SYMKA Issue 8

Copyright Sean McGinity © 2003

Edited by Suzanne Campbell for The Guild Companion

"The urn is mine, Konsil! I beat you out at the auction! I outsmarted you! Live with it!"

Page One

Inside shot of Octavian's restaurant. The décor is styled as ancient, with old Greek vases (in a glass display case), French Renaissance paintings, Chinese plates, Egyptian statues and various other things. The tables and chairs arranged on the floor, however, are made of the typical restaurant materials: laminated particleboard, aluminium, and polyester fabric. Along the walls are booths made with similarly generic materials. There are a few 6-foot tall artificial plants at the ends of the booths, and a fountain in the centre of the restaurant. There are over a dozen tables and booths, of which not all should be in the shot. Most of the tables/booths have people seated at them.


Caption: Octavian's Restaurant...

Page Two

Panel 1.

Shot of the restaurant from the entranceway. This is someone's eye view as they are being ushered to a table.

Caption: Four years ago, two graduates of the Winnipeg Culinary Arts program opened a little restaurant called Octavian's. Its menu was global, not catering to any one national style of food, and its décor was dipped in history.

Panel 2.

Same as above except we have moved further down one of the sides along the booths.

Caption: Bryce Falkingham and Bryan Richardson gained a small early success through smart business and a different dining experience. They re-invested their new-found wealth to further expand their restaurant's appeal, moving uptown to a larger, more elegant locale.

Caption: Bryce and Bryan became "kings" in the restaurant industry.

Panel 3.

Same as above but we are now moving past the booths, to a more open dining area.

Caption: Twice a year, the restaurant would close down to afford the colleagues the opportunity to travel the world, collecting new recipes and artefacts.

Panel 4.

1/4 shot of Silver and Dale Turcott, back-dropped by the restaurant, taking their seats. Silver looks worse for wear, with a bandage on her nose, and a still-puffy black eye. Dale looks uncomfortable.

Caption: These adventures added to the appeal of the restaurant, a restaurant that draws all types of clientele.

Page Three

Panel 1.

Far shot of the entrance of the restaurant. Gideon, Stick, and Joaquin (El Tigre), all in costume.

Caption: And today, a clientele of interest to us.

Caption: Weeks ago, Gideon's contact with one of the Symka tablets gave him a vision of all four tablets and their locations. Just days ago, the mysterious Blue Moon confirmed that Bryce and Bryan were in fact in possession of one of the tablets.

Caption: Under the alias King King, Bryce and Bryan had been scouring auctions around the world for several years to collect the Symka tablets. Now, the two men have become more "dedicated" in their search.

Panel 2.

3/4 shot of Silver and Dale at their table.

Caption: The press believes that this tablet is actually in the possession of our heroes. Only the heroes really know the truth. They plan to collect!

Dale (whisper): Don't you think this is too brazen?

Silver (whisper): It's being brazen that has actually got us this far. If you don't like our style, you can walk.

Panel 3.

Full shot of Gideon, Stick and El Tigre seating themselves at a table. The maitre d' is walking quickly away from them, towards the back. The patrons around them stare in wonder.

El Tigre: Let's see how quick we get some service.

Page Four

Panel 1.

Far shot. Bryan is walking quickly towards their table, seeming unimpressed by their entrance.

Panel 2.

Bryan is at their table. They look at him nonchalantly. He is definitely not impressed, but is not losing his cool.

Bryan: Can I help you gentlemen?

Gideon: Certainly, you can. We would like to speak to the owner of this establishment.

El Tigre: It's a matter of business.

Panel 3.

Bryan sits down.

Bryan: Well, in the matter of business, we seat you at a table. You never seat yourselves. Please don't do that again. Are we clear on that?

Stick: Yes we are. But we needed your attention, and any other entrance might not have the oomph to get your attention.

Bryan: I see.

Panel 4.

Bryan snaps his fingers in the air.

