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Words from the Wise (Guys) - Nicholas HM Caldwell
Concerning the forthcoming Conjuration convention and writing modules for TGC


SYMKA Issue 5 - Sean McGinity
The struggle for the tablets intensifies as Morpheus enters the battle


A History of Arms Law - Brent Knorr
A retrospective on the various editions of Arms Law

Lions and Tigers and Dire Bears, oh my! - David Bareford
Advice on the tricky problems of handing familiars, mounts, and animal companions in RPGs. Suitable for all RPG systems


Gaming In Middle-Earth Convention - Wolfgang Penetsdorfer
An announcement of an upcoming event for all gamers who love Middle-earth

Playing MECCG: Part 6 Sideboard and Tournaments - Nigel Buckle
Our comprehensive guide to better MECCG play concludes with advice on using the sideboard and what to expect from tournament play

Other Worlds

The Bandits of Bree - Joe Mandala
A Ready to Run adventure for Decipher LotR RPG in both HTML and PDF formats


Selkies - Brent Knorr
A new race for RMSS/RMFRP based on the shapechanging creatures of Celtic myth

The Revised Warrior Mage - Bruce Meyer
An alternative Warrior Mage for use with RMSS/RMFRP

The Stirge: A RM Conversion - Kerry Drake
A reimplementation of the Stirge from the System Reference Document for all RM editions. This is an Open Gaming article.

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