Combat Reactions Table

Copyright Garry Nixon © 2004

Edited by Peter Mork for The Guild Companion

"An overconfident swing means that the NPC's weapon slips from his hand after his attack."

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Modifications to the Combat Reactions Table

Base Morale Rating+30
Level +3/Level
SDSD Bonus x 3
Leadership rollsee Influence Static Maneuver Table
Not engaged in combat last turn+10
In Formation+20
Racial/Sworn Enemy+20
Opponent appears to be invulnerable-20
% of Hits Taken Modification
0% to 25%0
26% to 50%-10
51% to 75%-20
76% to 100+%-30
Other Wounds Penalty
Bleeding or other hits/rnd-5 per hit/rnd
% of Exhaustion Points Expended Penalty
0% to 25%0
26% to 50%-5
51% to 75%-15
76% to 90%-30
91% to 99%-60
Friendly Casualties Penalty
25% Casualties-10
50% Casualties-20
75% Casualties-30
Leader falls (this round)-30
Leader Fallen (subsequent rounds)-10
Odds Penalty

Combat Reactions Table

-26 down Spectacular Failure:
The NPC drops everything and runs away with no regard for his personal or group safety. If this isn't an option then he will fall on his knees and beg and plead for mercy. The NPC is at -50 for the remainder of this engagement and -30 to all future rolls on this table until he achieves a future result of Absolute Success on this table. The NPC's allies who notice this suffer a -30 penalty to their next action. Treat the NPC as stunned and unable to parry for the remainder of this combat if he needs to be treated as a combatant.
-50% · 5.0♦ · -30⇒
-25--04 Absolute Failure:
The NPC will start to withdraw from combat in the safest and quickest manner possible. If he is not engaged in combat he will run towards they safest place he knows. If this isn't possible the NPC will throw down his arms and ask for quarter. All future combat action rolls for this engagement are at -20, and the NPC's allies viewing this suffer a -10 penalty to their next action.
-20% · 3.0♦ ·-10⇒
The NPC will start to slowly back away from the combat. If forced to engage in melee he will parry with all of his available OB. Otherwise he will make an ordered retreat (to go and get help of course!).
0% · 2.0♦ · +0⇒
UM 66Unusual Event:
Things are not going as planned for the NPC. He would like to run, but his feet are frozen in fear. If the NPC makes a successful situational awareness (combat) maneuver, he may make a full melee attack at anyone adjacent to him while parrying with all available OB. Otherwise he'll stand stock-still and whimper.
_ · _ · _
76--90Partial Success:
The NPC realises that neither party appears to have the upper hand in this fight, but doesn't want to fight recklessly. The NPC can make a situational awareness (combat) maneuver to identify the most vulnerable opponent (not engaged in melee), or launch a full melee attack with 80% of his OB dedicated to parrying. The next roll on this table this engagement will be at +5.
20% · 1.5♦ · +5⇒
91--110Near Success:
The NPC is feeling confident about the outcome of this battle, and will take minor risks to ensure its outcome. If not engaged in melee he may make a situational awareness (combat) maneuver to identify the most immediate threat or declare a react & melee attack. If already in melee, he initiates a press & melee attack using only 20% of his OB to parry. The next roll on this table will be +10.
80% · 1.25♦ · +10⇒
UM 100Unusual success:
An overconfident swing means that the NPC's weapon slips from his hand after his attack. Fortunately it is heading for his nearest opponent; treat this as a free thrown weapon attack (using his melee OB with a penalty of -50 if he doesn't have the appropriate thrown weapon skill). This move inspires his allies granting them a bonus of +25 on their next roll on this table. However the NPC is now involved in combat without a weapon -- hope he brought a spare.
125% · 1.0♦ · +25⇒
The adrenaline is flowing well and the NPC will fight without much regard for his own safety. If not engaged in melee, the NPC will target the most threatening opponent with all available OB; otherwise he will press & melee his opponent (with all available OB). The next roll on this table will be at +20.
100% · 1.0♦ · +20⇒
176 upAbsolute Success:
Charge! The NPC is fully committed to winning this fight. If it is an option, he may attempt to frenzy at +20. Otherwise he will engage the toughest opponent he can see. If he is already engaged in melee, he will press & melee with all available OB. He is at +30 to the next roll on this table and all allies who can see him gain +20 to their next roll on this table.
120% · 0.75♦ · +30⇒