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Words from the Wise (Guys)

An Editorial Rant


To the fifty-fifth issue of The Guild Companion.


Despite only being able to attend two (partial) days (courtesy of a business trip to Texas), Conjuration proved to be an entertaining convention with some very interesting panels (and many words of wisdom from Ken Hite, Phil Masters and David Chart), and a small, but select, dealer's room. Sadly, I wasn't able to participate in any games, but there was a varied selection on offer from the deadly serious to the downright silly (Diana - Warrior Princess). It was fun.

The First Big Announcement

And now to business.

We are in the process of planning and implementing a complete revision of The Guild Companion website.

This has been motivated by constructive criticism over the past year and our own analysis of the usability weak points of the current site layout. This revamp will also give us the opportunity to advance our web technology to incorporate more modern techniques such as Cascading Style Sheets. (The last time we undertook a site revision, the spottiness of even leading edge browser support for CSS prevented us from taking it onboard then.)

The new site look will have a clearer page layout, particularly in terms of access to the back issues and the search facilities. The search engine will be upgraded in order to take greater advantage of the meta tags and blurbs which are already included in every article. We are also planning to upgrade or replace the current discussion boards with a more modern system.

We hope to have portions of the revision in place for the November issue, and then to roll out the remainder over succeeding months.

The Second Big Announcement

We've been hinting in recent issues that we have a very big announcement to make. And now, we are going to let you into the big secret

Following extensive consultation with ICE and Terry Amthor, it has been agreed that TGC will publish a d20 System Edition of the Shadow World Master Atlas.

The Shadow World Master Atlas : d20 System Edition (SWMA-d20) will be a complete and comprehensive version of the Master Atlas, fully compatible with D&D 3.5 Edition. It will extend and enhance D&D 3.5 rules to more closely match Terry Amthor's vision of Shadow World.

In particular, it will include:

Detailed notes on using D&D character classes, magic, and skills;

New feats and spells;

New prestige classes such as the Navigators and the Heralds of Night;

All the Shadow World races and cultures in d20 format;

A complete Shadow World bestiary including Kulthean dragons, constructs, Undead, and the Demons of the Planes and the Void;

Exotic herbs, poisons, metals and minerals;

Plus extensive detail on the history, geography, cosmology and everyday life on Kulthea - the Shadow World.

Prolific Spacemaster and Rolemaster author, Robert Defendi, is hard at work on the SWMA-d20. Terry Amthor and I will be working jointly as editors to ensure that SWMA-d20 is true to Terry's vision and wholly compatible with the revised 3.5 d20 System.

The SWMA-d20 will be distributed in the first instance as a PDF product via RPGNow with an expected price of 20 US Dollars. Publication of the SWMA-d20 is expected to be early in 2004.

TGC expects to support the SWMA-d20 with conversion packs for ICE's other Shadow World products and by a series of wholly new dual-statted d20 System/Rolemaster adventure modules.

Farewell for now

We've a site revamp to complete, so we shall see you all in October, but until then ...

Keep gaming and have fun!
Nicholas HM Caldwell
General Editor for The Guild Companion

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