Symka: Part 16

Copyright Sean McGinity © 2004

Edited by Nicholas HM Caldwell for The Guild Companion

"We finish this, here and now"

Page One

Panel 1.

Close-up of Katharta. His face is calm, but there is a seething coldness to his eyes. He has decided on a course of action and he is set.

Katharta: no

Title: THE END

Panel 2.

Full shot. Katharta stands between two of his disciples. They are dressed in robes. Katharta has red markings on his body. The disciples look fearful of his wrath.

Panel 3.

Three-quarter shot. Katharta darts his hands out grabbing each disciple by the throat.

Panel 4.

One-quarter shot. Katharta is sucking the energy out of the disciples (who are out of panel). Focus on Katharta becoming empowered and holding back the rage he feels.

Panel 5.

Back shot. Kathartaís head is low. His arms are out but heís dropping the disciples.

Panel 6.

Same shot as last. The disciples are on the floor unmoving. Katharta raises his head.

Katharta: It ends tonight.

Page Two

Panel 1.

Three-quarter shot. With a hand down and out, he forms a box green glowing energy on the ground. He is on the street.

Caption: Across town, Kathartaís son Gideon prepares for an attack by one of Kathartaís Minions.

Panel 2.

Close-up shot. Small hooks come out of the bottom of the green box and plant into the asphalt. The box is about 3 feet tall.

Fx: Crunch!

Panel 3.

Full shot of Gideon, Stick, Silver, Dale, and El Tigre. As well, Daleís Range Rover is in the panel. It rear-ended another vehicle stuck in a traffic jam last issue. There are a number of bystanders in the panel, some 20 feet back from the group. Gideon is stepping forward from the box he created. In the distance, the Minion (from last issue) is racing towards Gideon. The Minion is still some 50 feet away.

Panel 4.

Tight side one-quarter shot of the Minionís face. His teeth are gritted and his hair is blowing around from the speed he is moving at.

Page Three

Panel 1.

Side far shot. Gideon is leaning forward, towards the Minion. The Minion is leaning forward as well on his disk. They are about 20 feet apart. The green box is some 10 feet behind Gideon.

Panel 2.

Back three-quarter shot of Gideon. The Minion is in the background zooming towards Gideon.

Panel 3.

Cramped one-quarter shot. As the Minion is about to ram into Gideon, he ducks. The Minion swoops low, just missing Gideon.

Panel 4.

Large panel. Angled far front shot. The disk crashes into the green box. The disk and box smash into pieces as the Minion goes flying forward from the impact.


Page 4

Panel 1.

Full shot. The body rolls multiple times (the Minion was going 100 miles per hour).

Panel 2.

Gideon is struggling to get up to one knee. He held onto the box mentally to reinforce it and the resulting smashing of the box fed back to his mind.

Panel 3.

Birdís eye view three-quarter shot. The Minion ends up at El Tigreís feet. His eyes are open and he is conscious.

Panel 4.

Reverse shot of last. Wormís eye view. El Tigre is looking down at him.

Panel 5.

Full shot. He leaps up.

Panel 6.

Full shot. And lands on top of the Minionís ribs, likely fracturing several. The Minionís body reacts to the impact with the limbs moving up. Stick, Silver and Dale are also in panel, watching him in shock.


Panel 7.

Same shot except El Tigre is stepping off of the Minion. The Minion is entirely unconscious. El Tigre is looking back at them.

El Tigre: What?

El Tigre: He was still conscious. We donít want him following us.

Page 5

Panel 1.

Full shot. Gideon stumbles back towards El Tigre. Blood drips from his nose, the result of mental backlash from the box breaking up. Stick, Dale and Silver are in the panel.

El Tigre: You okay?

Gideon: No. I tried to hold the box together as much as I could. But it doesnít matter now. We need to get out of here.

El Tigre: Hostís place is just around the corner. He said we can keep the tablet there.

Panel 2.

Full shot of the group. Dale is stepping forward waving them off.

Dale: Get out of here. I can write this off with the police. It will look like the Minion was chasing me, an innocent bystander. It will help clear your name. Iím safe.

Stick: If youíre sure.

Dale: Go!

Panel 3.

