Symka Issue 11

Copyright Sean McGinity © 2004

Edited by Suzanne Campbell for The Guild Companion

"We have what we came for. That's all that matters now."


Panel 1.

Shot of an alley dark with shadow and the moon overhead.

Caption: New York City: a pitched battle occurred on the rooftop above, between the Symka group and a group called the Raiders.

Panel 2.

Same shot. A man with thick legs, in shadow from the upper thigh up, is emerging from the alley.

Caption: The fight was instigated when Stick, a member of the Symka group, struck Bryan Richardson...

Panel 3.

Same shot except Marrow is in full view, carrying Bryan Richardson in his arms. Bryan is bad shape, his face a mess of blood and bruising.

Caption: Marrow and Bryan

Caption: ...nearly killing the man. Marrow left the fight, anxious to get Bryan to a hospital.

Panel 4.

Tighter three-quarter shot.

Marrow (thinking): I hated running from a fight like that but I had to protect our investment. Bryan took a serious wallop from that Stick character; he is broken. I need to get him to a hospital!

Marrow (thinking): Iím sure the rest of the team easily mopped the floor with those Canadian yahoos.

Panel 5.

Bryce Falkingham, Bryanís business partner for Octavianís restaurant in Winnipeg, exits the front doors of the hotel in a full shot. His clothes are wrinkled and dirty; he is angry.

Caption: Bryce

Caption: Bryce, Bryanís business partner, was being used to find Bryan, who was in hiding in New York. Bryce escaped and is intent on finding his partner and getting even with the Symka group.

Bryce (thinking): I managed to wriggle loose of the bonds. I was working on them the whole time I was holed up there. That bitch hit me with some sort of mental whammy, knocked me out.

Bryce (thinking): She left the balcony door open. The cool night air brought me back.

Panel 6.

One-quarter shot. Bryce is gritting his teeth.

Bryce (thinking): Those fools! They thought I was afraid... they thought I was under their control.

Bryce (thinking): Iíll admit I didnít take that Gideon seriously enough, but I wonít make that mistake again*.

Bryce (thinking): They did alert me to some of the threats against their little group. These same threats may very well come after us as well. No matter; we will get all the tablets.

*Editorís Note: Gideon took it a little too far with Bryce in issue 9 trying to secure information on the location of their tablet.

Panel 7.

Far side shot of Bryce walking down the street, hands crammed into his jacket pockets, his shoulders held high. He is shaking from the cold. He is passing another alleyway, where we see a body drop from the roof and through the ground into the sewers.

Bryce (thinking): Hopefully the muscle Bryan has hired is powerful enough...


Bryce: What!?!


Panel 1.

Far shot. Bryce is looking back over his shoulder towards the pit the body made in the alleyway. Half in shadow are Marrow and Bryan.

Bryce: Oh no!

Panel 2.

Three-quarter shot. Marrow is walking out of the shadows with Bryan in his arms. Bryce is looking at him, unsure of whom the person is.

Marrow: Bryce! Bryanís been hurt.

Panel 3.

Full shot. Raze pulls himself out of the pit, angry. He is uninjured. Marrow is looking up, leading with his chin for emphasis. Bryce is watching these three, confused.

Marrow: Hold back, Raze. Look up.

*Note: Raze was thrown off the building last issue by El Tigre. He has landed this issue.

Panel 4.

Far, far shot. Wormís eye view, Stick is flying Gideon and El Tigre overhead.

Marrow (off-panel): Theyíve escaped already. Weíre too late.

Panel 5.

Three-quarter shot. Bryce is moving to look at Bryan. He has a hand out, almost afraid to touch him. Raze is standing behind Marrow.

Bryce: What happened to Bryan?

Marrow: They attacked Bryan. I think that may have been their goal all along.

Bryce: Their goal? Their goal was capturing the tab... our possession. Thatís all that mattered. They held me captive, trying to make me believe it was for my own good, that they were protecting me.

Panel 6.

Quarter shot of Marrow and Bryce. Marrow is looking incredulously at Bryce.

Marrow: Protecting you? Whatever the case, letís get your partner to a hospital.

Bryce: Agreed. Who did this to him? Specifically I mean.

Panel 7.

Back full shot. They are all walking hurriedly down the street.

Marrow: The guy in white with the staff. Short fuse on that guy. Raze sure got a great shot on him.

Raze: (grunt)

Panel 8.



Panel 1.

Three-quarter shot of Silver getting out of bed. Her brow is furrowed in concentration. She is wearing men's boxers and a tank top.

Caption: A day later...

Caption: The Symka group is resting after a long plane ride. All except one...

Silver (thinking): Wait a minute...

Panel 2.

Angled full back shot. Silver is opening her bedroom door, semi-rushed.

Silver (thinking): Maybe... he better not have...

Panel 3.

Side angled full shot of Silver looking at the sofa. The sofa has sheets on it, with an indent in the sofa of someone having slept there. She lightly touches the indent.

Silver (thinking): Gideon left.

Panel 4.

Slight wormís eye view. Full shot. Silver stands in her living room, hands held out on the side, as if to balance herself.

Silver (thinking): Gideon? Gideon, can you hear me?

Silver (thinking): I canít sense him with my telepathy.

Panel 5.

Stick, wearing a pair of sweatpants, walks into the room from the guest bedroom. Heís scratching his head, shaking off a morning yawn. Silver is looking over to him.

Stick: Heís probably gone off to get Kathartaís tablet. He was pretty headstrong on doing it right away.

Stick: What range do you have with this burgeoning Telepathy of yours?

Silver: Not sure. Heís definitely not near. If we get closer I can reach out to him.

Panel 6.

Full shot of Stick and Silver facing each other in the center of the living room. El Tigre is on the couch opposite the sofa Gideon had been sleeping on, waking up.

El Tigre: Heís going to get himself killed. He gets this way sometimes. He gets so single minded... We need to go to him.

Silver: You two get suited up. If heís going after Kathartaís Symka tablet, he will likely hit the Diamond Emporium* building. Iím sure if I get closer, I can tell if he in fact is there.

