The Crystal Village

Copyright Tero Oksala © 2004

Edited by Mario M. Butter for The Guild Companion

"About an hour after the characters arrive, the drunken priest at the nearby table starts to mumble something."


Deep inside the mountains is a small village, a famous crystal producer because of its exceptional crystal crafting skills. The knowledge of how these people came there was lost long ago. The villagers lived there a long time before they entered the outer world. The mayor of the village decided to send an exploration party to investigate caves inside the mountains. A few months passed and the exploration party returned. Only five explorers were left from the whole party. They encountered some very odd creatures during their journey, and after two months of exploration they found a passage that took them to the outer world. The exploration party feared the Big Burning Ball that watched their every move and flew above them for many hours, until it finally disappeared. Almost immediately after the Big Burning Ball disappeared another not so hot or bright ball climbed above the heads of the exploration party and watched them whole night. The party explored their surroundings for three weeks and noticed just beside the mountains a huge sand field (the desert). The leader of the exploration party sent two of his men to explore that field, but they never returned. Their eyes were very sensitive to light and the outer world was an amazing experience. The exploration party brought the report to the mayor who studied it carefully in consultation with the five village elders. After two years of studying they noticed that the village was almost at the same level as that huge sand field.

The mayor sent another exploration party to rediscover the passage to the outer world. The exploration party returned after two days and claimed that they could not find the passage to the outer world. The elder's wives studied the reports some more and they noticed that the entrance to the passage would require digging through stone. This was a very difficult mission and took almost 5 years to complete. About the time the villagers cleared the passage to the outer world, some weird creatures attacked the village. The villagers successfully defended their homes and drove these intruders (Orcs and Trolls) back for a time. However, the attacks continued until the mayor decided to seal all caves except the one which led to the outer world.

During the ensuing years, many villagers studied the outer world and even found a few groups of people similar to themselves. The villagers bargained with these people, giving their crystal to the people of the outer world people and getting equipment, weapons, tools, and some strange food in return, always keeping their passage a secret. During these meetings they became acquainted with merchants who also wanted some of the villager's crystal items. They traded with the merchants in exchange for more advanced equipment. The villagers even acquired a few spell books to study the art of magic.

Three centuries passed in this way and everyone was happy. The elders of the village restricted crystal exports to keep prices high and villagers learned magic and started to make golems to guard their village and the Tower that contained their alchemical laboratories and guarded their crystal mine.

About a hundred years ago, a man entered the village. The villagers were confused and terrified at this event, because somebody had obviously found their secret passage. The villagers asked the stranger how and why he came to their village, and if anyone else knew of their secret passageway. The stranger claimed that he alone knew the way and that he just wanted to see the village (which was a lie). The mayor allowed this man to see the village in exchange for a promise that he would stay with them for the rest of his life. The stranger quickly agreed to these terms.

The stranger studied at the village and did what work the villagers requested. He worked in the mines; he never complained or tried to avoid work. He made friends and most of the people felt that he was an honest and good man with a good heart.

After two years everything changed. One night the mayor of the village died tragically, alone in his apartment eating dinner. He was a man in his prime and had only held his position about five years. A serving wench found her dead master and got help from a nearby house. The guards restricted the area because there was something suspicious in the mayor's death. There were no signs of violence, but the expression in the mayor's face was terrifying, seemingly as if he was scared to death. The guards investigated, but found no clues to foul play.

Two weeks after the death of the mayor a horrible change came over the village. All of the inhabitants were turned into undead during the night. The stranger who came to village was never seen again. The villagers were cursed to live eternally the form of Zombies. All the inhabitants of the village would sleep until someone comes to their home, and then their only mission is to kill the intruders.

