The Vulfen (Wolfmen) of HARP

Copyright John Pilkington © 2004

Edited by Nicholas HM Caldwell for The Guild Companion

"The Vulfen see other races as both food and sport"


Bloodthirsty and cunning is perhaps the best way to describe the Vulfen. They are savage, barbaric warriors with few friends among other races. Their whole society is based upon what they call 'The Great Hunt', where the other races of the world are hunted by a group of at least twenty Vulfen and their skins taken as trophies. The only people they respect are those who have managed to survive the Great Hunt by killing ten or more of their hunt fellows, at which point the hunt is halted. Such people are treated as equals among the Vulfen and are often tattooed to mark the position they have gained.

The greatest weakness the Vulfen suffer is their nocturnal nature. If they are forced to act during daylight hours they suffer a --10 to all actions.


Vulfen appear as humanoids with wolfish heads and fur covering the whole of their bodies. They range between 5'10" and 6'8" tall and are very lithe in form. They are often mistaken for werewolves, who regularly endure the poor reputation that the Vulfen have gained.


Vulfen live very brief, violent lives and only average a mere forty years of age.


Vulfen culture is almost always nomadic in nature.

Special Abilities

  • Night Vision
  • Enhanced Scent
  • Enhanced Senses
Racial characteristics
Racial Stat Modifiers Power Points Resistance Bonuses
Race ST CO AG QU SD RE IN PR Endurance Stamina Will Magic
Vulfen +3 +2 +2 +4 +0 +0 +0 +0 +55 +5 +25 +5 +0

Race Height & Weight
Race Base Height Base Weight Weight Modifier
Vulfen, Male 5'8" 130 3
Vulfen, Female 5'6" 110 2

Starting Ages
Race Adulthood Lifespan Increment
Vulfen 10 40 1

Racial Hybrids

Vulfen Blood (Lesser)

The character has a bit of Vulfen blood in his ancestry, marking him with slightly Vulfen features. The player may also select any one of the following Special Abilities to replace any one of the character's normal racial Special Abilities. Once selected, it cannot be altered.

  • Night Vision
  • Enhanced Scent
  • Enhanced Senses

Cost: 1

Vulfen Blood (Greater)

One of the character's parents is a Vulfen, making him half-Vulfen. His features are heavily marked, denoting his Vulfen heritage. The player may select any two of the following to replace any two of the character's normal racial special abilities.

  • Night Vision
  • Enhanced Scent
  • Enhanced Senses
  • The character's Vulfen blood has a strong influence on his physique, swiftness and lifespan.
    • Strength: +2
    • Quickness: +2
    • Average the lifespan of both races.

Cost: 2

Note on Vulfen racial hybrids

As the Vulfen are not well regarded by other races (with good reason), and the fact that the Vulfen see other races as both food and sport, Vulfen racial hybrids should be very rare and well explained by the character's background. One possibility is that a survivor of a Great Hunt may be allowed to mate with a Vulfen, or a Vulfen may request such an honour of a survivor.