Bryan: Perhaps we can discuss this over a bottle of wine.

Stick: I don't drink on the job.

Gideon: I think a bottle of wine would be splendid. Perhaps an appetiser?

Bryan: No, I think a bottle of wine will be adequate.

Panel 5.

Bryan has his hands crossed in front of him on the table. 3/4 shot. A waiter pours wine.

Bryan: Why are you here?

Page Five

Panel 1.

Gideon, Stick, El Tigre and Bryan at the table, in discussion.
Gideon: We've noticed that your collection of antiquities looks a little bare. Like it's missing something.

Bryan: Bare?

El Tigre: You know, it has a lot of world flavour, but lacks that little something. Something a little Tibetan.

Panel 2.

Same as last panel.

Bryan: Tibetan? I see. You have an interest in Tibetan artefacts. You aren't the only ones.

Stick: We know that. We've had some dealings with some of those people. We're hoping you are willing to let us see your collection.

Bryan: Why should I? You don't seem like real collectors.

Panel 3.

Same as last panel.

Gideon: We are very serious collectors. More than you realise.

Bryan: I have seen reports about how serious you are.

Stick: So you recognise us then?

Bryan: I know who you are, and I know your reputation. Do you know your own reputation?

Panel 4.

Same as last. Bryan is starting to get a little uncomfortable.

El Tigre: Oh, we know our reputation. But maybe you've misinterpreted it.

Bryan: Oh, no, I'm sure I haven't. Thieves, I recall, and murderers?

Stick: See ... That's where you're wrong. Another group has hidden from their publicity: You and your partner.

Panel 5.

Bryan gets up, angry. He makes a wave with his hand.

Bryan: Gentlemen, you are in my place of business! Rudeness will not be tolerated here.

Page Six

Panel 1.

Half page panel. Shot from a worm's eye view. Sean McGuiness, The Night Watchman * walks up to the table. He is tall, well-muscled, and impressive to behold. He shows no fear or excitement on his face. He seems certain his presence will mean there will be no fighting here. El Tigre looks at Sean, as if he might know who he is.

Bryan: Meet my associate. He likes it when things get out of hand. Please... please don't oblige him. This is a public place, with families and children present.

Bryan: I have to go now. Please excuse me.

*Editor's Note: From the Watchman comic, copyright Sean McGinity.

Panel 2.

Sean stands over the table as Bryan walks away.

Panel 3.

Same as last panel.

Sean: Hi. Are you enjoying your wine?

Panel 4.

El Tigre stands up to Sean. Sean is taller than El Tigre.

El Tigre: Hi. I know you, don't I?

Sean: Maybe. But I don't know you.

Sean: Finish your wine and go.

Panel 5.

Same shot as last.

Page Seven

Panel 1.

Same shot as last.

El Tigre: Let me think about it. Have a glass with us. Maybe we can talk.

Stick: Yeah, take a load off, beef. You're ruining our view.

Panel 2.

Sean puts a heavy hand on Stick's shoulder. Stick's shoulder is pushed down, Sean's arm muscles flex.

Sean: Put a sock in it, toothpick.

Panel 3.

Wide narrow panel. Far shot. Manice Konsil, The Host *, walks into the restaurant from the left-hand side of the panel. He is dressed in a navy silk suit, with black fingerless gloves on his hands. On the right hand-side of the panel, Sean still has his hand on Stick's shoulder, but is looking over his shoulder at Host across the restaurant. Stick has both hands around Sean's wrists, trying to dislodge him. El Tigre is standing, worried about the grip Sean has on his partner. Gideon is surveying the situation. At another table Silver and Dale look on. Silver is stirring in her seat, Dale is trying to keep her seated with a hand grabbing her wrist.

Stick: Let go, you big gorilla!

El Tigre: Hands off! That's assault!

*Editor's Note: from the Canadian Super Team comic, copyright Sean McGinity.