The four of them start running down the street (back shot), leaving Dale behind in front of his totaled car. (In the car Dale hit, the guy is finally getting out. Heís in complete shock, stumbling out). He is watching inquisitively.

Dale (thinking): I hope Iím doing the right thing here. Why do I find myself helping them out after everything Iíve seen?

Page 6

Panel 1.

Close-up shot of Silverís hand knocking on a large ornately carved door.


Panel 2.

Back shot from the shoulders up, slight wormís eye view so the immensity of the door is apparent. The door is some 10 feet tall, Victorian style carvings to it and very heavy. Gideon stands on the left, followed by Stick, El Tigre, and then Silver. El Tigre and Stick are looking at each other, talking.

Stick: Will this work?

El Tigre: Yes, it will. I managed to get Host to help out*... to provide a place to store the tablet once we got it. We need to hide out there in case any of use got the tablet taint.

*Editorís Note: As seen last issue.

Panel 3.

Tighter shot with less of the door, 1/4. Gideon is looking forward and El Tigre is looking at him.

Gideon: You have the taint, Joaquin. I can sense it. You reek of it.

Panel 4.

The four of them again same shot. (Repetitiveness here in the panels to show they are waiting for Host to answer the door).

Stick: I thought Host hated us.

Gideon: Watchman vouched for us remember?*

El Tigre: I donít think Host has ever trusted us. But I was able to convince us to help us out here.

*Editorís Note: As seen in Issue 9: Watchman and Host both helped our team out. Watchman made the choice of letting them go, despite Hostís feelings on the matter.

Panel 5.

Slight birdís eye view far shot of a rooftop of a 30 story building. Katharta exits onto the roof of his building through a stairwell. He is wearing a long shirt (similar to a housecoat) to cover up the scripture written over his torso. Only 2 of the buttons are done up. He has Stickís staff in hand.

Page 7

Panel 1.

Three-quarter shot of Katharta walking casually in the shot. Anger is bubbling far under the surface. The shirt is blowing in the wind.

Katharta: Youíve angered me with your brazenness.

Panel 2.

Angled slight birdís eye view of Katharta looking out across the city at the edge of the building. The edge of the building is elevated, just above waist level. Invisible waves of energy, emanating from El Tigre (not in panel), some 10 blocks away.

Katharta: You fool, El Tigre.

Panel 3.

The panel is divided into three sub-panels, all the same size and side by side. All three panels are a continuous aerial shot of the top of the building. The view is some several hundred feet in the air, with 10 blocks separating the building Katharta is on and Hostís mansion. The waves of emanation can be seen to be centered in the far right panel (where El Tigre and Hostís mansion is) making their way out across the panels. The waves reach Katharta. The emanations are thick and focused around the focal point and get thinner as they cross the city but obviously go one for miles before they get so thin they stop.

Katharta: (first one-third of the panel) You understand nothing of what the Asemka are about. (second one-third of the panel) You had no regard for the tablet whatsoever. (third one-third of the panel) To save your skin you did something... deplorable.

Panel 4.

Overhead view above Hostís mansion. El Tigre, Gideon, Silver, and Stick are standing in front of the building as before, but El Tigre is the focal in this shot. This is some 100 feet in the air.

Caption: "You tried to break one of the Asemka with that enchanted blade of yours."

Panel 5.

Moving from the last panel to an angled overhead shot, as if the panel were a camera shot coming down and leveling off, but is still at a 45 degree angle here. The zoom is coming in on El Tigre and more specifically the Symka tablet in his hand. 40 feet in the air in this panel.

Caption: "You thought you could break it, and shatter my chances of godhood."

Panel 6.

Continuing the movement from the last 2 panels, the angle is immediately next to El Tigre in a three-quarter shot, with the Symka tablet being carried at El Tigreís side in his hand as the focal point of the shot.

Caption: "Its taint is on you. There is nowhere you can hide from me."

Caption: "Nowhere you can run to that I canít find you."

Page 8

Panel 1.

Tight three-quarter shot. Katharta is holding the staff up and forward. His head is slightly downcast creating shadows upon his face, heightening his evil look. He looks ready to explode with rage. He is going to kill El Tigre --- slowly.

