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Dump & Run

Copyright Nigel Buckle ©2003

Edited by Nicholas H.M. Caldwell for The Guild Companion

Back in June 2002, I detailed some hazard prototype decks, the first of which was Dump & Run the idea being to build a deck that you can play all the hazards as you draw them, increasing the hazard limit to play more. The hazards aren't particularly effective, but very quick to play, so you're just using them to get through your deck and win with your resources. The "Dump & Run" hazard deck is great at getting through your deck, however, if your opponent's resources are working better than yours, then the "Dump & Run" deck can't do much to help.

Instead, here are modified versions of this hazard deck, both for playing vs. Heroes and vs. Minions. Although they are still fast in terms of usually being able to play the hazards, they can actually affect your opponent. The main difference is this deck only has half the slots as "creature" cards, allowing 15 slots for other hazards. The original deck used 24 creatures (well 1/2 creatures, such as Ahunt dragons, Nazgul, etc) and 3 Power Built by Waiting, leaving just three slots for other cards, frequently Rivers.

The decks can be used with either minion or hero resources. You may have to make changes for particular resource strategies though. For example, if playing a Balrog deck, you might want to remove the Spider of the Morlat and Drums from the vs Minion deck. If you are visiting sites with undead automatic attacks, you might want to remove The Moon is Dead. The vs. hero hazards have less potential impact on your resources, with the exception of the Ahunt dragons if you intend to move through the affected regions.

Neither deck has sideboard nor deck manipulation as the idea is to burn through your deck in the fastest possible time. Bringing in hazards from the sideboard or recycling hazards slows this process. One ring and fallen-wizard opposing decks merit particular consideration as often they are the deck types you would normally want to sideboard against. These are discussed at the end of the article.

Vs. Hero

Creatures (15) * = 1/2 creature

Bairanax Ahunt*
Daelomin at Home*
Dwarven Travellers (x3)
Earcaraxe Ahunt*
Itangast Ahunt*
Rain Drake (x3)
Sellswords Between Charters (x3)

Non-creatures (15)

Call of Home
Foolish Words (x3)
Lost in the Free Domains (x3)
Lost at Sea (x2)
Lure of the Senses (x3)
Power Built by Waiting (x3)

This deck works particularly well against Coastal Sea, with 2 Lost at Sea, Rain Drakes and Earcaraxe Ahunt directly in the deck. It's worth remembering that you can legally play the Lost cards on a company which hasn't got the necessary site symbol in its site path. Thus these cards can be just played on a company to get them out of your hand but of course if the company is moving through a free-domain or a coastal sea, then you get a big bonus (in that the company loses its site phase).

You could replace the Lost cards with corruption. However, the problems with corruption are that you can't duplicate a card on a character and some corruption cards cannot be played on specific races e.g. if you put 3 Lure of Nature in the deck, they are unplayable against Dwarf and Hobbit decks. Alternatively, consider using Great Secrets Buried to strip items and put them in the underdeeps. This is especially effective if you're playing Balrog as you can have a company or two ready to attack any hero company rash enough to enter the underdeeps to retrieve those items.

Like the original Dump & Run, the deck concept is to play as many hazards as you can each turn. Tap the Power Built By Waiting to increase the limit when you have hazards in your hand beyond the company limit and use Daelomin at Home in a similar manner. The two agents are particularly annoying for hero companies. Badulia is the perfect roadblock card you can use any hazard limit left to move him. Anarin is great against Rivendell squatting sages like Halbarad - if your opponent has a low prowess sage in the haven, then move Anarin over to have a chat. Bairanax and Intagast Ahunt give a little coverage of the North East; Bairanax is particularly useful as it covers Anduin Vales.

If you're playing minion you might want to swap out the two Lost at Sea for two Bane of the Ithil Stone cards.