Panel 4.

Wide narrow panel, same as last. Same as last except for: Gideon is starting to get up. Stick is struggling harder to break free of Sean's hold. Sean is unmoving, his vision following Host who is halfway across the restaurant. Silver has stood up. She is slapping Dale's hands away.

Stick: OWWWWW!

El Tigre: That's it! Let go before I lay some hurting on you!

Silver: Let go of me!

Page Eight

Panel 1.

Same size panel as last. Sean still has his eyes on the back office. The door to the back office has slammed shut (Host is inside). Sean is releasing his grip on Stick who is starting to pull away. El Tigre is getting closer, pulling out his dagger, and Gideon is getting to his feet. Silver is leaving her table, moving towards Stick.

Sean: Oh, great. Just what I need!

El Tigre: Gideon, this has gone too far. Let's break him.

Gideon: Agreed.

Stick (in feeble lettering): Oooooh.

Silver: STICK!

Panel 2.

Same as last panel. Sean leaps across the tables between him and the back office in one go. Stick is holding his shoulder. El Tigre is watching Sean in surprise, dagger in hand, as is Gideon. Silver stops in her tracks, surprised as well. Dale keeps his eyes on Sean. The people around are all looking around in shock and horror that a fight may be breaking out.

Panel 3.

3/4 side angle shot of Bryan. He is in the right side of the panel. He has one hand on the receiver of the phone about to make a call (or already having made a call ñ should not be clear to the reader). Behind him, left hand side of the panel, full shot of Manice Konsil. He is in the office and closing the door behind him.

Caption: Let's back up a few seconds, readers, and focus on the man that crossed the restaurant and caught Sean's attention. Let's see where he went. Oh, and you may know him as...


Manice: Hello, Bryan.

Bryan: What are you doing here?

Manice: You know what I'm doing here.

Panel 4.

1/4 shot from behind Bryan's shoulder, 3/4 shot of Manice Konsil walking towards Bryan. Bryan looks surprised. Manice is upset.

Manice: You have something you shouldn't have.

Bryan (thinking): He knows about the Symka tablet? How would he know?

Manice: I want that urn!

Page Nine

Panel 1.

Side 3/4 shot of both men facing each other. Manice is pointing at Bryan. Bryan's hands are up in the air.

Bryan (thinking): The urn? The urn? That idiot! He doesn't know anything about the Symka.

Bryan: Oh, come on, Konsil. The urn is mine.

Manice: You were outbid on that urn, Bryan! By me! You can't work a backdoor deal with the seller. If the auction house hears about this...

Manice: Let's settle this now. I'll pay you what you paid, and you hand it over. And I won't rat you out to the auction house.

Panel 2.

¼ shot. Bryan is in Manice's face, a look of malevolence to him.

Bryan: The urn is mine, Konsil! I beat you out at the auction! I outsmarted you! Live with it!

Manice: Flake off, you thief! You violated the auction rules! Hand it over. Now!

Panel 3.

3/4 shot of both men. Bryan is getting a cigarette out, incensed. Manice is standing in front of him with his arms resting on his hips. Behind them, the door starts to open.

Bryan: You have been a thorn in my side for far too long, Konsil! Get out of here before I have you thrown out!

Manice: This is far from over!

Panel 4.

The slams shut. Sean is walking in towards the two of them. Manice is shocked to see Sean. Bryan has a cocky look on his face.

Sean: Manice Konsil. The Host.

Panel 5.

Sean stands impressively between the two men, facing Manice. He dwarfs Manice. Sean's arms are out in front, his massive chest heaving. In the background, Bryan has a gleeful look on his face. Manice is leaning back slightly, unsure of what Sean is about to do. He turns the ring on his finger. His suit begins to slowly transform into his Host uniform, starting from his feet (a whirl of energy surrounds the point of transformation).

Page Ten

Panel 1.