Katharta: I shall batter you with this weapon of your friendís and end your life forever. I donít care of your lineage or your destiny. Tonight... your life ends.

Panel 2.

Far shot. He hops over the ledge of the roof, just over the lip.

Panel 3.

Same shot as last except Katharta, upon a thin disk of red energy flies up and over the concealment of the ledge in a far, far shot.

Panel 4.

One-quarter shot of Hostís face. Heís opened the door and is peering out over the side of the door.

Host: El Tigre, Stick, Silver... Gideon.

Panel 5.

Same shot except Host has a dirty look on his face.

Host: Beat up any helpless businessmen lately?

Page 9

Panel 1.

Side shot. Gideon is pushing the door open, forcing Host back. Silver, Stick, and El Tigre are behind Gideon.

Gideon: We donít have time for this! Theyíre after us!

Panel 2.

Inside of the mansion, Host is pushing the door closed behind them. This is the foyer to the mansion. Wide full shot capturing some of the architecture of the place. El Tigreís head is downcast, as if he was in a daze.

Host: Get in!

El Tigre: Gideon, it feels weird...

Gideon: I felt that, too. It will pass.

Panel 3.

Thee-quarter shot. Hosts has his arms crossed across his chest. The rest of them form a semi circle around Host. Host isnít even close to being intimidated.

Host: Nice costumes. And people comment on my wardrobe?

Host: How did it go?

Silver: We have the tablet.

Host: So, letís see it then. Letís see what the Asemka is all about.

Panel 4.

Joaquin holds out the tablet to Host. He looks almost ill. Host is concerned.

El Tigre: Can we put this somewhere? Iím not feeling so good anymore.

Panel 5.

El Tigre drops it on the floor. Host is watching this curiously, almost suspiciously. Silver rushes over to him in concern.

El Tigre: Canít hold on...

Panel 6.

Joaquin is leaning up against the wall for support. Silver is by his side concerned. Gideon is acting very matter-of-fact about how El Tigre is feeling. Host is starting to show some concern. Host is taking an embroidered folded cape from a phone table.

Silver: Joaquin? Are you okay?

Gideon: Heís feeling the effects of being in touch with the tablet. Plays with your perceptions. Heíll adjust.

Page 10

Panel 1.

Host crouches down to pick up the tablet with the cape. He is examining the tablet as he picks it up with the cape.

Host: This is a Chinese wrap...

Host: least I think itís Chinese...

Host: ...designed to hold things of power, usually enchanted swords and the like.

Host: So this is it, the Asemka. Radical.

Panel 2.

Host stands up wrapping the tablet in the cape. The others look at him. Gideon looks at him a little suspiciously (doesnít really trust the tablets with anyone). Silver is by El Tigreís side with a hand on his arm in a show of concern. She is keeping an eye on Host. Stick and Gideon are completely focused on Host and the tablet.

Host: As I told El Tigre earlier, my home is protected with wards and various spells that prevent any sort of magical detection of everything within. I bought this house for that specific reason.

Panel 3.

Gideon is looking around.

Gideon: This place is a treasure trove of magical artifacts...

Panel 4.

Three-quarter shot. Gideon is concerned and aiming that concern at Host. Stick is (figuratively) standing behind Gideon on this. El Tigre is shaking his head; Silver still has a hand on him but moving away from him. Host is being defensive.

Gideon: Are you sure the tablets are not going to be detectable? These are powerful forces we are talking about. The tablets themselves...

Host: Gideon! They and everyone in my home is safe from any sort of magical detection. For all intents and purposes this house appears to be just another house.

Panel 5.

Close-up of Host, looking serious.

Gideon (out of panel): You donít know my father.

Host: No, the thing is... I do.

Panel 6.

Stick smiles and it seems like some sort of weight has come off his shoulders. He is getting comfortable with Host and what he can do for them.

Stick: We did it! No more running...

Gideon: We need to take extra precautions...

Host: To be safe, Iím going to put this inside a lead container I have upstairs. It blocks the signal.

Gideon: We discovered that as well. Thank you, Host. I appreciate you helping us out.

Page 11

Panel 1.