GM: Actually the man was powerful wizard in disguise. He searched for a holy sword named The Oblivion, but he did not find it. He tried to search the mayor's home, but the villagers had hidden it so well that it could not be found easily. The mayor's amulet was the key to the Crystal Tower and it was always kept in a secret hiding place. During the night, the wizard killed the mayor and cursed his dead body. After the funeral, the mayor rose as an undead zombie and plagued the village turning the rest of the population into zombies as well. The wizards in the tower saw what happened and they decided to destroy all their magical items and take the secret of the Holy Sword with them when they died. They locked all doors in the Crystal Tower so that no one can enter the tower; now only the mayor's amulet will allow access to the Crystal Tower.


The characters hear from a drunken priest about an ancient village, where a huge tower said to have been made from crystal stands. Within this tower is said to be a Holy Sword of immense strength. The priest is in bad shape from drinking for too many days, possibly weeks, and things that he says are mostly incoherent.

The characters can look forward to an exciting adventure looking for the ancient city and the fabulous artefacts reputed to exist in that city.

The Priest

The characters are just arriving from their latest adventure and they are stop at the Headless Golem Inn to spend a night before continuing their journey to the nearest town. The weather was so bad that the group's only choice was to rest at the inn before continuing.

The Headless Golem is quite good and best of all, it is cheap. The food is excellent, due to the inn's Halfling cook, and the beer is even better. The waitress is very good looking and in her prime (20 years old), but still there are very few customers around - only two travelling merchants, one drunken priest, a few farmers, and some other travellers. There are lots of empty tables in the dining hall, but despite that the place is warm and inviting.

About an hour after the characters arrive, the drunken priest at the nearby table starts to mumble something. First his words are murmured and it is hard to hear what the priest is trying to say. After few minutes the priest raises his voice, glowers at the characters and continues with his incoherent rambling. If the characters listen for a while, they can make out the following statements:

  • The light comes soon
  • The great power guards
  • A lot of goodness and evilness
  • Gods should help us
  • Flies at the night
  • Without the governing
  • In the middle of the eternal darkness, before the light comes
  • Just beside the road that leads to the sky
  • More water is needed there
  • Plants are dying
  • The crystal-made town
  • The great powers are moving
  • Big old room
  • White elephant
  • Near the ocean which don't moisten
  • Entrance in the barrier

If the characters don't pay attention to the old priest, then he will come to the characters table. He says that the characters seem to be some kind of adventurers who are valiant and the brave and continues to rant incoherently. The characters might notice that priest has a holy symbol (the sign of a good god). Final conclusion of the players should be that the man is insane and very drunk.

GM: The priest knows much more than he can tell and the characters should take him with them. With persuasion and with good manners the priest might come with the characters voluntarily, but if not then the characters can subdue the priest.

The priest repeats the above comments over the next day or so. If the priest is kept from drinking for a couple of days, he can tell the group that he spent time with another adventuring group and they explored some rumours that talk about an ancient, hidden city.

The characters can go to the library to find some answers to their questions. The library is very large and there are lot of good books that might give some information about the priest's words. Admission charge is one bronze piece and the characters will be allowed to use all books in the library, with the exception of unique, very rare, or spell books. If the characters need some assistance then the librarian is available, fee for help is one silver piece per two hours. If the characters need to see older books, they will need to request these volumes from the High-Librarian and pay a fee which depends on the book. Fee is usually between 1 and 1500 gold pieces.

Some of the characters who search actively might find following information:

  • Hundreds of years ago there was a small village which provided crystal products. The village location was kept secret.
  • In the village was one big tower which was made entirely of crystal.
  • The village was heavily guarded and no one was allowed to enter.
  • The peoples from the village traded with the nearby towns. They sold crystal items and raw material.
  • One day trading ended and no one knows why
  • The villagers created finely crafted crystal items that were rare and very expensive.
  • The village is located somewhere nearby XXXX (local town name)

GM: You can give some information from the background, because the characters might find that kind of information as well. It is up to you what you are going to tell to the characters. This adventure can be placed almost anywhere, where is there is a desert beside some mountains and near a town or city.

The Departure and the Journey

GM: The priest will tell his name (Angor Nados ) during the journey, when he sobers up enough to remember it. Angor lost his memory due to shock at what happened to his friends.

