Press Release: The Character Software Companion

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Edited by Nicholas HM Caldwell for The Guild Companion

Roleplaying announces the Character Software Companion

Boulder, CO ­ February 17, 2004

The Character Software Companion is the most complete and easy to use character creation software available. Roleplaying has compiled rules and data from 25 Rolemaster Standard System and Fantasy Role Playing core rule books and companions into one easy to use program. The only character creation and management software available for Mac OSX, Mac OS9, and Windows (98, ME, 2000, XP). All for the cost of one companion book - $23.00.


  • Designed specifically for Rolemaster Standard System and Fantasy Role Playing rules
  • Compilation of 25 Rolemaster source books gives you the most complete software available. Choose from:
    • 60 professions
    • 22 Races
    • 47 Skill Categories
    • 375+ Skills
    • 400+ Spell Lists
    • 120+ Training Packages
    • 850+ Talents and Flaws
    • 385 Equipment items (Armour, weapons, herbs, transportation, etc.), plus you can add your own
  • Fully documented Help makes sure you don't have to guess how to use the Character Software Companion
  • All seamlessly integrated for fast character generation and easy leveling

For Players

  • Supports an unlimited number of characters that you can organize into an unlimited number of groups (non-demo version)
  • Print only the Skills you develop. No more wading through sheets of paper to find the Skill or Spell you need
  • Customizable character summary page lets you display and print Spells, Skills, or Equipment with your other information
  • Extensive Help makes sure you don't have to guess how to use the Character Software Companion

For Game Masters and Players

  • Save hours supporting players while they create new characters or leveling up
  • Use the "Duplicate" feature to quickly create multiple levels of detailed NPCs
  • Override Development Costs for Skill Categories, Skills, and Spells to further customize characters
  • Enter in or change Everyman, Occupational, and Restricted for Skill Categories and Skills
  • Change Training Package costs to match your world or house rules
  • In addition to the 385+ items in the character "Shopping" area, edit or add your own items and assign different costs for rural, town, and city

Easy to use Graphical User Interface and Character Creation Wizard takes you through creating characters quickly without leaving anything out. Level your character in four easy steps, plus you can make modifications to any Skill, Spell, Stat, etc... without having to go up a level.

The Character Software Companion can be downloaded from The demo version allows the creation of six characters and will run for 30 days, after which it can be unlocked with the purchase of a license key for $23.00.

Roleplaying is located in Boulder, Colorado. We are dedicated to bringing software tools to the Rolemaster community that will simplify and enhance the gaming experience.