Large panel. Katharta flies across the city, following the emanations of the tablet, some 50 feet in the air. He is flying at incredible speeds and his hair blows back. Full shot of Katharta on the disk, leaning into the wind. He is angry and determined. El Tigre is his focus.

Panel 2.

Far shot side angled shot. Katharta swoops down to the traffic jam, near where Dale and his Rover are stuck in traffic. Police are on the other side of the traffic jam, 6 blocks away. In the panel but not in Kathartaís immediate view is the Minion that Gideon and El Tigre took out.

Katharta (thinking): And this is where the trail leads.

Katharta (thinking): Little Tiger, I have come for you.

Panel 3.

Katharta hops off of the disk, looking around. He is getting some odd looks from the people around, although most of the people are concentrating on Daleís accident. The emanations from the tablet have stopped. Katharta has lost the "scent".

Katharta (thinking): I have... lost them.

Katharta (thinking): Somehow that fool is under some sort of cover, somehow cloaked from me.

Panel 4.

Far back angled shot of Katharta. He sees the Minion lying on the ground. Katharta sees the Minion on the ground. In a 1/4 shot, Dale watches on. He is surrounded by people, checking on him and giving him heck for driving recklessly. Dale is oblivious to them with Katharta suddenly there.

Katharta: One of my Minions

Dale (thinking): Who is that guy? That canít be Katharta can it? That swagger, that confidence...

Page 12

Panel 1.

Far front shot of Dale, Katharta and the bystanders (as well as Dale's vehicle and the traffic jam cut off on the side of the panel). The street is in the shot. Dale and the bystanders have all stopped what they are doing to focus their intention on Katharta. Kathartaís only movement is to turn his head towards Dale. The Minion is at Kathartaís feet.

Dale (thinking): Ohshitohshit! He knows who I am!

Panel 2.

Far shot of Katharta still looking at Dale. He does recognize him. Dale backs off, retreating towards the cars. The rest of the bystanders are looking around nervously. Somehow everyone is afraid of this man and decides itís best to not be in his way. This isnít some magical effect, just a presence he has.

Dale: Back away, people! This guy means business!

Panel 3.

One-quarter shot of Katharta. He turns his head the opposite direction. Something has caught his attention. The bystanders are in the background in a far shot, scrambling, and looking for places to run. Dale is standing fast, his mind racing.

Dale: This man is dangerous. Get away! He...

Dale (thinking): What?

Panel 4.

Far back shot of Katharta. He is walking away from Dale. The bystanders look relieved. Dale is inquisitive.

Dale: Whereís he going? He just turned and left. Does he sense the tablet? Can he sense the tablet behind Hostís doors?

Panel 5.

Far slight birdís eye view shot. Katharta is walking towards Hostís mansion. Dale is following him.

Katharta (thinking): This building ahead... itís lifeless, completely devoid of any magic...

Katharta (thinking): But thatís impossible. Magic flows through the world. It is everywhere, waiting to be harnessed.

Page 13

Panel 1.

Far, far side shot. Large panel. Katharta is stepping up to Hostís building, looking up at it. A couple of bystanders get out of his way, a fear taking them over.

Katharta (thinking): I... I know this building. The building is a repository for magical energies. And it is cloaked from all magical scans, even from someone as powerful as me.

Katharta (thinking): I thought of purchasing this building for that very reason.

Katharta (thinking): How suspicious that I come across it now...

Panel 2.

Close-up shot of the door.

Fx: Knock! Knock!

Panel 3.

Gideon, Host, El Tigre, Silver, and Stick in the foyer of Hostís home. They are all looking at the door. Host puts the tablet (wrapped in the cape) on a desk as he makes his way to the door.

Stick: I thought you said no one could detect anything within this building but common people, common...

Host: Silent! It is true. Nothing is detectable within this place. It is probably someone selling something.

Page 14

Panel 1.

Tight one-quarter back shot of Host peeping through the peep hole (which has a slide over cover to it).

Panel 2.

Same shot, with Host looking back.

Host: Does Katharta have long black hair and wear freaky red body paint?

Panel 3.

El Tigre shakes his head. Gideon grabs the tablet. Stick and Silver stand there unsure of what to do. Host steps back from the door

Stick: Itís Katharta! He found us!