The characters should carefully study and prepare for their journey using a map or asking directions from someone who knows more about the area. This journey should be very dangerous as the environment is quite hostile all the time.

GM: Below you can see some encounters that should take place during the journey.

Encounters During the Journey

The Bandits

The bandits have recently arrived in this territory, but unluckily they try to rob the PCs first. The bandits feel that the adventurers have a lot of treasure. These bandits have quite good equipment and their camp can be found in the forest if there are good trackers with the PC's party. Details of the bandit group and campsite are left up to the GM.


The bandits placed some traps on one side of the road to prevent the characters from fleeing. The traps are quite simple, but very efficient, consisting of four spiked pit traps. Trap locations can be found on the map.

The Orcs

These Orcs are a scout group; following this group is a small army of Orcs. This army is about three days away and the PCs should be gone by then. The army consists of about 200 troops and they will try move as unnoticeably as possible. This scouting group of Orcs are going to rejoin the bigger army at a gathering point. Again, the details of the Orc army and who they are planning to attack are left up to the GM.

Encounter one

This encounter will most likely occur during first two days. During the night a watching character might notice that someone is sneaking into their camp (hard perception check). If the character sounds an alarm, then the intruder tries to escape. If he is not noticed, then he sabotages a wagon and maybe some equipment as well if possible. The axle will break during the next day.

Encounter two

This encounter will occur the day after the previous encounter. The sun is shining and weather seems to be very pleasant today. Just before midday the wagon's axle breaks, and if the characters examine the axle, they can see that it seems to have been sawn. Luckily in the wagon is a spare axle and changing is an easy job.

Encounter three

Bandits have settled up an ambush to rob any small group which is travelling along the road. Bandits have set up themselves on one side of the road and some traps on the other side.

Encounter four

A severe storm blows up. The storm arrives quickly and gets worse rapidly, lasts about four hours and then the calm sets in very quickly. The characters should have some difficulties if they try to travel in the storm. Some of the equipments might fly away, wagons get stuck in the mud, horses might bolt, etc.

Encounter five

The characters have been travelling a few hours, when they see five Orcs that have ambushed a small wagon. Two guards lay bleeding on the ground, and the Orcs have captured a woman that is terrified. When the group arrive, the Orcs are searching the wagon and have just killed the guards. They will take a woman with them if characters don't stop them.

The Mountains

The characters arrive at their destination after ten days of travelling. Somewhere beside the mountains should be the entrance to the forgotten village. The priest (if he is with the characters) remembers that near the entrance was huge rock, which the characters can find about a hundred feet from the mountains. The entrance is very small and priest wonders how the villagers could get wagons and other large items into the passage to the village. Searching for the entrance should take d10 hours.

The entrance is about seven feet high and three feet wide. After the first 30 feet any characters that suffer from claustrophobia should feel better, because then tunnel widens. At that point the tunnel is about 10 feet high and 12 feet wide.

When the characters get into the tunnel, the priest suddenly freezes. He seems to be terrified, but characters cannot see anything which might cause the terror (except the narrowness of the tunnel or the darkness). The priest doesn't hear or react to anything, but after about five minutes he calms down and is ready to continue the journey. He doesn't want to talk about what happened; only saying that they should continue their journey.

The tunnel is full of dust, but if the characters look closely, some tracks can be seen. One set of the tracks is coming back up the tunnel. Angor says that those tracks are most likely his own. After the characters and the priest have travelled about 10 minutes, Angor occasionally stops. He starts to move back and after few steps he turns around and runs away. At this point the characters might notice that the passageway turns to right in about 30 feet. Angor is not willing to come any further. He says that the characters can continue, but he is will wait here. He is not coming and refuses to discuss the issue any further. The priest casts a light spell and then sits down, saying that he is going to wait for the characters here. Angor says that he will pay the characters for any information they can bring back about the village.

When the characters go past the corner they will notice that the cave floor, walls, and roof seem to be glass. About 50 feet from the corner the characters can see eight glass statues.

