April 2004

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Words from the Wise (Guys) - Nicholas HM Caldwell
The Lost Rules of Magic - thoughts from the ongoing work on College of Magic


Symka Issue 14 - Sean McGinity
Silver hatches a plan to recover Stick's staff.

Symka Issue 14 (Illustrated Edition) - Sean McGinity
Silver hatches a plan to recover Stick's staff.


Elves - Nigel Buckle
An effective counter to Elf-Lord hero decks


The Effective Craftsman - Jim Johnson
This article provides suggestions on creating your Craftsman's background; effectively selecting skills, traits, and order abilities; tips on advancing your Craftsman; and ideas on how most effectively to play your Craftsman hero.

Other Worlds

The Challenge of Avalon - Solontus
Or why a MUD can still be challenging

Press Release

Press Release: The Character Software Companion - Roleplaying Software.com


Review: Dragon's Gate - Sean McGinity
A sourcebook that delivers true Chinatown flavour to your campaign

Review: The Everlasting - The Book of the Spirits - Aaron Smalley
Explore the Secret World and discover denizens of the Spiritual realm.

Review: Unearthed Arcana - Robert Defendi
A D&D sourcebook that provides a wealth of optional rules


Discarding the Chaff - Ben Wolcott
An Article on Eliminating Temporary Stats in RMSS

Himmler's Gambit - Andrea Cerri
A Ready-to-Run Pulp Adventure set in World War 2 in PDF format

The Mystic Archer - Tero Oksala
The Mystic Archer is a semi spell user who uses Arcane magic to enhance his missile attacks, movement capabilities and senses