*Note: Diamond Emporium, a diamond trading company, is one of the business companies Katharta keeps as a front to his other less-than-legal activities.

Panel 7.

Outside slight birdís eye view of the Diamond Emporium building. The building is an impressive 20 story building which is flanked by two three-sided buildings that are attached to it by skywalks every fifth floor. There is a statue up on a plinth in front of the central building.

Caption: At that moment across town...


Panel 1.

Full shot. Inside the Diamond Emporium building, Gideon is in the lobby browsing through the pamphlet displays. He is wearing his hood over his head.

Elevator (fx): DING!

Panel 2.

Angled back shot. Gideon enters the elevator.

Panel 3.

Back shot over Gideonís shoulder with the floors of the elevator showing in the center of the panel. The elevator only goes to the Tenth floor.

Gideon (thinking): The elevator doesnít go the top floor! Iím going to need to improvise here.

Panel 4.

Full shot. Three Leapers stand on the Fourth floor. They are talking amongst themselves. The Leapers are wearing slightly different clothes from one another. One leaper is wearing grey sweat pants and top (ready for the gym and hereby called "Sweat"). The second Leaper is wearing the standard Leaper suit outfit, except this one is female, with her red hair slicked back into a ponytail. (Sheíll be called "True"). The third Leaper is wearing black slacks and a white shirt with no jacket (who weíll call "Shirt"). Shirt hits the "up" button next to the elevator. The floor itself is nothing but a hall with windows at each end of the hall. A long red carpet runs the length of the hall from window to window. There are four elevator doors. There is one door on opposite sides and opposite ends of the hallway.

Panel 5.

Close-up shot of the top of the elevator. "4" is on the display. The elevator has stopped on this floor.


Panel 6.

Three-quarter shot directly across from the elevator, through the Leapers. The elevator door opens to show a surprised Gideon looking out at the Leapers.

Panel 7.

Reverse of last shot, over Gideonís shoulder.

True: Can I help you?

Gideon: Crap!

Panel 8.

Small tight panel. Close-up of the elevator doors closing.

Panel 9.

One-quarter shot. The Leapers are looking at each other questioningly.

Panel 10.

The True Leaper points to the elevator, while the others stand around her for instruction.

True: Weíd better go after him. We need to find out who this is and what heís up to.

Sweat: Youíre right. We canít take any chances to suffer the masterís wrath.


Panel 1.

Large panel. Full shot, slight wormís eye view. True is pointing to an elevator on each side of the hallway. Sweat and Shirt are making their ways to opposite elevators.

True: I donít know who this person is but I intend on questioning him. Why did he run from us? I need to find out.

True: One of you go up the other down. I shall remain here monitoring where he goes. He is taking the elevator down now but that does not mean he will go all the way down.

True: Do not let him leave the building!

Panel 2.

Small tight panel. Close-up shot of an elevator door. The door is opening with Gideon behind the door, seen slightly through the door. This is the Seventh floor.


Panel 3.

Angled full side shot. Gideon has dashed across the hall to the opposite elevator doors, pressing the "up" button (this is the same side that Sweat entered on the Fourth floor). (This floor is decked out exactly like the Fourth floor).

Panel 4.

Tight full shot. Gideon is diving back into his elevator. The doors have just begun to close.

Panel 5.

Small panel. Close-up shot of the inside elevator controls. Gideonís hand in the shot is pressing the button for the Sixth floor.

Panel 6.

Side angled wormís eye view of True on the Fourth floor. She is looking up at the floor listing for Gideonís elevator.

True: He went up and now he goes down to the Sixth floor. He is definitely trying my patience. I may have to use this dweeb as a sacrifice to the master.

Panel 7.

Seventh floor, far shot of Sweat stepping off the elevator with a puzzled look on his face. (Again, this floor has the same look and layout of the Fourth and Seventh floors).

Sweat: What? The Seventh floor?

Panel 8.

Tight one-quarter shot of Sweat looking up at Gideonís elevator, which has stopped on the Sixth. He has a smile on his face.

Sweat: He wants a chase, eh? Iíll give him chase.


Panel 1.

The lobby of the building. The elevator door opens with Shirt pushing through to get out.


Panel 2.

Side angled slight wormís eye view of Shirt. In the background is the top of Gideonís elevator showing on the Sixth.

Panel 3.

The panel is split in two, each side capturing two floors. Tight one-quarter shot of Gideon in one half of the panel, Sweat in the other half. Both are watching the otherís elevator waiting for the number to change.

Gideon/Sweat (thinking): Where are you going? Are you staying on your floor?

Panel 4.

Far shot. Shirt runs into his elevator.

Panel 5.

Same shot as last except the doors are closed. The elevator is moving up and is now at the Third floor.

Panel 6.

Fourth floor. Full shot of True running into the free elevator, neck craned to watch Gideonís elevator as she runs. Gideonís elevator is currently at the Third floor.

True (thinking): Going down? You think you can make it there and flee the building before one of us reaches you, donít you. You wonít escape. Youíre hiding something from us and I mean to find out what!

Panel 7.

Sixth floor. Full shot of Shirt standing at his elevators edge, holding the door open, looking over to Gideonís elevator, which is at the Second floor.

Panel 8.

Far shot of True in the lobby, arms held out on each side, looking around the lobby for Gideon.

True (thinking): Where is he? He couldnít have gotten far.

Panel 9.

Full back angled shot of True standing in front of Gideonís elevator. She has her finger on the "up" button and the elevator doors are open.

True (thinking): He must have gotten off here. The elevator is still on the Lobby level.

True (thinking): He canít of gotten away. I canít let that happen! What if he did something while he was here? The master would kill us!


Panel 1.

A non-descript hotel room. Back shot of Idolen Casino on the telephone.

Caption: Blue Moon

Caption: Last night, Idolen Casino, agent of the person known only as Blue Moon...

Casino: As Iím sure youíre already aware, they have captured the second tablet. Their battle was recorded by the videographer Turcott. It was quite the spectacle.

Phone: Excellent, Casino. You have done well, as always.

Panel 2.

Opposite shot as the last panel, with a full front shot of Casino.

