July 2004

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Words from the Wise (Guys) - Nicholas HM Caldwell
Musings from the back of the envelope: professions for HARP SF


Symka: Part 17 - Sean McGinity
A time for reflection on muted victories and a watcher from above.


Armor and Damage - David L Craft
Alternative options inspired by HARP's Martial Law supplement

College of Magic: Spell Costs - Nicholas HM Caldwell and Tim Dugger
A comprehensive listing of Aspects and Attributes calculation for every cantrip and spell in College of Magic.

The Dabbler - Kerry Drake
A new profession for HARP


Review: Construct Companion - Brent Knorr
Build a better bad guy in Rolemaster


Stalking - Randy Severance
Look out! He's behind you! - New rules for stalking and hiding

The Art of Magic Item Creation - Thomas A Stobie, SFO
New variant rules options for creating magical items in Rolemaster