El Tigre: Host? Get the CST* now. This is a fight bigger than us all.

Silver: Weíre going to need all the firepower we can get.

El Tigre: Weíre not running. This has to end here!

*Editorís Note: The CST is Hostís team in case you forgot.

Panel 4.

Far, far back shot of Katharta at the front door. He is stepping back from the door, energizing his hands with crimson energy. Dale in the forefront of the panel is pulling out his cell and dialing. He is walking quickly towards Katharta.

Dale (thinking): Oh no! Oh no! Katharta sniffed them right out!

Panel 5.

Front three-quarter shot of Dale running forward into the frame. He looks terrified, yet determined. He has the cell phone to his ear.

Dale: Some crazy man... some crazy man is trying to... chased some people into this house. I thinks he wants to kill them. No, Iím not making this up!

Panel 6.

Back three-quarter shot of Katharta. He is turning his head to look back at Dale who is about 10 feet behind him. Dale still has the cell to his ear.

Katharta: Hello?

Dale: Who... who are you looking for?

Katharta: I donít think that is any of your business.

Page 15

Panel 1.

Side shot. Dale has swallowed his fear and is standing up to Katharta. Katharta turns to face him. Dale has his cell phone in hand. He is pointing back towards the Minion (out of panel). Katharta seems amused.

Dale: Sure it is. That guy in the robe over there...

Dale: ...he was chasing me. I managed to outrun him some... and then I surprised him. He ran smack into me... into my jeep.

Panel 2.

Similar shot to last. Katharta is moving towards Dale, the red energy flowing around his right hand. He clenches Stickís staff in his left. Dale starts to lose some of his nerve but is still there, not backing down.

Dale: He caused this accident. I think the guy mistook me for someone else. Maybe you can help me out. Was he chasing you?

Panel 3.

Tight one-quarter shot. Face to face with Katharta and Dale. Katharta is right in Daleís face, unflinching. Dale is showing fear.

Katharta: You lie.

Katharta: You are Dale Turcott and have some sort of alliance with my son.

Panel 4.

Same shot but Daleís face shows some strain and a little bit of spittle comes out of his mouth. Katharta has wrapped a hand around his throat (which may not be visible in the panel.

Katharta: I will kill you first.

Page 16

Panel 1.

Inside the mansion. Stick pushes Host out of the way. Stick looks really worried. He is almost panicking. He went toe to toe with Katharta and failed miserably. He is afraid of him. But his courage, a courage he is not even aware of is shining through.

Stick: Let me see! Whatís going on out there? Why isnít he coming in?

Panel 2.

Side angled shot. Stick has one hand on the door, and is looking back into panel at the rest of the group. He is officially panicked. Host is straightening out his top, worried

Host: Heís killing Dale! We have to stop him!

Silver: Whereís Gideon?

Panel 3.

One-quarter shot of Stick. He looks up the stairs (out of panel). He looks worried.

Panel 4.

Same shot. No time has passed. Stick grits his teeth.

Stick: He bailed on us when we needed him most.


Panel 5.

Full shot. Stick pushes open the doors double handed, opening them wide with no effort despite the weight of them. His strength is apparent here. Silver is immediately behind him. No one else is visible in the frame. Katharta is holding up Dale by the throat with one hand, red energy flowing from that hand (his other hand holds the staff). Dale is struggling to break free.


Panel 6.

Inside the mansion. El Tigre is pulling the mask on with one hand while pushing Host back with another.

Host: Letís go...

El Tigre: No, Host. If we fall, I need to count on the CST to finish this. You have to call them now.

El Tigre: Please... Weíll hold him as long as we can... until the cavalry arrives.

Page 17

Panel 1.

Tight one-quarter shot. Face to face between Host and El Tigre. El Tigre has the mask straight on his head.

El Tigre: This is the big one, Host. I need your help here. Please call the CST.

Panel 2.

Stick is walking forward, pushing down his fear. He is intent on stopping him no matter what happens to himself. Katharta is merely amused. He is still holding Dale but turning his body partly to face Stick. He is holding out the staff between them.

Stick: Katharta drop him!

Stick: NOW!