Phone: They now have two of the Asemka, while the other two are still scattered. Things are progressing nicely. I assume they are returning to Canada.

Casino: I believe they are, but I shall find out for you.

Phone: I will have Black ready for interception. We need to ensure their cooperation. They must remain in our employ ñ whether they realize it or not. Ensure they are returning to Winnipeg and inform Black to receive them.

Panel 3.

One-quarter shot of Casino on the phone.

Casino: Very well.

Panel 4.

Tight small panel, close-up of Casinoís hand hanging up the phone.

Panel 5.

Full back shot of Casino. He is standing at the window, holding open the curtain.

Casino (thinking): This work for Blue Moon has kept me busy, whiling away the time which is so long for one such as me, allowing me to accumulate the funds I have no need of...

Casino (thinking): for one purpose.

Panel 6.

One-quarter shot from outside the window looking in on Casino, the shadows outside creating shadows over his face, but his eyes almost glow. He is sliding the window open.

Casino (thinking): I am so weak. I am a shadow of myself. Soon I must sleep. And feed.

Panel 7.

Far shot of the window of the hotel Casino was looking out of. The form of a bat, a vampire bat, flies out from the window into the night sky.


Panel 1.

Full shot. El Tigre, Silver, and Stick have pulled up in Silverís vehicle and are exiting it.

El Tigre: Silver? Can you sense him with your telepathy? Is he in the building?

Silver: Yes... I can. Iím trying to see if I can pinpoint a precise location.

Stick: Is he still alive?

Panel 2.

Tight one-quarter shot of Silver, El Tigre and Stick.

Silver: Of course he is, Stick. Otherwise I wouldnít be able to sense him. His pulse rate is quite high.

Stick: Why was he fool enough to go in there alone?

El Tigre: I donít think youíre one to talk about "fool" actions, Stick*. Youíre the one that escalated the situation last night into a major incident. We went in on Gideonís plan. We should have stayed with it.

Stick: We got the tablet, didnít we?

*Caption: Stickís fool action was striking Bryan down, almost killing him, which prompted his bodyguards to attack.

Panel 3.

Same shot.

Silver: Quiet, you two! Whatever happened, happened. Stick is right in that we got the tablet. Beyond that, maybe we need to talk about last night... just not now.

Panel 4.

Full shot. Stick, Gideon, and El Tigre enter into their hotel through the balcony door. Silver is in eagle form, flying in over Stickís shoulder.

Caption: Why did Gideon decide to do this alone? Let us drift back to last night, after the Symka group arrived back to their rented room in New York after their skirmish with Bryanís bodyguards.

El Tigre: Whereís Bryce? Silver you left him here, didnít you?

Silver: Yes. Look at his chair.

Panel 5.

Three-quarter shot. El Tigre and Stick are standing on the chair that Bryce was tied to. Silver is on the chair in her bird form. The chair has ropes hanging from it, the ropes that had bound Bryce there previously.

Silver: He managed to escape his bonds. How did he do that? I even used my telepathy to make him fall asleep!

El Tigre: His bonds must have been loose. Maybe he was working on them...

Silver: I thought it was okay to leave him passed out and tied to the chair.

Stick: Silver, you should have stayed here and kept an eye on him. As it is, youíre still recovering from the attack by Mordo*. You shouldnít even be trying to shapechange.

Gideon (off-panel): Forget it!

*Caption: Silver took a hit from the interdimensional demon Mordo in Issue 6 that nearly killed her. Sheís had trouble shapechanging since. Last issue she was finally able to take on a bird form.

Panel 6.

Side angled three-quarter shot of Gideon. He seems tired. His face is bloody from the pounding he took last issue.

Gideon: It doesnít matter if he got away or not. We have what we came for. Thatís all that matters now.

Gideon: And by the way, itís great to see you back in form again.

Panel 7.

Three-quarter shot of Silver, Gideon, Stick and El Tigre. Stick and El Tigre are on the left side of the panel staring at Silver. A side shot of Silver is in the center of the panel facing Gideon, also facing sideways. She has transformed into her human form... her naked human form (the bottom of the panel hides her buttocks, her arm hides her breasts). There are blur lines between her bird and human forms to show the transformation. She is angrily pointing a finger at Gideon. Gideon is completely unperturbed.

Silver: Neither one of them is safe, Gideon. They have been linked to us now, to the Symka tablets and all this. People will be gunning for them now. They are in danger. We were going to protect Bryce...

Gideon: We arenít some protection agency, Silver.

Panel 8.

One-quarter shot. Side shot of Gideon facing Silver head on. She is backing off a little from him. Despite the scene, Gideon is still calm.

Gideon: Bryce and Bryan attempted to steal two tablets. They knew what they were getting into when they broke into the museum*, and they damn well knew what they were getting into when his goons were beating on us**.

Gideon: Have no sympathy for them, Silver. Our Lives are in danger. The World is in danger!

*Caption: It happened in Issue 1, kind of. Bryan and Bryce sent men to steal the Symka tablets from the Museum of Antiquities and lost one of them in a skirmish with Gideon, El Tigre and Hi Tech Henchmen.

**Caption: Last Issue, again.

Panel 9.

Back one-quarter shot of Gideon. Over his shoulder Silver is facing forward in the panel (Gideonís shoulder is keeping her "covered"). Stick and El Tigre are watching behind her.

Gideon: Itís because of them, and people like them, that there is a danger related to the tablets. If we donít capture all the Symka tablets and find a way to squash them...

Gideon: ...well, things will get a whole lot uglier...

Gideon: ...not just for Bryan and Bryce, but for the whole world. The more I learn about these tablets, the greater the danger I realize we are all in.

PAGE 10.

Panel 1.

Three-quarter shot. Stick is pulling a sheet off the bed towards Silver (whom he canít seem to take his eyes off.) El Tigre is trying to look at Gideon only, squinting his left eye shut, his right eye partially closed. Gideon has both his hands raised (blocking the naked Silverís breasts).

Gideon: Things have escalated. We are being linked to the tablets, we are being linked to that night watchman at the museum that was killed*. We are running out of time.

Gideon: We need to move fast. We need to be decisive. We need to go after the other tablets right away before this web weíre in gets too widespread, before too many people are gunning for us...

