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Words from the Wise (Guys) - Nicholas HM Caldwell
The Editor talks about Leonardo da Vinci and Construct Companion


SYMKA Issue 3 - Sean McGinity
The hunt is on for the stolen Tibetan tablet and the parahumans.


Playing MECCG - Nigel Buckle
Our comprehensive look at good MECCG game-play continues with Untap, Organisation, Long Event, Site and End Phases


Gazetteer of Endor - Gabriele Quaglia, Eric Dubourg
Travel to the unknown lands of the South and East of Middle-Earth where Gandalf and the Wise dare not venture.

Other Worlds

The Ruins at Deadman's Dike - Joe Mandala
A Ready-to-Run scenario for Decipher's Lord of the Rings RPG (A PDF Version)


Mentalism Companion - New Spells - Nicholas HM Caldwell
Sixteen new Mentalism spells for a variety of spell lists

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