Katharta: Stick, isnít it?

Panel 3.

Three-quarter shot. Katharta swings the staff out, readying for a swing to smash Daleís brains in.

Katharta: Watch me kill Turcott with your weapon.

Panel 4.

Three-quarter shot of the entrance to Hostís home. El Tigre is walking out from the building. He has the mask pulled over his face and has stripped off the top part of the coveralls.

El Tigre: NO!

Panel 5.

One-quarter shot of Katharta turning his head quickly in surprise.

Katharta: Eh?

Page 18

Panel 1.

Full shot of everyone. Silver is shapechanging into a bear, ripping her clothing. Stick is looking back at El Tigre but standing his ground. El Tigre is charging forward. Kathartaís face is full of rage. He drops Dale, who is now unconscious.

El Tigre: This has nothing to do with him.

Panel 2.

Full shot. Katharta is stomping forward towards El Tigre. Heís lost focus on everything else but El Tigre. He is going to kill him! Katharta uses the staff to point at El Tigre.

Katharta: You tried to defile the Asemka! You tried to take everything I had accomplished and destroy it! I will peel the flesh from your BONES!

Panel 2.

Pan up to an angled birdís eye view, from the third story of the house. Katharta is still charging towards El Tigre. Stick stands by his side ready to fight. Stick and El Tigre are in front of the house. Silverís transformation has finished she is moving up to Stick and El Tigre. El Tigre is holding a hand back at Stick.

Katharta: HOW DARE YOU!

El Tigre: Get away while you can. Itís me he wants. Run!

Panel 3.

Tight one-quarter shot of El Tigre, Stick and Silver. Stick looks determined and stoic. Silver is ready for bear.

Silver: No we stand together.

Stick: We finish this, here and now.

Panel 4.

Overhead far shot of the fight about to erupt, just over the rooftop of the building. Gideon is moving through the window on the third floor, looking down. He has the tablet in hand, which is still in the perimeter of the house. He is pulling off the cape from it.

El Tigre: How ready are you to really carry that out, Stick, huh?

Page 19

Panel 1.

Slight wormís eye view. Gideon hops out of the window, keeping the tablet low and under him. Katharta is looking up. No one else is aware of Gideon yet.

Panel 2.

Large panel. He lands on Katharta, with the tablet under his feet. Katharta starts to drop. There are energy emanations from the impact, the same as when El Tigre struck the tablet with his blade. In fact everything shakes around them as if this were some sort of tremor.


Panel 3.

Gideon is getting up to his feet, tablet in hand. Katharta is struggling just to get to his knees.

Panel 4.

Gideon hefts up the tablet over his head. Katharta is down on his knees at Gideonís feet.

Page 20

Panel 1.

Large panel. Gideon smashes the tablet over Kathartaís head. The tablet is solid, the impact pushing Kathartaís head down hard. Katharta is still on his knees.

Panel 2.


Panel 3.

And down. Silver, El Tigre, and Stick are in the panel, looking on in shock at Gideon. They know he means to kill Katharta.

Tablet (fx): SMASH!

Panel 4.

Gideon is in the background, hefting the tablet over his head. In the foreground, Silver, in her bear form is moving forward but El Tigre is standing between her and Gideon. Stick has a total look of familiarity on his face. Heís been where Gideon is. He understands what Gideon is feeling right now and that is planting Stick to the ground.

Silver: Gideon! What are you doing?

El Tigre: Finishing it, Silver. God forgive him.

Stick (thinking): Oh my God, Gideon. What are you doing? Youíre letting the rage take you...

Page 21

Panel 1.

Wide panel, width of the page. Far side shot of Gideon, bringing the tablet down again. Katharta is reeling. His head is busted open and he is bleeding. His head is becoming a pulpy mess. This is on the far left of the panel. On the far right, El Tigre is using all of his strength to try and hold Silver back. He has his feet planted and they are head to head, like football players, pushing against each other. Stick, also on the right side, is making a decision to stop Gideon. Heís overcoming his shock now. He is getting ready for flight.

Silver: Heís killing him, Joaquin! Let me go! We have to stop Gideon!