Gideon: ...before somebody eventually finds us and kills us for them.

*From Issue 1.

Panel 2.

Three-quarter shot of all four of them. Silver is wrapping the sheet around herself. Stick is helping her. Gideon is standing there, green energy starting to smoke from his fingers, almost imperceptible.

Stick: Gideon, look at us. We got beat pretty bad. None of us are in any shape to tackle anything.

Gideon: Iíve thought about that. Iíve been worrying about our health all along. I have this spell I was learning. Iíve been working on it for months.

Panel 2.

Gideon closes his eyes and starts to chant. Green energy starts to billow out of his hands.

Panel 3.

Three-quarter shot. Gideon reaches out his hand, touching the reddened skin under the blast hole in Stickís shirt (from the attack he took from Raze).

Panel 3.

The energy starts to dissipate as Gideon pulls his hand back. The redness on Stickís chest is gone. Stick is jubilant.

Stick: Hey, great, Gideon! Thatís great! I feel like I can take on ten Henchmen!

Panel 4.

Full shot of the four of them. Gideon slumps to the floor.

Panel 5.

Full shot. Silver crouches down at Gideonís side, checking him, a worried look on her face. Stick is looking down at Gideon, a surprised look on his face. Gideon is completely unconscious.

Silver: What happened, Stick?

Stick: I donít know... he sucked the wound out of me... I feel great...

El Tigre: Is he okay?

Panel 6.

Tight full shot, wormís eye view. Stick and El Tigre are bent over Gideon. Silver is pulling up Gideonís shirt. He has a gaping wound on his chest, in the same location as Stickís was on his own chest. His ribs can actually be seen through the burnt flesh.

Silver: Oh no! What hit you Stick? When you got hurt?

El Tigre: Stick was taken out by an energy blast.

PAGE 11.

Panel 1.

Same cramped shot as last panel. Silver is looking up to Stick, one hand pointing to Gideonís wound. Gideonís wounds start to glow green.

Silver: The same effect thatís on Gideonís chest right now, right?

Stick: Itís much worse than mine. Much, much worse than mine. Sure it knocked me out but it wasnít all that bad!

El Tigre: Gideon wouldnít be able to take as hard a hit as you took.

Silver: Wait...

Panel 2.

Birdís eye view down onto Gideon. The others are gathered around him. Heís opened up his eyes. Heís groggy. Green energy is steaming out of the wound.

Gideon: You took some hit, Stick... Iím impressed.

Gideon: And here I thought I was tougherín you...

Gideon: I heal fast, fasterín before. Iíve been meditating, learning how to speed up my own healing. Iíll be up and at them in a few hours. For now we need to get out of New York.

Panel 3.

Full shot. In Silverís apartment, the four of them are in a heated discussion. They are all out of costume.

Caption: Later in Winnipeg, at Dale Turcottís place, a fight is erupting. Gideon is obstinate about taking the fight to Katharta...

Gideon: Katharta will have found out about our battle in New York City. He will know we had quite the scrap. He expects us to sit on our asses and bide our time... to wait things out. He will be working on building his masses up... to protect his Symka Tablet.

Gideon: But he wonít have his defenses completely fortified right away. Now is the time to strike. We need to hit them now, and reclaim their Symka tablet!

Stick: Are you nuts, Gideon?

Panel 4.

Three-quarter shot of the four of them.

Stick: You might have healed my body back in New York, but you didnít make me brain dead. This would be suicide!

Gideon: Thatís exactly it, Stick. They wouldnít expect us right now.

Gideon: We have no choice in the matter. We have to stop all this before someone like Katharta joins the tablets together and becomes all-powerful, and we have to do it now!

Gideon: Our own lives arenít important. This is about stopping something from happening, and saving lives!

Stick: Iím not saying this isnít important. It is. I know it. Donít doubt where I stand, Gideon.

Panel 5.

Same as last.

Stick: But to needlessly kill ourselves to stop this guy... thatís overkill. We need to plan this out and figure out some sort of strategy..."

Gideon: We donít have the time!

El Tigre: Gideon, maybe Stick has a point. By rushing in like you propose... what if we fail? What if we kill ourselves trying to get the tablet out of their hands and lose? Thereís none of us left to go after the last tablet.

El Tigre: Come on, Gideon. Letís at least sleep on it. Weíll talk in the morning. We could all use a rest.

Panel 6.

Group shot. Stick and Silver are heading for their separate rooms.

El Tigre: Weíre a team, Gideon. Donít forget that.

Panel 7.

Far shot of the Tenth floor of the Diamond Emporium Building. Again, this floor is outfitted as the other ones. Gideon is exiting out of one of the hall-end doors full tilt.

Gideon (thinking): What El Tigre said was true. We canít recklessly kill ourselves here. Some of us need to stay back to carry on our crusade if this doesnít work. This is my mission, my job. My father will not expect me to show up here. Not now. He thinks Iím afraid of him. He thinks we are beat from New York.

Gideon (thinking): And maybe I am afraid of him. Maybe thatís why Iím doing it this way.

Panel 8.

Full shot. Gideon opens the window at the end of the hall to the outside.

Gideon (thinking): We are a team. Buddy, I could use your help right about now!

PAGE 12.

Panel 1.

Back with the other three members of the Symka group. They are standing outside of Silverís vehicle, looking at the building.

Stick: This is ridiculous.

El Tigre: Heís headstrong, Stick, thatís for sure. Heís going to do this whether weíre with him or not.

Stick: We canít let him kill himself. As unreasonable as he is I canít sit back and watch him die.

Panel 2.

Far wormís eye view of the Diamond Emporium building. Gideon is climbing up to the 11th floor.

Silver (off panel): Look! Up there! Itís Gideon!

Panel 3.

Three-quarter shot of Silver, Stick and El Tigre. Stick is shrugging his shoulders.

Stick: Fine, fine. It will take him forever to get up the building on his own.

Panel 3.

Full shot. Silver has shapechanged into a bird. El Tigre has clasped onto one of Stickís free hands. They fly up towards Gideon.

Panel 4.