Vs. Minions

Creatures (15) * = 1/2 creature

Daelomin at Home*
Gandalf the White Rider*
Lady of the Golden Wood*
Radagast the Tamer*
Smaug Ahunt*
Spider of the Morlat*
Chill Douser (x3)
Corpse Candle (x3)
Wisp of Pale Sheen (x3)

Non-creatures (15)

Foolish Words (x3)
Power Built by Waiting (x3)
Redoubled Force
The Moon is Dead
Tidings of Bold Spies (x3)
Unabated in Malice (x3)

This is a combination of dump n' run and auto-attack enhancement. The creatures are all fast either playable as permanent events or are creatures that are playable against most of the regions/sites that minions use. Although the undead are all quite weak, most of their attacks will be detainment and otherwise they will only provide a small (1 MP) trophy, no marshalling points.

Again play as many hazards as you can each turn. Tap the Power Built By Waiting to increase the limit when you have hazards in your hand beyond the company limit and use Daelomin at Home in a similar manner. Smaug Ahunt gives a little coverage of the North East; Spider of the Morlat is annoying for minion companies working out of Dol Guldur and also Balrog companies using the Sulphur Deeps; Gandalf & Radagast are great at boosting the hazard limit. The non-creatures either also help with the hazard limit or boost automatic attacks or force your opponent to face automatic attacks during the movement hazard phase. This combination of hazards is fast and effective against most minion decks, including Balrog. There are a few resource decks (such as Big Trolls in Gondor) that this deck won't touch in this case you'll just have to play the hazards you can to get through the deck and rely on your resource deck to win the game for you.

If you are playing hero and want to use either Gandalf or Radagast as your wizard then swap Badulia for the hazard manifestation of the wizard.

Vs One Ring

Minion one ring is not that frequent nor viable in a tournament. The vs. minion deck should do well against such a deck with no need for additional cards. The automatic attack enhancement (and Tidings of Bold Spies) should slow the deck, and the Corpse Candles could force some nasty corruption checks once rings are in play.

Hero one ring is much more common. However the vs. Hero deck has some answers to this threat. The Ahunt dragons cover the ring sites in the North, while the Rain Drakes give some coverage of Ruins & Lairs. Badulia can stop the recruiting of Gollum, but his home site is probably too far north to move to Mount Doom in time. It's worth holding the Sellswords to hit a ring-dunk company as it moves to Mount Doom. Lure of the Senses might cause a few headaches with corruption, and even force a player to waste time bringing in anti-corruption cards from the sideboard.

However the hazard deck does not give extensive anti-one ring defence. Instead you could have a fast resource deck so you can call the council prior to the dunk attempt. Alternatively be aggressive with your companies: either attack your opponent if you're playing Fallen Wizard or minion, or try to influence characters if you are playing hero or Fallen Wizard. If you can call the Council before the dunk attempt then you are likely to win as you will probably double your faction points.

Vs Fallen Wizard

I'd recommend using the vs. Hero deck against Fallen Wizards. It is likely that most of the hazards will be ineffectual, so the idea is to win with your resources and just use the hazards to burn through your deck. Often Fallen Wizard decks are slow to start, so this should work to your advantage. Some of the hazards might be problematic for certain types of Fallen Wizard:

Lure of the Senses any Fallen Wizard deck that has characters in havens
Foolish Words any Fallen Wizard deck that recruits a number of factions
Lost in the Free Domains any Fallen Wizard deck based around Gondor or the Shire

In both these cases you need to play the meta game and try to predict the number of Fallen Wizard and One Ring decks you are likely to meet. If you expect a significant number, then you might want to tailor the hazard deck or even the resource deck accordingly.

For example you could go with a hobbit resource strategy thereby denying your opponent access to the best hobbits (Sam as the only Ranger Hobbit and Fatty Bolger for his awesome cancelling ability).

If you expect one ring decks, then you could alter the vs. Hero deck, for example:


Earcaraxe Ahunt with Saruman the Wise
Lost in the Free Domains (x3) with Great Secrets Buried There (x3)
Lost at Sea (x2) with Seized by Terror (x2)

Or if you expect Fallen Wizards, then you could alter the vs. Hero deck as follows:


Earcaraxe Ahunt with Lord of the Carrock
Rain Drake (x3) with Arthedain Rangers (x3)
Sellswords Between Charters (x3) with Wandering Eldar (x3)
Call of Home with Echoes of the Song
Lost at Sea (x2) with Echoes of the Song (x2)

In both these cases, the new deck follows the basic design concepts of the original deck, and both are still playable against more 'standard' hero decks.

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