Panel should take up half the page. Tight shot of Sean and Manice. Manice's costume change is halfway up his body. Sean swings both his arms outward from the center of his body in a double backhand. Manice is horizontal in the air, the impact sending him flying away from Sean.

Fx: POW!

Panel 2.

Wide narrow panel. View of the restaurant with the office door (centered) far in the background. Manice is flying at an angle towards the forefront of the panel from the office door, which shatters from the impact of Manice smashing through it. His costume transformation has reached the 3/4 point of his body.


Panel 3.

Wide narrow panel. Manice (fully transformed into Host at this point) flies over the heads of El Tigre, Stick, and Gideon. Silver and Dale are off center, more in the background, watching. Everyone has a look of surprise. The restaurant patrons also watch in surprise.

Panel 4.

Wide narrow panel. Manice crashes (in full costume as Host) onto a table at the far end of the restaurant, tipping it over. The people that were seated at that table are scrambling backwards away from the table.


Page Eleven

Panel 1.

Full shot of everyone. Host is getting to his feet slowly. Gideon, Stick, and El Tigre are watching, trying to figure out what just happened.

Stick: Who's this guy? Looks familiar.

Gideon: That's Host. The mage of the Canadian Super Team. What's he doing here?

Panel 2.

Far shot of Sean walking with purpose through the office doorway and across the floor towards Host (off-panel).

Stick (off-panel): Oh great, guys, he's coming back.

El Tigre: Stand your guard, Stick. Let's see how this plays out.

Sean (in whisper text): I've been itching for a fight.

Panel 3.

Full shot. Sean walks forward, Gideon steps back to let him by.

Gideon (thinking): Who the hell is this guy to knock someone around like that? What kind of power are we talking here?

Gideon (thinking): Don't worry, you big ape. You wipe the floor with this guy all you want. I have other plans.

Panel 4.

Full shot. Sean walks between and past Stick and El Tigre, without giving them a second look. Host is off to one side of the panel. He is on one knee, and pulling a bow out of his cape (his cape is a dimensional pocket where stores his magical items).

El Tigre (thinking): What do we do here? Help the Host, or beat feet out of here?

Panel 5.

Sean still walking towards Host, tables on each side of him. There's some twenty feet between them. Host is still on one knee. The bow is slung with an arrow made of green energy similar to Gideon's. Sean looks incredibly calm.

Sean: That was it, Host. Your one and only chance to leave.

Sean: I went light on you on account of your rep, but I can't have you harassing my boss.

Host: Your boss? You work for Bryan and Bryce? What's wrong with you?

Page Twelve

Panel 1.

Full angled shot of Host on one knee. He fires off the arrow.

Panel 2.

The arrow in front of Sean, a few feet away from impact. Sean has one hand wrapped around the leg of a table, slightly crouched.

Panel 3.

Explosion of wood and green energy. The arrow shatters the table that Sean has put in front of him. It should not be overly obvious what has happened, other than the explosion.


Panel 4.

Sean is holding the remains of the table leg; he is covered with sawdust and splinters. Host is creating a green oval shield of energy with both of his hands in front of him. Host is still on one knee. His bow rests on his knee.

Sean: They are legitimate businessmen, Host! What's wrong with working for them?

Page Thirteen

Panel 1.

Sean strikes with a forward thrusting fist dead center into the green shield, shattering it like glass.


Panel 2.

Host swings his bow over Sean's head in a wide arc, which Sean ducks under.

Host: Legitimate!?! Have you been out of the game for so long that you can't smell creeps like them a mile away? Come on, Watchman!

Panel 3.

Close-up of El Tigre's face. A great look of surprise and recognition.

El Tigre (thinking): Watchman? The Watchman?

Panel 4.

Far shot. Dale is funnelling people into the back kitchen. They run obligingly, afraid for their own safety. Silver stands defiantly at his side.

Silver: I'm not going anywhere!

Dale: You're injured!

