Memories of Lowell

Copyright Compiled by Laura Trauth and Aaron Smalley © 2004

Lowell was smart. Whether it came to worldbuilding, interpretation of arcane rules, or the defense of his views against a barrage of opposition, Lowell was a shining example of calm logic. He put thought into everything he wrote.

Lowell was patient. Lowell never snapped. He never threw up his hands and left something undone. He never made someone feel stupid or ashamed for having a different opinion. He continued on. He persevered. He had faith in us.

Lowell was fun. He had a wealth of original ideas. He liked to discuss things. Using his mind was a form of celebration, and everyone was invited to the party.

Lowell was fair. He didn't take sides. He didn't point fingers. He shared his ideas with everyone. It didn't matter if you didn't share his faith or vote the way he did. You were still worthy of his consideration, of his time, of his good intentions.

Lowell is an example for all of us. His kindness, his intellect, and his consideration toward all people is something we can emulate. There is no more fitting tribute to Lowell than to explore knowledge, explore faith, and be loving men and women.

Goodbye, Lowell. I can't believe you're gone. But I know why Heaven couldn't wait for you any longer.

Helen Mazarakis

Lowell Matthews was one of the kindest and most decent people I've ever met. Knowing him enriched my life as it no doubt did for all who were lucky enough to come into contact with him. Lowell was a scholar and a true gentleman who lived his life accordingly. I only wish I were half the human being he was.

Jay Myers

When I think of Lowell, obviously I remember discussions of RoleMaster and its merits vis a vis DnD. But my best memory is from back in 2001. My wife and I were living in Utah, far away from family and my wife became ill. I mentioned it on the list (I think that the chat list had just been created) and not only did Lowell express his sympathies but he said he would pray for us and asked about her several times in later emails. Sympathy of that sort, from someone I never met and will never meet this side of paradise became how I saw Lowell. He often was the sympathetic ear for others on the list as well. He will really be missed and I still pray for Jeannine.

Bryan and Susan Gardner

I always regarded Lowell as one of the 'old timers' on the lists. He was there when I first joined, and had been there ever since. I could go on for ages about this and that, but really it comes down to just this:

I never knew Lowell, other than as a "voice" on the list whose contributions to the list were always sensible. At the same time he earned my respect, something that many people that I see regularly in the flesh, have yet to do. I suspect that others will feel the same and his voice will be sorely missed. I believe that the best thing that we can do, is to accept as a kind of legacy from Lowell, the responsibility to be like him in the way we contribute to the list.

This is the cruelest of times,
One who was here is gone,
Sorrow can ruin us,
So, remembering, we must look forward,
And continue with,
What had been begun.
Do not regret but,
Do not forget.

Joe Harrison
AKA Rambleshanks
AKA Nosirrah

Lowell was a special presence on the mailing lists I subscribed to. His posts revealed a wonderful intellect, curiosity, and humor. Because of his ability to calm tempestuous conversations with his gentle replies, I always thought of him as a peacemaker. Even though I only had the pleasure of knowing him through his online presence, I'll miss him.

Sheila Miquez

I met Lowell about 5 years ago on the RoleMaster list, we had the opportunity to chat of many things ranging from economics to the differences between France and the U.S.A. on many kind of topics. A few months after our first chat I started a play by e-mail set in Middle-Earth, Roqueni (knights) that Lowell kindly chose to enhance by editing the recaps... He made a tremendous work of editing, he was very dedicated and was a curious mind that invested himself in many things. Like all Roqueni players, like many members of the various Rolemaster-based lists, I will remember him fondly.

Vincent Roiron

I only met him once for a night in Victoria, BC. He was a quiet, gentle and firm soul. I'm sure he will be missed.

Wyatt R. Lavigne

Even though I only knew Lowell as another voice on this list he was still a friend and his passing is a weight on my heart nonetheless. Myself, and I hope others, will remember him as a sound and reasonable voice. Lowell, wherever you may be at this time I want you to know you will be remembered. Jeannine, if your reading this my deepest & sincerest condolences go out to you. Lowell was a good man and we all know at heart he now sits at rest in a place full of happiness and love.


Dear Jeannine,

You don't know me, nor I you, but you have my deepest heartfelt sympathy. We here in the gaming community are a little strange at times, but we all keenly feel it when we lose someone in our family. I am deeply sorry for your loss. Rest assured that you are not alone in this. There are many people out here that will feel it with you. May God Hold you close in His arms and grant you His Blessings.

(another gamer)


So very many of us thought the world of Lowell, and he will be sadly missed. He was a gentleman, an enthusiast and wonderfully talented. Of course, no one knows his great qualities better than you.

I wish you well in this very trying time. Treasure his memory as many of us will. I hope what little tribute we can offer Lowell in our way via the internet and the Guild Companion can help in some small way.

Randy Campbell