February 2004

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Words from the Wise (Guys) - Nicholas HM Caldwell
Normal service resumed plus Decipher's RPG studio closure and College of Magic


Symka Issue 12 - Sean McGinity
Our heroes are uncertain and fragmented after their defeat at Katharta's hands

The Tenth - Thomas Kowalczyk
A short story inspired by Middle Earth that speculates what might have happened if the posting of guards in a certain key spot had not been neglected.


HARP Character Sheet - Matt Fitzgerald
An excel character design worksheet for use with HARP.

HARP-Rolemaster Hybrids - Jonathan Dale
Both Rolemaster and HARP are complete games, but they share so many core concepts that one can regard each of them as a set of modular optional rules for the other. Here's a guide to mixing rules from both systems

Tattoos - Tero Oksala
This rule introduces magical tattoos into HARP


A Plague of Elves - Nigel Buckle
An anti-Minion deck especially for those with limited later expansion rare cards


Review: A New Batch of Reaper Figures - Robert J Defendi
Reaper Miniatures have a new series of figures that will enhance your role-playing experience

Review: The Everlasting, Book of the Unliving - Aaron Smalley
Enter the incredible Secret World in this dark, enthralling RPG.


Inverting Your Mage's Power Progression - Ben Wolcott
A more skill-based approach to Rolemaster magic

The Judges - Tero Oksala
A new organisation with associated training packages dedicated to the cause of justice