Silver: I'm a hero, reporter! It's what I do!

Page Fourteen

Panel 1.

Gideon is slinking through the back office doorway, looking over his shoulder to make sure no one watches him.

Caption: While an epic battle is waged in the restaurant, Gideon slinks back to the office.

Gideon (thinking): Perfect diversion...

Panel 2.

A minion of Katharta's (nicer suit, long hair in ponytail, but less physically imposing) sits in the lotus position. His eyes are wide as if something broke his meditation.

Caption: In an empty room, mere blocks away from the restaurant, one of Katharta's minions has been awakened by a strange feeling.

Minion: What? I'm getting an emanation of emerald magic in the area. I must alert the others. We may have found our target.

Panel 3.

The minion is talking on a cell phone. He seems rushed.

Minion: Douglas here. We may have something! I have homed in on some magical energy. Send as many men as you have...Quickly!

Panel 4.

Full shot of Stick and El Tigre. They have their weapons out and ready. Stick is looking at El Tigre.

Stick: What's with you? Who is this guy? You know him, too?

El Tigre: Don't hold back, Stick. This guy's a heavyweight. Even with Host on our side. Give him everything you got.

Page Fifteen

Panel 1.

Silver is standing, feet wide apart, fists at her sides, in concentration, ready to change. Dale stands behind her.

Caption: Seeing her comrades ready to move in, Silver decides to join the fray.

Dale: Silver, no! You're not well enough!

Panel 2.

Silver doubles over in pain. Dale reaches out for her.

Caption: Mere days ago, she was on her deathbed, kept alive only by her will to live and her telepathic powers. She has lied to her team-mates about the extent of her slow recovery.

Caption: She shouldn't be here.

Dale: What's wrong? Are you okay?

Silver (in a weak font): Pain...

Panel 4.

Dale rests a delicate hand on Silver's back as she tries to fight to stand.

Page Sixteen

Panel 1.

Full shot. Host has a glowing globe of energy around each of his hands, his two middle fingers pressed to his thumb on each hand. Sean, standing almost directly in front of him, has similar globes of energy around each hand, with a tether between them, linked to Host's globes. Stick and El Tigre stand on each side of Sean. Stick is taking a swing at Watchman.

Host: The kid gloves are off, Watchman!

Panel 2.

Sean swings his right hand into Stick's staff, shattering the globe around that hand. The tether hangs from the other hand loosely.



Panel 3.

With his free right hand, Sean punches forward at Host, narrowly missing and getting his cape instead.

Panel 4.

While his hand is trapped in Host's cape, El Tigre cuts Sean's side with his kukri blade.

Fx: Shuck!

Panel 5.

Sean backhands El Tigre with his left hand (the globe around that hand remains intact). El Tigre is elevated from the blow.

Page Seventeen

Panel 1.

1/4 shot of Sean's legs. He has one foot forward, one back. Stick is crouched tightly near the ground, sticking his staff out in order to trip Sean.

Panel 2.

Full shot. Host has his hands in front of him, in fists (palms inward). His brow is furrowed while he is casting. The globe around Sean's left hand explodes, shattering into shards like glass towards Sean, harming him. He is also stepping back, tripping on the staff between his legs, a shock happening from contact with the staff (from Mordo merging the staff with Morpheus's staff a few issues back).


Panel 3.

In the office. Gideon is pointing at Bryan. He holds his other hand back in a fist, green energy glowing around his fist.

Caption: Meanwhile, Gideon has Bryan's undivided attention.

Gideon: Let's cut through the chase, okay?

Gideon: The press thinks that the tablet you have is in our possession. Instead of explaining this to them, why don't you just hand it over to me?

Panel 4.

Bryan looks frustrated. He is not afraid of Gideon. He is angry at him.

Bryan: I don't know what you are talking about! And if I did, why would I hand over anything to you?

Page Eighteen

Panel 1.

