Skill Sheets

Copyright Jonathan Eskritt © 2004

Edited by Peter Mork for The Guild Companion

"They cover the skills from all the Rolemaster Standard System and Rolemaster Fantasy Roleplaying books"

This set of skill sheets is meant to be to comprehensive. They cover the skills from all the Rolemaster Standard System and Rolemaster Fantasy Roleplaying books, and have been modeled after the character sheets from the Rolemaster Annuals.

The skills are organized by Skill Category, and the Skill Category information is grouped with their relevant skills. Most of the skills are from the School of Hard Knocks: Skill Companion. If a skill is from another book, it will be labeled after the skill, in brackets, using the following convention:

EC Essence Companion
MA Martial Arts Companion
MC Mentalism Companion

For example, a Fighter with Strength 90 (+5 stat bonus) and Agility 90 (+5 stat bonus), and 4 ranks in Armour•Medium, and 4 ranks in Chain would fill in the form like this:


There are a few of caveats for using these sheets:

  • The Class column in the skills is for marking whether a skill is Restricted (R), Everyman (E), or Occupational (O).
  • The sheets are not designed for using the skill specific stat bonuses. The sheets can still be used for skill specific stat bonuses by replacing the Cat. column with a stat column and using only the first two stats for the Stat line in the Skill Category section.
  • The Races & Cultures: Underground Races book introduced 3 new armours for dwarves. These armours should be used with the existing armour skills as:
    • Bærm-claithe → rigid leather
    • Lamellar → chain
    • Scale → plate
  • Racial attacks is listed with a class of restricted. If a characters is of a race that the Gamemaster deems should have a racial attack (Orc tusk gores, etc.) than the class should be changed to Everyman.
  • To get the skill pages to print nicely, make sure the "Shrink to fit" option is unselected in Acrobat print dialog. Otherwise, the pages will print out too small.