Full shot. Stick is floating in front of Gideon, who is gripping onto a ledge on the building. Gideon is smiling, shaking his head.

Gideon: What are you doing here?

Stick: Weíre doing this your way. Weíre taking the tablet. Grab hold.

Gideon: A true team, huh El Tigre?

Panel 5.

Far shot. Silver, as a cat, is on the ledge of the uppermost floor. She is sniffing the air.

Caption: Meanwhile, Silver has transformed herself into a cat, and is using the animalís senses.

Panel 6.

Full shot. Silver jumps off the ledge, transforming mid-leap into a sparrow.

Silver (thinking): Looks like I found it!

Panel 7.

Full shot. Silver (as sparrow) is fluttering by Stick, Gideon and El Tigre.

Silver: The top floor... the windows are tinted and there was this hum behind the window.

Gideon: Probably whateverís blocking me from feeling the tablet... probably generating some sort of subsonic hum that your enhanced senses were able to pick up. I canít sense the tablet at all but I know itís in the building*.

*Caption: Gideon gained insight as to the location of all the Symka tablets when a touch of one of the Symka tablets and his fatherís proximity allowed him to tap into his fatherís power, way back in Issue 3.

Panel 8.

Far shot. The four of them fly up towards the top floor.

Panel 9.

Tight one-quarter shot. El Tigre throws his blade in an overhand throw towards the window.

El Tigre: Letís see if this enhanced blade I took from one of Bryanís bodyguards has the punch.

PAGE 13.

Panel 1.

Far shot of the inside of the top floor of the Diamond Emporium Building. Four minions dressed in deep red robes. They are around a red transparent energy cube that floats above the ground. Within the cube is a lead case, floating.

Caption: Silver and Gideon were correct. Within the Diamond Emporium Building on the top floor, four of Kathartaís higher ranked minions are guarding the Symka tablet.

Caption: The Symka tablet has been put into a lead case, a metal capable of blocking magical energies, as well as preventing magical "bloodhounds" from sniffing it out.

Panel 2.

Close-up shot of the lead case within the cube.

Caption: As extra insurance, the lead case containing the Symka tablet is being held in stasis in a magical containment field. The field is designed to repel magical scans.

Caption: None of which have been good enough to keep Gideon from it...

Panel 3.

Full shot. El Tigreís blade shatters the window.


Panel 4.

Full shot. The Symka group enters through the broken window. Stick is placing Gideon on the ground, El Tigre is leaping from Stick, and Silver, in bird form, is flying through.

Gideon: Strike hard and fast!

Panel 5.

Full shot of all the action. El Tigre backhand throws his kukri blade, striking one of the mages in the shoulder which knocks the minion back. El Tigre is crouching, grabbing the blade that broke the window with his free hand. Gideon gives off a double-handed blast at another, Stick backhands another with his staff. Finally, in one fluid movement, Silver transforms into a bear and charges into the last one, crushing him into the wall opposite the window.

El Tigreís kukri (fx): THUK!

Gideonís blast (fx): ZZOT!

Stickís staff (fx): SMAK!

Silverís ram (fx): WHOMP!

PAGE 14.

Panel 1.

Another full shot. Silver is backing away from the minion she barreled into. That minion is crumpling to the floor, but still semi-conscious. El Tigre is pulling his kukri from his minion. Stick is standing overtop of his, giving another blow with the butt of his staff, as the minion is still conscious. Gideon is approaching the cube, a look of anticipation across his face, almost bordering on greed.

Gideon (thinking): At last!

El Tigreís kukri (fx): SHUK!

Stickís staff (fx): BOP!

Panel 2.

Tight one-quarter shot of Gideon, hand reaching out touching the red energy cube, and getting a shock at contact.

Gideon: OW!


Panel 2.

Three-quarter shot, similar to last. Gideon is pulling his hand back, green energy swirling around his hand where it touched the cube. On the cube itself, red steam is rising form the spot Gideon touched it. El Tigre is walking towards Gideon, enchanted blade in hand.

Gideon: Ingenious. Some sort of protective field, meant to shock whoever touches it.

Gideon: It was minor though. Iím already healing from the wound.

Panel 3.

Three-quarter shot. El Tigre holds his blade, over his head, tip down, and standing between Gideon and the cube. The cube is forefront in the panel.

El Tigre: I got it.

Panel 4.

El Tigre brings the blade down, piercing the cube, and shattering it to thousands of small shards.

Blade (fx): BZOW!

Panel 5.

Small tight panel. The lead-encased tablet falls to the ground.

Fx: Thud!

Panel 5.

Full shot. Silver trots over to pick it up in her maw.

PAGE 15.

Panel 1.

Full shot. From the far end of the room a minion wearing full, deep red robes barges in. With him are the three leapers (Sweat, True, and Shirt) as well as two Big Thugs (the 7 foot henchmen). The minion has his hand held out, channeling some magic. This magic is swirling around Silver, encasing her in a globe of crimson energy.

Minion: You are thieves in the masterís building. Surrender now! You are outnumbered!

Gideon: Go to hell!

Panel 2.

Tight one-quarter shot. Gideon has one hand out tentatively, ready to fire another blast. His other hand is raised, fingers poking his temple.

Gideon: Oh no.

Panel 3.

Three-quarter shot. Gideon is pointing to the window, still pressing a finger to his temple. His face is pained.

Gideon: We need to get out of here now! Right now!

Panel 4.

Full shot. A crimson eldritch blast drills Gideon into the far wall.



PAGE 16.

Panel 1.

Far shot of Silver, in bear form, within the eldritch globe. She is leaning up against the side of it, on her back paws.

Silver (thinking): I have to get out of here! Thereís no air in here! If I can get this thing rolling...

Panel 2.

Back far shot of Silver in the globe, running within it, like a hamster in a training wheel, which has moved the globe over to the hole in the window, smashing it open wider.

Silver (thinking): ...maybe I can break it...

Window (fx): SMASH!

Panel 3.

Far shot, wormís eye view from the street below. The Globe is starting to fall from the top floor window.

Silver (thinking): That is a long way down...

Panel 4.

