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Copyright Nigel Buckle 2002-2003

Edited by Nicholas HM Caldwell for The Guild Companion

Tribal is a fast and fun card- and dice-based game for two to five players. The aim is simple - to make your Orc Tribe into the meanest and toughest clan around. All the components can be downloaded via these links:

Card Erratum

In Card Sheet 2, the Dwarven Invasion card should read:
Giants only count half (round down)
Greater than 10 required to defeat even if using a missile.
Any player not defeating the Dwarven Invasion must either discard 11 points worth of fighters from the barracks or take a -5 victory point counter.
ie. the red circle should have an '11' printed in it and the victory point symbol should have a '-5' printed in it.

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