Three statues are human fighters in a fighting posture (see map), along with a female elf healer in a defensive position. Another four human shaped statues, seemingly wearing plate armour and wielding swords and shields, appear to be attacking. Just beside the elf woman the characters can see big dark zone and it looks like something has burned the glass (a magician fumbled his spell badly). If asked someone goes back to Angor and asks him about this scene, he will tell them that those statues were his friends, and he starts to remember more about this place and what happened to his friends (see story below).

When the characters have travelled another 5 minutes, the tunnel widens into a large cave. The characters cannot see the roof, but it seems to be very high indeed. About 400 feet away from the characters is huge tower, about 200 feet high which seems to glow with a dim light. The tower has been made from the crystal. Around the base of the tower are a small village and one larger building.

Angor's Story

Angor was searching for a long forgotten village which was named the Crystal Village. Rumours say that the village contained awesome treasures and a Holy Sword named The Oblivion. The priest wanted to know why the villagers seemingly disappeared a long time ago. Angor spent many nights in the library and got all the information about the village he could and then gathered a group to find the village. When Angor's group arrived, the golems attacked. The group's magician Jolus tried to cast a spell, but he failed and all except the priest himself somehow turned to glass. Angor doesn't quite remember how he got out of here and when, but he has some memories of arriving at the inn. That is all that he knows. The priest wants to wait for the characters' return.

The Crystal Village

Big stalactites hang from the roof, but cave floor is clean, bare rock. Around the village is a stone wall only 6 feet high. The cave smells rotten and it is hard to say where the odour comes originates.

Every house in the village is made of granite with most comprising two or three rooms. An inn and few other buildings are larger. The walls of the mayor's house are decorated with opal shaped crystals. The house is the largest in the village and can be seen from far away.

The Crystal Tower is the most impressive building in the whole town, having been made from small, high quality crystal pieces held together by spells. While the appearance of the Tower is quite fascinating, something seems to feel "not right". The following random table can be used by the GM when rolling for random items in each house explored. The Bonus column is used to modify the perception roll made be each character searching the house to find the indicated item(s).

Roll Item Bonus
01 - 05 Worn Chain mail +0
06 - 10 Melee Weapon (in a bad condition) +0
11 - 15 D20 bolts + quiver +0
16 - 18 D20 arrows + quiver +0
19 - 20 Pouch: Money d10 gp +0
21 Magical melee weapon +10 -10
22 Magical bow +10 -10
23 Cloak +5 DB -10
24 Spell adder +1 (some item, not weapon) -15
25 One dose of poison -15
26 - 30 Pots, Pans, spoons etc... +20
31 - 35 Clothes... +20
36 - 50 Raw Crystal (d20 oz.) -10
51 - 60 Money: d10 silver +0
61 - 70 Money: d20 silver -10
71 - 80 Wine (not spoiled), very old +0
81 - 90 Dead person (not undead) -15
91 - 95 Weapon in good shape +0
96 Chain mail + 10 DB -20
97 The helmet of Gnome vision -20
98 Holywater, d10 doses -25
99 +15 Crystal melee weapon -30
100 Amulet of the Crystal (only 10 in the village) -30

GM: You should keep in mind that players should not be allowed to explore every house in the village (GM restriction). If players seem to be trying to explore every house, use the many undead in the village to restrict them. The main focus of the party should be directed to the mayor's house and to the Crystal Tower.

Encounters in the village


In the village are a lot of zombies, mostly the former inhabitants of the village, and not under any directed control. These zombies don't actively guard the place, but if one is "woken up" then all zombies activate and start to patrol. The zombies wander around the village and attack any living creature which they encounter. Some of the zombies might even leave the village and if they head for the passageway to the surface, the priest will run away. The zombies won't go near the Crystal tower, because the golem guards will stop them.


There is one vampire in the town, formerly a guard officer of the village. He is lurking around the village and actively seeks PCs, because he knows that someone who woke up all the zombies must be around. The vampire lives in the northern part of the village.