Far shot, birdís eye view. El Tigre has leapt out the window, landing on the globe.

El Tigre: Silver? What are you doing? Youíre going to get yourself killed!

El Tigre (thinking): Oh that is a long way down...

Panel 5.

Far side shot with the broken window as the backdrop. The minion fires off a blast towards Stick, who ducks it. Stick is immediately next to Gideon, who is slumped on the floor, already starting to regain consciousness, but still dazed. The leapers and thugs stand behind the minion waiting for the call to charge.

Stick: Silver? Silver?

Stick: Gideon? Get up! We leave... NOW!

Panel 6.

Far facing shot. Stick has pulled Gideon by the arm out of the building and they are beginning to fly away, the lines of flight behind them. At the entrance to the window stands the minion, firing a blast at Stick, but going wide of him.

Stick: Your strategy sucked, Gideon. This blew up in your face. We did it your way and we failed. Now, maybe youíll listen to...

Gideon: SHUT UP!

Stick: What?

Gideon: Heís here.

Stick: What?

Panel 7.

Tight one-quarter shot. Stick and Gideon, with Gideon pointing ahead.

Gideon: Look.

Panel 8.

Far shot. Itís Katharta, flying in a standing position on a crimson disk of energy. He is wearing a red robe, stylized differently than his minions. There is a pattern stitched into the edges of the robe, at the collar and at the hem, in some ancient language.

Caption: "Heís here. My father is here."

PAGE 17.

Panel 1.

Far shot of the globe of energy with Silver inside it falling. El Tigre is jumping off of the globe, to the ledge on the second floor of the building. The globe is just a few feet from the ground.

Caption: The momentum Silver has generated falling from the top floor of the Diamond Emporium building is great; the impact with the sidewalk will be serious. Will it be enough to break the crimson energy globe...

Caption: ...or so much that she will die from the fall?

Panel 2.

Full tight shot. The globe shatters into millions of pieces in a great explosion. At the centre of the maelstrom, Silver can barely be seen.


Panel 3.

Three-quarter shot of the minion that cast the globe. He is leaning backward, a visible sign of the psionic backlash from the globe shattering showing as two red swirls around his head, pronged from his temples. He has both hands to his head. He is in pain.

Caption: The impact of the globe to the sidewalk was enough to break it... to shatter it...

Caption: ...and this impact bounces back to the minion that cast it, a psionic backlash that renders him unconscious.

Minion: Aaaaaaaaah!

Panel 4.

Silver is struggling to get up from a face down position on the sidewalk. She is in human form... naked. El Tigre is at her side, a hand on her back, a worried look on his face. The shards of the globe that litter the sidewalk and street (and the car that was parked close by with its windows shattered from the rain of shards) are beginning to fade into nothingness.

El Tigre: Silver? Silver? Say something to me. Are you hurt?

Silver: Iím... fine, just a little out of it. I was... suffocating in there. I might have passed out from the lack of oxygen... not sure.

El Tigre: You donít have a mark on you. The globe shattered outwards when it hit the concrete.

Panel 5.

Three-quarter shot. El Tigre is helping Silver to her feet.

El Tigre: We need to get out of here, Silver. Now! Are you okay enough to move?

Silver: I just need a minute to get my head together... just a minute.

El Tigre: We donít have the time. Iíll carry you... Iíll...

Panel 6.

Far shot, wormís eye view. The three leapers are coming. Sweat is on the ground, marching towards them. Shirt is just landing from a leap. True is on the third floor ledge, getting ready to jump off it.

El Tigre (off-panel): Crap!

El Tigre: Weíve run out of time.

Panel 6.

Tight one-quarter shot of El Tigreís head, looking sideways and back over his shoulder. The lead case that was in the globe with Silver is at the end of the street, cracked open.

El Tigre (thinking): The tablet... we have the tablet!

Panel 7.

Far shot. Stick is holding up Gideon, and holding back. Katharta stands on his disc several feet in front of them with his hand stretched out. They are over a park, two blocks from the Diamond Emporium building and about 100 feet in the air.

Katharta: Gideon, my son. I am here for you. Face your destiny!

Gideon: The cube... it was probably linked to him... like some alarm.

PAGE 18.

Panel 1.

Three-quarter shot of Katharta, watching Gideon (off-panel).

Stick (off-panel): This is your dad? This guy? He donít look so tough.

Panel 2.

Tight three-quarter shot of Stick and Gideon. Stick looks determined. He has his staff pointed forward. Gideon is worried, almost panicking.

Gideon: Donít even think...

Stick: Enough of this. Iím taking a shot at him.

Gideon: Are you crazy? Stick, stop now!

Stick: Have some faith, Gideon.

Panel 3.

Far, far shot. Stick is rocketing towards Katharta. Gideon has let go. Stick is looking down and back at Gideon.

Stick: Gideon?

Panel 4.

Back one-quarter shot of Katharta from over his right shoulder, a full shot of the distracted Stick charging forward in the background.

Katharta: Hmm. One of Gideonís friends.

Panel 6.

Tight one-quarter shot of Katharta. He raises his hand, palm facing outward.

Panel 7.

Far, far side shot. Katharta is on the left, hand held out. On the right side of the panel is Stick, moving backwards from Katharta, as if he had been ricocheted away from Katharta.

Panel 8.

Far shot. Gideon is blasting the ground in a pepper of blasts, the barrage grinding up the park ground, a complete look of panic on his face.

Caption: The ground still damp from the rain days ago is pounded with incredible blasts of energy...





Panel 8.

Full shot of Gideon. He is getting out of a small crater in the ground filled with mud. He is looking up (at Stick), shaking his head. Tendrils of green energy swirl around him.

Caption: ...that pounds the ground into mud, which absorbs some of the impact of the fall.

Caption: Gideon is still hurt, but his amazing recuperative powers save him.

Gideon (thinking): Stick, you fool.

PAGE 19.

Panel 1.

Far shot. Stick is flying in a wide arc, returning towards Katharta.

Stick (thinking): He figures Iím done. He figures Iím out of the fight, so he can concentrate on Gideon.

Stick (thinking): Thatís going to hurt him!

Panel 2.

