August 2004

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Words from the Wise (Guys) - Nicholas HM Caldwell
Musings from the back of the envelope: the proverbial good SF RPG


Symka: Part 18 - Sean McGinity
The situation becomes explosive for our heroes.


Action Point Based Combat System - Tero Oksala, Tim de Groot
Alternative combat rules for HARP, which assumes that each character has an amount of energy (Action Points) to spend in combat, and presents rules to use these APs to guide combat.

College of Magic: Spell Casting on an Epic Scale - Nicholas HM Caldwell
High-powered durations, ranges, and areas of effect for high-powered HARP magic

The Vulfen (Wolfmen) of HARP - John Pilkington
One of Rolemaster's most unusual races is reincarnated for HARP