The mara was a bard in the village, and after he died tragically at the hands of the mayor he became one of the undead, usually spending his time near the Crystal Tower. In life he was gifted with song, and as one of undead, the mara uses its talent to trouble the sleep of the living. His song brings nightmares to the sleeping (without waking them) and destroys the restorative properties of his repose. Mara tries to flee if someone finds him, and tries to avoid combat.

Wild Hunt Hound

These fierce dogs were hunting dogs in the village, but they became undead with the other villagers. There are luckily only dozen of these dogs and they can be encountered only inside the village walls.


The mayor of the village was the first to die, and lackeys embalmed his body and laid him to rest under his own house. He was first to become undead and finished the job of turning the Crystal Village to the Village of the Dead. He "resides" inside the mayor's house, and actually realizes his situation and seeks revenge on those who live without the eternal night.


In the village are a few crystal golem guards. The golem replaced most of the humans who originally guarded the walls and the Tower. These golems won't attack unless the guarded object or building is touched. Immediately after a player touches any guarded object the golems will be activated to pursue the violator.

Mayor's house room descriptions

Floor 1

  1. Waiting room: In this room is a red carpet that covers the whole floor. Next to the walls are four benches.
  2. Throne Room: In this room is long red carpet that leads directly to the throne. Along the walls are four long oak benches. On the walls are twenty blazons and over the throne is one blazon that hangs two feet above the throne.
  3. Meeting room: This room contains a big and long oak table. Around the table are thirty very finely crafted chairs. The walls are covered with tapestries that picture the history of the village.
  4. Dining Room: In this room are two tables. One is bigger and surrounded with finely crafted chairs. The other table is smaller and surrounded with simple chairs.
  5. Library: Lining the walls are five bookshelves, full of books that written in some unknown language. There are also a few books in common.
  6. Stair Room: Against the walls are twenty crystal warrior statues. Statues are very finely crafted and made to protect the tomb of the mayors (plain statues, they don't move, etc.). Their meaning is purely symbolic. There are stairs leading down.
  7. Stair Room: Stairs leading up. On the walls hang tapestries depicting the Crystal Tower.
  8. Work Room: Just at the middle of the room is one large, finely crafted crystal workbench. There are three bookshelves lining the walls which are full of old and worn books. There also four sofas and small table. Room is very clean.

Floor 2

  1. Stair Room: On the walls are two paintings, which are excellent works. The first one illustrates some kind of exploration party and the other one depicts a battle against the Orcs and Trolls. The smell of rotten flesh is stronger now, an awful odour. Roll RR vs. disease, characters failing their roll has -10 to all actions for the next two hours due to nausea.
  2. Bedroom: These rooms were made to be servant's or bodyguard's rooms. When characters enter to the room there is 55% chance that d4 zombies are in the room. The following items might be found in the rooms:
    Equipment Chance %
    Chain Mail 35
    Dagger 40
    Long Sword 25
    Long Spear 25
    Full Shield 30
    Pouch: d10 sp 65
    Pouch: Crystals (50gp) 55
    Dagger +10 20
    Long Sword +10 15
    Chain Mail +10 DB 20
    Wine Bottle (full) 25
    Wine Bottle (empty) 10
  3. Guest Room: Only furniture can be found. There is nothing interesting in these room.
  4. Guest Room: Only furniture can be found. There is nothing interesting in these room.
  5. Guest Room: Only furniture can be found. There is nothing interesting in these room.
  6. Guest Room: Only furniture can be found. There is nothing interesting in these room.
  7. Mayor's Living Room: Paintings cover the walls, mostly portraits of earlier mayors. In the room is big dining table, seven chairs, two long sofas, table, two bookshelves and workbench. In this room live the mayor's zombie children (2). On the table is one very finely crafted 2-H sword (a +10 bonus to OB), which is made from high quality steel. The stench of decay is awful and gets continues to get worse. In the bookshelf is a small hidden trapdoor containing 350 gp, 400 sp, ten diamonds (100 gp each) and a granite pendant (described in the treasure section).
  8. Mayor's bedroom: This room contains a big double bed, two smaller beds, one small table and two sofas. On the wall hangs a huge tapestry which shows the Crystal Tower. On the bed lies the rotten body of the mayor's wife. Just beside the body is small dagger made from of black crystal (described in the treasure section). The odour in this room is awful and everyone who enters the room has to roll RR vs. disease or suffers a -10 penalty to all actions for the next two hours due to nausea. One night stand drawer contains lady's jewellery (worth about 200 gp). Another drawer is empty.