This panel almost floats on the page like it was paper-clipped there. Close-up of Gideon's face is shadowed by his hood, but his eyes shine through the shadow. He almost looks evil here.

Gideon: I can be very persuasive.

Panel 2.

Almost a splash page except for Panel 1. Sean blocking El Tigre's kick while launching a punch into his chest. Stick jabs his staff into Sean's side; Host launches another energy arrow, this time at almost point blank range.

Page Nineteen

Panel 1.

El Tigre somersaults to his feet from the impact of the last panel.

El Tigre (thinking): He's even tougher than the stories say. And I thought he might be over the hill. He's so aggressive and fearless.

Panel 2.

Sean lays a right cross at Stick who narrowly avoids it by ducking.

Sean: You planned this, Host? Bringing your friends in to help distract the muscle, while you beat on Richardson?


Panel 3.

Stick jabs his staff upward at an angle, nailing Sean on the chin, knocking back his head.

Fx: TOK!

Panel 4.

Sean drives a hard right into Stick's head, snapping his head back this time.


Panel 5.

Full shot. Host launches another arrow at Sean for a green explosion on him.

Fx: ZOT!

Page Twenty

Panel 1.

Dale is trying to steady Silver who is now standing on her feet, clutching at her stomach.

Caption: Meanwhile, with Silver and Dale Turcott...

Silver: I'm okay! Leave me alone! I'm fine! I just tried this too early. I'm not ready to do my trick yet.

Panel 2.

Silver pushes Dale's helping hand away from her.

Silver: You have anything up your sleeve that can help them out?

Dale: If you're okay, I do have an idea or two...

Dale: Wait!

Panel 3.

Dale is straining to listen to something off in the kitchen.

Silver: What?

Dale: There's something going on in the kitchen.

Silver: More important than here?

Panel 4.

1/4 shot of Silver and Dale. He looks very serious.

Dale: It's called gut instinct, lady. It's a reporter thing.

Panel 5.

Dale hands her a handgun.

Dale: And this is a gun. Until you're super again, I suggest you stay armed.

Page Twenty-One

Panel 1.

Far shot. Stick is getting to his feet. El Tigre is moving in on Sean. Sean is ducking another shot from Host.

Host: I wasn't roughing anyone up! Your boss screwed me out of something I had bought.

Panel 2.

Close-up of Host. Sean's hand grabs him by the throat.

Host: Why are you even doing this work...

Host: Urk!

Panel 3.

Close-up of Host and Sean face to face.

Sean: Not all of us are independently wealthy or sanctioned by the government.

Sean (in whisper text): And besides, I don't want to blow my cover.

Panel 4.

Far shot. Silver stands outside the kitchen, just by the door, waiting for something from the kitchen. Dale is in the kitchen, crouched with his back to a cooking table. Two 7 feet tall thugs (Hi Tech Henchmen muscle) enter the kitchen from a back door, as innocents run past them through the doorway.

Dale (thinking): These guys? It was one of these guys that killed that poor kid that the parahumans got blamed for. Why are they here?

Panel 5.

Out front of the restaurant, two of Katharta's minions exit a limo in front of the restaurant. They are motioning to four other men, hounds.

Caption: Meanwhile, just outside the restaurant, new arrivals are about to make their entrance.

Minion #1: What we are looking for is inside: Gideon and his team. I want Gideon alive, as the master has commanded. Gideon must die by the master's hand only.

Minion #1: The others are of no consequence at this time.

Page Twenty-Two

Splash Page.

The minions and hounds enter the restaurant, surprising everybody.

Minion #1: We are here for two reasons:

Minion #1: We want the tablets in your possession,

Minion #1: And we want Gideon Katharta!

Caption: Next issue, more action, more suspense, and a preview of the new title called Watchman.

Editor's Note:

SYMKA and the World of Genetics are the intellectual property of Sean McGinity - all rights reserved.