The Dabbler

Copyright Kerry Drake © 2004

Edited by Nicholas HM Caldwell for The Guild Companion

Dabblers, as their name suggests, ply their hands into a little bit of everything. A little fighting, a little stealth, a little magic, makes for a tough character. Dabblers often find work as scouts, spies or, strangely enough, diplomats.

Favored Categories:

Combat 4 Mystical Arts 4
General 5 Physical 3
Influence 2 Subterfuge 2

Key Stats: Agility, Reasoning, Strength

Professional Abilities: Dabblers may learn spells from the Dabbler sphere. Beginning at first level and every 5 levels thereafter (5th, 10th, etc) Dabblers gain a +5 to a weapon skill of their choice. No weapon skill may have more than a +15 bonus from this ability.

Dabbler Sphere

The Dabbler Sphere consists of the following existing spells from the main HARP rulebook: Calm, Dreams, Haste, Misfeel, and Quiet Ways, plus Analysis, Long Door Item, and Nightvision from College of Magic, as well as the new spells listed below:


PP Cost: 2
Range: Self
Duration: 2 Rounds
Spell Type: Utility
RR: --
Spheres: Dabbler
Description: With this spell, the caster may reduce the Difficulty Level of any maneuvers requiring balance that are performed at his Base Movement Rate by one degree (e.g. a Hard maneuver becomes Medium in difficulty).

Scaling Options:
Reduce Difficulty Level (by 2 degrees) +2PP
Reduce Difficulty Level (by 3 degrees) +4PP
Increase Duration (to 2 rounds/rank) +2PP
Increase Pace (BMR x 2) +4PP
Increase Pace (BMR x 3) +6PP

{Aspects: Enhance, Body}

Far Sense

PP Cost: 4
Range: 50'
Duration: 2 rounds/rank (C)
Spell Type: Utility
RR: --
Spheres: Dabbler
Description: Caster may designate one of his senses to be used at any "marked" location within range. Marking a location requires the use of the Study Target spell. The caster can use any awareness skills/abilities he has at the time (i.e. if the character can see in the dark by any means, he can see in the dark at the marked location). The remote sensory point faces any sixty-degree arc of view. While sensing the marked location, the caster must remain immobile and concentrate.

Scaling Options:
Increase Duration (5 rounds/rank) +2PP
Increase Duration (5 rnds/rank w/o concentration) +4PP
Increase Range ( per extra 50') +1PP
Rotate View (360 degrees) +4PP
Use Additional Sense (per extra sense) +4PP

{Aspects: Move, Sense, Location}


PP Cost: 3
Range: Self
Duration: 2 rounds/rank
Spell Type: Utility
RR: --
Spheres: Dabbler
Description: Target and objects on his person appear to be a shadow; and thus are almost invisible in dark areas granting a special bonus of +20 to Stalking/Hiding maneuvers.

Scaling Options:
Increase Duration (5 rounds/rank) +4PP
Increase Duration (10 rounds/rank) +6PP
Increase Bonus (+ 40) +6PP
Increase Bonus (+ 60) +9PP
Increase Bonus (+ 80) +12PP

{Aspects: Enhance, Darkness}


PP Cost: 7
Range: 100'
Duration: --
Spell Type: Attack
RR: Will
Spheres: Dabbler
Description: Target will follow a single suggested act that is not completely alien to him (e.g., no suicide suggestions, no blinding himself suggestions, etc.).

Scaling Options:
Increase Range (per +50') +1PP
Increase Targets (per target) +4PP
Delay Suggestion (to 2 rnds/rank) +2PP
Delay Suggestion (to 5 rnds/rank) +4PP

{Aspects: Command, Control, Mind}