January 2004

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Words from the Wise (Guys) - Nicholas HM Caldwell
HARP at Dragonmeet, Consternation 2005!, and the State of TGC's modules


Symka Issue 11 - Sean McGinity
The third Symka tablet comes tantalizingly close to our heroes' grasp.


The Defense of Marnockham - Nicholas HM Caldwell
Defend the peaceful hamlet of Marnockham from goblin attack. An introductory HARP scenario for 4 to 6 1st-2nd level characters


The Other Lords of Middle-Earth - Nigel Buckle
A new expansion for MECCG bringing mighty Men, fell Orcs, and evil Trolls to the War of the Ring.


Review: Family Ties - Nicholas HM Caldwell
A solid modern horror scenario based in the fictional yet credible Island of Dorra.

Review: Star Wars Hero's Guide - Robert J Defendi
Despite a few problems, this book remains a worthwhile purchase for the avid Star Wars player


Mythic Greece - The Gods Themselves - Daniel M Myers
A supplement on the Greek pantheon for Mythic Greece with godly stats in mixed MERP-RM2 format


The Remorhaz: A RM Conversion - Kerry Drake
Add an arctic killer from the Revised System Reference Document to your campaign. This is an Open Gaming article.