El Tigre: Iím sorry, Silver. Iím so sorry but we all knew it might come down to this. Heaven forgive me, he has to kill him.

Silver: NO!

Stick (thinking): I... I canít let him make the same mistake I made.

El Tigre (thinking): Wait a minute...

Tablet (fx): CRACK!

Panel 2.

Another wide panel, long shot. Stick lifts off, flying just over El Tigre and Silver. El Tigre grabs his legs as heís passing by.

Panel 3.

Stick flying with El Tigre hanging from his legs. El Tigreís weight throws them off course, crashing into some garbage cans in an alley. This occurs in the background of the panel. Silver, also in the background is free from El Tigre and is moving forward. Gideon is in the forefront of the panel, striking down with the tablet again. Gideon looks exhausted emotionally. This is taking a lot out of him. He looks like he can barely heft this little tablet.

Tablet (fx): CRUNCH!

Panel 4.

Full shot of Host, Gideon, El Tigre, Silver, Katharta and Stick. Host is running out of the house. He is changing into his Host costume (which is done by twisting his ring he wears ñ a line of magical energy drops across him from head to toe ñ and is currently at his waist level). He has his bow in hand. Gideon is trying to life the tablet over his head and is struggling as if it weighed a ton. El Tigre gets to his feet in one single leap. A green field of energy pops up between Gideon and everyone else.

Host: The CST are on their... GIDEON!

Host: What are you doing?

El Tigre (thinking): I know Gideon. I know he was thinking about this. When he realized the tablet was indestructible, he knew it was the weapon to use against him.

Page 22

Panel 1.

Cramped three-quarter slight wormís eye view shot. Katharta, bloodied face and all is looking up to Gideon. Gideon looks ready to stop the attack on his father. He finally lets go of Stickís staff.

Katharta: Stop. Donít... do... this,...

Panel 2.

Close-up shot of Katharta. He is in rough shape. He cannot even move anymore, talking is taking all of his energy. His face is showing a pleading look, but his eyes still have that evil gleam.

Katharta: son

Panel 3.

Three-quarter shot of Gideon. He is thinking it over, somehow affected by Katharta calling him son. He is exhausted. Katharta is trying to pull himself up, grabbing onto Gideon for support, support Gideon isnít giving.

Panel 4.

Far shot. Unable to get the tablet over his head, Gideon swings it back sideways, rearing for another blow. He is swinging lazily, too tired to be angry. Katharta is up to waist level on Gideon. Silver is clawing away on the field of energy surrounding Gideon and Katharta. Host is firing a magical energy arrow (the arrow is in mid-flight). Stick is shoving El Tigre aside, overwhelming him with his super-strength.

Host: Donít do this, Gideon. I can bind him... I can pool my magics and find some way...

Panel 5.

Large panel. Three-quarter shot from behind Gideon. In a side swing, he clocks the tablet across Kathartaís head (most of Katharta is in front of Gideon, to hide to the reader the violence of the panel).

Tablet (fx): THWAK!

Page 23

Panel 1.

Large panel. Gideon is central in the panel. Gideon half turns to face the reader. He is barely standing up. He holds the tablet lazily in one hand, some blood dripping from it. A tear streams his face. Whether it is from exhaustion or regret is not certain. His field drops, and Silver is rushing forward as is Host. Stick runs forward. They are all aware it is too late to do anything and they are half-heartedly running. El Tigre comes slowly from behind, ashamed of himself. Kathartaís body slumps to the ground.

Gideon: It had to be done... It had to be done.

Panel 2.

Gideon drops the tablet to the ground as the others, except El Tigre rush to him. The clothing around Katharta starts to fall flat, as if Katharta was dissipating.

Panel 3.

Gideon walks forward towards the mansion, to the open front door. The others follow behind, uncertain of what to do. Even El Tigre is moving forward. Kathartaís clothing is completely flat, his body no longer inside them.

Panel 4.

Front full shot of Hostís mansion entrance. Stick knows what Gideon just did, and can totally relate to it, and sheds a tear for him. Silver is immediately behind Gideon. El Tigre is moving forward head bowed low. Host is the only one talking. He is talking with his hands.

Host: You killed him... You killed him, Gideon! You are a murderer! A murderer!

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