  1. Corridor: This corridor is very dark and scary. The entire time characters are in the tomb they feel that someone is following them, but cannot see anything. Lining both sides of the corridor are ten cavities, each the tomb of one of the earlier village mayors. Beside each tomb is plate that lists the name of the body in the tomb and when he died. On the floor is a lot of dust and it seems that no one has visited here during the last few centuries.
  2. Tomb: Tombs are open so anyone can see inside the tomb easily. Inside each tomb is the embalmed corpse of a mayor. The tenth tomb is empty, but there is a sign which lists a name and date of death. If the characters search the tomb carefully they might find the mayor's amulet (described in the treasure section) (extremely hard perception check to notice a trap door).

The Crystal Tower

Floor 1

There are two doors leading to this room. Both doors are locked and can be opened only with the mayor's amulet. The main hall is huge and is lit totally with some strange light which emanates from the walls. The room is full of tools and baskets. Some baskets are full of crystal and some are empty. There are three stairs, two leading up and one leading down. Just beside the stairs leading down are two cranes used to lift baskets from the mine below. This room is quite clean and no dead or living people can be seen.

Floor 2

This floor is smaller than one below, and is also very clean. A quick look indicates that this is a workshop. There are five large tables and two long closets. This room was used by the villagers to shape and grind mined crystal. There are a lot of shaping tools (files, hammers, chisels, screw vices etc.) and many works that are nearly ready or partially worked. Most of the ready made items and equipment are beautiful and very finely crafted. From the northern part of the room stairs lead up.

Floor 3

In this room magicians enhanced some of the equipment and performed their magical research. In the room are four golems that will activate if trigger plate is pressed (this plate is very hard to notice). Only mayor's amulet can prevent the golems from attacking.

Is this room, the characters can find minor magical equipment, but most of these are locked in the magical closet, protected by spells. Only the high magician can open it (he is dead) without harm. There are tables and other furniture in the room, and all are in excellent condition. At the centre of the room is huge pile of crushed crystal (destroyed equipment). There are still some tools and a few spell books (of various professions). Many of tools and spell components still work. There is also laboratory equipment on the big table.

The closet which contains magical items is locked with three magical locks. Every lock is very hard to open. Any person not wearing the high wizard's or the mayor's amulet that touches the closet has to roll resistance roll vs. 20th level attacks. Failed resistance roll causes the following effects: Electricity critical with +30 modification and bleeding 5/rnd. Inside the closet are the following equipment: d20 +10 crystal crossbow bolts, Mage's Vest (HARP page 141), +10 heavy crossbow, +10 DB finely crafted iron bracers, +15 DB blue robe and +15 magical long sword.

Floor 4

This floor is the wizards' bedroom, containing five beds and five small closets. On the every bed lies a human corpse. On the bodies are no signs of violence, they all seem to have died while sleeping. This room is lit with a dim light which emanates from the walls. In the closets are only normal clothes and shoes. From this room the stairs continue up.

Floor 5

This room seems to be meeting room or similar. In the room is one table and a few chairs. Just beside the wall is 5' x 5' square area which is darkened. Every character who wears the mayor's amulet or high wizard's amulet will be automatically teleported to the high wizard's room.

Floor 6

The room is quite small and it is the high wizard's personal room. In the room are a bed (with a body), desk, small closet, and chair. The closet is full of clothes, upon a successful perception roll (-10 to perception) searching characters find an old diary, containing a small part of the village's history (about 100 years). The desk drawers contain writing implements. Around the wizard's neck is the same kind of amulet as the mayor's amulet, extremely finely crafted and covered with some strange writing. If someone puts the high wizard's amulet around his neck, he can choose to be teleported anywhere inside the village walls. One choice is the 7th floor.

