme is the Middle-earth Collectible Card game:

    • Introduction for newcomers (even if you never saw a card of that game, you may attend here. We will provide you with everything you need. And if you like the game, you will get a playing deck for free!)
    • Sealed Deck and Booster Draft (Hero and Minion)
    • Pair Tournament and Multiplayer (Sealed Deck and/or Constructed)
    • Hero Only Tournament
    • Challenge-Deck Tournament
    • Scenario-tournament (Hamburger mode)
    • Drinking Game (Sealed Deck with a new series of Drinking Game cards)
    • Cool Play Tournament (Special Rules to be determined yet)

We want to offer a broad variety of play with MECCG-cards. The motto is: "You should be able to play whatever you want to play!"

Also there will be a funny Region Card Memory and the great MECCG-Dalmuti games!! (Both events invented by players at a very late hour!)

We are also offering a broad variety of different games in the world of Middle-earth. Also we will have some Tolkien-films and documents for your pleasure.

Finally there will be a very special contest: a MECCG-Quiz!

And don't forget to bring your spare Rare cards. Chances are good for some great trades!

Note, that Wim Heemskerk will be there with his great MECCG-shop. Order in advance ( and get the products at the venue without any shipping costs!


Just send an e-mail telling me, that you want to take part. I will send you more info on the rooms still available. Then again you tell me, what room you would like to have.

Pay the money either to one of my bank accounts (German or Austrian) or via PayPal or send cash (at your own risk). I accept Euros (preferred) or Dollars.

The registration period starts right now till 30th January. Places are limited, so make up your mind quick and register!

How to get there:


Driving on the German Highway A61, you take the exit named "Rheinböllen". From there you go on in the direction to Bacharach. You reach Castle Stahleck via Bacharach-Steeg. There are many parking slots next to the castle.


Bacharach lies on the railway track Mainz – Koblenz. From the station to the castle, it is a walk of 20-30 minutes.

If you are a vegetarian, please tell us!

Any questions left? Feel free to e-mail me:

Wolfgang "thorondor" Penetsdorfer

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