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Gaming In Middle-Earth Convention
An Announcement

Copyright Wolfgang "thorondor" Penetsdorfer ©2003

Edited by Nigel Buckle for The Guild Companion

Hello adventurer!

Did you ever think of:

  • Having a trip through all the fantastic lands of Middle-earth?
  • Wandering as Gandalf´s companion, when evil orcs are awaiting you?
  • Trying to persuade the Rohirrim that Gondor urgently needs their help?
  • Exploring Moria to find out, what really happened to the Dwarves of Balin´s folk?

Or even:

  • Experiencing, how it feels to be among the Nazgul on the Hunt for the One Ring!

Do not fear to be hasty!  Come to Austria to the Gaming in Middle-earth Convention, for many different games will offer you all these adventures and more.

Expect to be able to play every game that is taking place in Middle-earth.  If you are new to the game then you will have the chance to get an introduction. No matter if you like Trading Card Games (MECCG, LOTR) or Tabletop (LOTR), Role-play (MERP, LOTR) or Board games – here you will find your favourite game and many players who will enjoy playing with you.

And as a special event, this year’s MECCG World Championship will take place at the convention.

When?  -  15. August (starting at 2 p.m.) to 17. August (ending at 5 p.m.)
Where?  -  Judenburg (Austria), near Graz
Costs?  -  60 Euro (accommodation, breakfast/lunch/dinner, room fees)

(Of course we can make arrangements in case you want to arrive on Thursday and/or want to leave on Monday. There will be additional costs of 13 Euro for one night (including breakfast). Just tell us!)

Not yet convinced? Then have a look at the homepage , where you will find more details. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact me: .

I am looking forward to meet you on a fantastic journey through Middle-earth!

Wolfgang "thorondor" Penetsdorfer

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