Floor 7

This room is very small. At the centre of the room is a huge 6' x 3' x 6' crystal which floats on the air about two feet above floor. On the floor exactly under the crystal are a few simple runes. Any character which succeeds with a Runes skill roll can see that they are activation runes. If the characters look inside the crystal they can see a very beautiful sword inside the crystal (The Oblivion).

GM: The sword had been placed within the crystal a very long time ago and without breaking the crystal or casting the proper spell no one can get it out. Breaking the crystal causes a large explosion, treat as +100 fireball attack with double effects.

Special Items

Note: All of the following items are very powerful and the GM should consider carefully before giving any of these to players, except the amulet.

Mayor's Crystal Amulet

This amulet is very finely crafted, about 5" x 5" x 2" and is pure white. Wrapped around the crystal is a thin silver chain which attaches the crystal to a golden neck chain.

Properties: a +2 spell adder, +3 PP adder, allows safe passage to the Crystal Tower and opens all portals and doors inside the Tower. User is also protected from magical attacks and gains additional +15 to resist magic.

Note: Amulet won't work if it is taken outside of the village.

Wizard's Crystal Amulet

This amulet is very finely crafted, about 5" x 5" x 2" and is pure white. Wrapped around the crystal is a thin silver chain which attaches the crystal to a golden neck chain.

Properties: a +2 spell adder, +3 PP adder, allows safe passage to the Crystal Tower and opens all portals and doors inside the Tower. User is also protected from magical attacks and gains additional +15 to resist magic. Can teleport its wearer anywhere inside the village walls, grants +20 DB.

Note: Amulet won't work if it is taken outside of the village.

The Skinner

This pitch black crystal dagger is quite rough; the only fine detail in the dagger is the blade. The blade is covered with golden runes which begin to glow brightly when someone touches the dagger. Dagger hilt looks more like unshaped rock than metal. The dagger feels very cold to the touch. This dagger was used by the Orc leader when they attacked the village. The wizards tried to study it, but they didn't detect any magic. They knew the dagger was magical in some way, but it prevented any kind of studying attempts (+100 RR vs. studying spells or studying attempts)

Properties: Dagger is +10 and attacks as a long sword. It is also a +1 spell adder. Every attack that is made with the dagger causes an additional -20 internal poison critical (Damage Cap 100) if target does not resist a 12th level attack. All damage inflicted with the dagger is transferred to its wielder, healing up to the wielder's maximum hits. The dagger wielder can also use one of the following three properties, but they drain attributes every time when power is activated. Following powers can be used: Darkness (scaled up, radius 50') drains 2 points from the Insight, Fear (scaled up, affects to three targets) drains 3 points from the Insight, Harm (scaled up, 2d10 additional hit point damage) drains 2 points from the Insight. Dagger is semi-intelligent and reveals its powers only if it is used and carried one month, and after that it reveals one power every week.

The Oblivion

The sword's edge is made from clear crystal and the hilt is pure silver reinforced with the steel. Around the edge are strange carvings. The sword is extremely light, amazingly beautiful, and very easy to handle, even if the wielder has never used a sword.

Properties: The sword is a +20 short sword. It causes double concussion hits to all evil spell casters. Sword tries to negate all evil spells within a 10' radius (increases wielders RR vs. evil spells by +30) and increases wielders level by five when resisting evil spells. Sword is also a +2 spell adder to all non-evil spell users. When the command word "Shalak" is spoken, the sword becomes invisible. When the command word "Durash" is spoken, sword becomes visible again. The sword causes an additional internal poison critical to all evil clerics (damage cap 120) and detects evil spells within 200'. Sword is very light (0.5 lbs) and it never needs sharpening. Sword's level is 20th.

Granite Pendant

The pendant is shaped to look like an old silver coin.

Properties: It is a +1 spell adder.