One-quarter shot of Katharta. His eyes are looking to the right, up from the looking down (at Gideon).

Katharta: Gideon, come to me, your fate has been decided. I...

Katharta: Gideonís friend?

Panel 3.

Tight one-quarter shot of Kathartaís left arm, crimson energy encasing it.

Panel 4.

Full shot. Katharta sticks out his magically encased arm, catching Stick in the chest in a stunning blow. Stick was totally taken by surprise. Stick lets go of his staff on impact right in front of Katharta.


Panel 5.

Full shot. Stick is falling backwards and down, losing the battle to remain conscious. Katharta plucks the staff out of the air before gravity will make it fall. There is a slight effect around the point of contact on the staff, like electricity.

Katharta: I donít want to take anything away from you, "Stick". Iíve watched you.

Panel 6.

Far shot of Stick hitting the ground awkwardly landing on one of his legs.

Katharta (off-panel): In fact, you impress me.


Panel 7.

Three-quarter shot. Katharta floating in the air on his disc, holding the staff and looking at it. There is still an electrical effect at the point of contact.

Katharta: This weapon of yours? Intriguing. Some sort of built-in defense system --- designed to shock anyone but you. Of course, thatís nothing to me.

Panel 8.

Full shot of Gideon in the crater, looking over towards Stick, slumped unconscious on the ground. Katharta is looking down at Gideon.

Gideon (thinking): Stick! Dammit he fell hard!

Katharta: Gideon!?! My son. This was an impressive display here, I will give you that much, but itís over. Your "bodyguard" failed. There is no one else here to protect you from your fate.

Katharta: I ask you kindly... perhaps as a father should to his only son, in the hope of making this as painless as possible. You understand that if there was another way...

Katharta: But there isnít, is there?

PAGE 20.

Panel 1.

Full shot of El Tigre and Silver. He is trying to get her to her feet. She is still in her human (naked) form. The three leapers are moving to surround El Tigre.

El Tigre: Cripes! Surrounded. Silver, I need you here!

Silver: Iím weak, donít know if I can change...

Panel 2.

Tight one-quarter shot of El Tigre, an arm around Silver, steadying her. She is up.

Silver: Iím fine, El Tigre. Letís take them on. Whether in animal form or not, Iím not going to just lie there.

El Tigre: I was hoping more that you could run away from here. Iím sure I could get myself out. Itís you Iím concerned about.

Silver: Thatís touching. Worry about yourself. Iíll be fine.

Panel 3.

Far shot, El Tigre and Silver (who is shrugging off El Tigreís supporting arm), the leapers surrounding them, and the front of the Diamond Emporium building, where the two Big Thugs from upstairs have just arrived.

El Tigre: Here come the reinforcements.

Panel 4.

Full shot of one of the Thugs. He is running forward into the panel, one leg actually jutting out of the panel. The other Thug is watching his partner, surprised.

Big Thug: Enough of this. I donít care about these two. Itís all about the tablet.

Panel 5.

Full shot of the three leapers. They are watching the Thug running wide around them and El Tigre and Silver. True starts to run towards the tablet.

True: Itís mine! Mine to give to the master!

El Tigre: Hereís our chance to run...

Silver: I hear it in your voice, El Tigre. I know what youíre thinking. Go for it!

Panel 6.

Side full shot. Katharta is floating downwards towards Gideon, who is looking up to him, frustrated, but calculating his next move.

Katharta: But maybe there is another way.

Katharta: You stand before me all but defeated, none of your friends to protect you. Give in to me, my son. I could have you at my side. We could gather all of the Asemka and take the power that is rightfully ours by bloodline. We could rule together... you and I... I could teach you what I know...

Panel 7.

Small panel, tight close-up of Kathartaís face.

Katharta: What?

Panel 8.

Far, far shot of the Leapers, Big Thugs, El Tigre and Silver at the point that True is starting to rush towards the tablet.

Katharta (off-panel): See, even now one of my servants is reacquiring the tablet you tried so hard to steal from me.

Katharta (thinking): Are you going to go through all this effort to try again and fail? I give you the choice, Gideon.

Panel 8.

Back full shot. Silver's face is one of supreme concentration and effort. She transforms into her bear form, but one larger and more ferocious than we have ever seen before. She charges forward, placing herself between the Leapers and the Big Thug. Her sudden transformation shocks them and they step back in surprise. El Tigre, too, is semi-surprised. He stands back in a combat stance.

Silver (thinking): Aaargh! It hurts, but this is no time to go soft. I must not fail my friends! Come on, Joaquin!

El Tigre: Silver?

El Tigre (thinking): She knows I donít want to leave without the tablet, not after everything thatís happened. We canít let Katharta and his goons have it!

PAGE 21.

Panel 1.

Far shot. El Tigre bounces onto Silverís broad back and uses the height to leap over towards the tablet.

El Tigre (thinking): No time to waste. She gave me the distraction I need.

Panel 2.

Full shot of Silver, the Leapers and the Thugs. The first Thug shoulders Silver to one side. The Leapers are moving past her now. The second Thug has moved into the panel.

Panel 3.

Full shot, slight wormís eye view. El Tigre is crouched, elbows resting on his thighs. He is looking down at the tablet, which is outside the case.

El Tigre (thinking): The tabletís out of the case. If I touch it... If I touch it I will become a beacon to all the others that touched it before. * We wonít be able to hide.

*Caption: As when Gideon touched their own tablet way back in Issue 1.

Panel 4.

Same shot as last except it has the Leapers running towards El Tigre in the background. El Tigre is looking over his shoulder.

El Tigre (thinking): Too much time mulling it over...

El Tigre (thinking): Theyíre almost on me. Can I even get away with it? Or...

Panel 5.

Full shot. El Tigre is on one knee. He pulls out the mystical blade from the sheath, hoisting it up over his head. The tablet is just before him.

El Tigre (thinking): Maybe I can bluff my way out of this.

El Tigre: Katharta! You think you can play games with us? You think you hold the upper hand?

Panel 5.

Back three-quarter shot from over El Tigreís shoulder. Far shot of the Leapers and the Thugs, stopping in their tracks, almost afraid.

El Tigre: If we canít get the tablet, then neither can you!

Panel 6.

Three-quarter shot. Katharta watches, staff in hand.

Katharta: The fool...

Panel 7.

Full shot. El Tigre kicks the case aside to ensure that it wonít get in the way. The Leapers and Big Thugs are very slowly moving in.

El Tigre: Stay back. I have nothing to lose.

True: Heís bluffing. He wouldnít dare damage it.

Panel 8.

Side angled three-quarter shot of True and El Tigre.

El Tigre: You shouldnít have dared me.

True: No. You are arenít foolish enough to...

Panel 9.

Close-up shot of El Tigreís face. His eyes are skyward, looking up to a higher power.

El Tigre (thinking): Oh boy.

PAGE 22.

Panel 1.

Full shot, large panel. He strikes down on the tablet, putting every ounce of his strength behind the strike, ramming the tip into the tablet. The impact is great. Tendrils of magical energy, red and green, burst out from the tablet in multiple directions at once. The whole panel, including El Tigre, is aglow with the various energies issuing forth.

Caption: El Tigre knew he would have to fight his way out of here. He knew the odds were stacked against him. He knows there is a chance he might not walk away from a fight. He is outnumbered.

Caption: So El Tigre strikes the tip of the blade hard into the Symka tablet, putting every ounce of strength into the blow and calling on every angel to guide the strike. He isnít necessarily a religious man... but certain situations call for certain measures.

Caption: The Symka tablet retaliates from the impact, sending out tendrils of its energy out...


Panel 2.

Full shot of the Leapers, energy swirling around them, but not coming in contact with any of them.

Caption: ... seeking those that have had contact with it or any of the other Symka tablets.

Panel 3.

Full shot of Gideon getting impaled by several tendrils (that pass into his body on a different plane), his body jolted as if by electricity. He is aglow with crimson and emerald energies.

Caption: Like a lightning rod, Gideonís connection to the tablets draws the tendrils to him. His body shakes, the magical tendrils piercing his soul, while leaving his body unscathed. He is in pain... a soul wrenching pain unlike anything he has ever felt before.


Panel 4.

The tendrils reach to Katharta, impaling him as well. Heís gritting his teeth.

Caption: The tendrils continue reaching out, seeking anyone and everyone that has been in contact with them... including Katharta himself.

PAGE 23.

Panel 1.

El Tigre is standing, one knee on the ground. His arms are hanging loose on each side of him, but he still clutches his blade. His head is lolling to one side.

Caption: El Tigre himself suffers as his blade channeled these energies, filling him with the consciousness of what are the tablets. The sensory overload is too much for him to bear...

Panel 2.

Three-quarter shot. El Tigre slumps sideways to the ground. His eyelids are open and his eyes are rolled up into his head.

Caption: ...and he passes out.

Panel 3.

Full frontal shot of the Leapers, looking down at El Tigre and the tablet. They make their way towards the tablet. Silver is in the background in horse form. She is next to one of the Big Thugs, the one who was pushing her aside. The Thug is watching the Leapers. Silver is shocked. The tablet is in the foreground, red and green magical swirling off of it, the tablet completely undamaged.

Caption: The Leapers see that for some reason the tablet is before them, unchanged despite El Tigreís attack upon it. Was victory this easy and final?

Silver: El Tigre? What did you do?

Panel 4.

Full shot of Katharta. He is holding two fingers to his right temple and he is wincing, fighting off the pain of the tendrils. He is standing, but not perfectly erect. He holds Stickís staff in the other hand.

Caption: And Katharta? This was after all only one of the tablets... even that is not enough against someone like Katharta. Which is not to say it had no effect...

Katharta: Fool... You will pay for that!

Panel 5.

Full shot. Katharta swoops down through his own Leapers, scattering them telekinetically, like leaves in the wind. Kathartaís flight is not exactly steady. The attack from the tablet did harm him. He is weak.

Katharta: Out of my way! To let this man attempt to destroy the tablet is unforgivable!

Panel 6.

Full shot. Katharta is stepping off his disc onto the sidewalk, reaching over and picking up the tablet. The disc floats a foot off the ground. He shakes his head, the effects still there.

Katharta: Who knows if his act destroyed the energy within the tablet. He may have ruined my plans.

Katharta: If I had the time or the power I would kill you now.

Panel 7.

Far back shot. Katharta flies away, a little uneasy. His flight is even more unsteady.

Panel 8.

Tight three-quarter shot. Gideon is crouched over Stick. He has his hands laid on Stick, green energy flowing around them both coming from Gideonís hands. Stick is opening his eyes. He is in pain.

Gideon (thinking): I was able to drain enough of Stickís injuries into myself without passing out. I canít heal it all though...

Stick: My leg! My freaking leg is broken!

Panel 9.

Three-quarter shot. Stickís back is arched. He is pressing both palms into his forehead, trying to get through the pain. Gideon is looking impatiently at him.

Gideon: I couldnít heal anymore without passing out myself. Stick! Tough it up! We have to get out of here! Now!

Stick: I canít do it, Gideon, the leg!

Gideon: They will kill El Tigre, dammit!

PAGE 24.

Panel 1.

Full shot. Silver (as a horse) brains one of the big thugs with a hoof as she rears on her back legs. The blow is solid. The second Thug is moving in on her.

Fx: PUK!

Panel 2.

Full shot. Stick is flying unsteadily towards El Tigre, pulling Gideon behind him, Stickís leg is dangling at an unnatural angle.

Siren (off-panel) (fx): WHEE-OOOOOOOO!

Panel 3.

Stick flies off, pulling Gideon in one hand and El Tigre in the other. Silver follows in sparrow form. Below on the ground is the last Big Thug, watching them fly off.

Panel 4.

Caption: After all that, will the team be able to face that they came tantalizingly close but ultimately failed to capture Kathartaís tablet? What happened to El Tigre? Will he survive? What about Stick; is his leg really broken? What chance does the team have now after this demoralizing defeat? Stay tuned to the next issue...

Editor's Note:

SYMKA and the World of Genetics are the intellectual property of Sean McGinity - all rights reserved.