Deity Granted Spells

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"Therastos the Cleric watched over the bloody battle field. Without his spells those miserable cavaliers would easily give up. He did the same things in every battle, techniques which worked very well. Hopefully his spells will last until the foe's army strikes back..."

Therastos the Cleric watched over the bloody battlefield. Without his spells. those miserable cavaliers would easily give up. He worked the same magics in every battle, techniques which had served him well. Hopefully his spells would last until the foe's army were defeated...

A cleric's path is closely related to the path of his god. His god's nature points the cleric's way, how he works with the surrounding world and how he handles things. The differences between a cleric who worships a god of fire and one who worships a god of water are remarkable. The difference is not limited to places where those temples are located, but also high masses, services, and teachings.

Temples of the different gods teach different skills and spells to their followers and many of those may be unique. The nature of the god affects lay members very little, but when one gains more influence in the religion hierarchy, this nature plays a larger role. Below is a table which should broaden the scope of the cleric and add more flavour for playing the clerics of different gods without unbalancing the game system.

A god might be local or worshipped by small group of people - for example a tribe, a village, or a cult. Those gods are often called totems or local gods and might represent some certain person, animal, or spirit. Local gods usually give spells that are very close to their own nature. A bear totem might give more strength to the tribe's warriors when they go into battle, or the spirit of an ancient and powerful hero might give some blessings to any followers who defend their faith. These powers are usually limited and less powerful than the powers and spells granted by gods who are worshipped in a wide area.

The following skills and spells are closely related to the nature of the cleric's deity. Most temples teach certain skills to their followers, for example every cleric of the god of the water has some swimming skill and the god grants spells which are closely related to its element and nature. If a god represents two different types, then spell and skill lists can be combined, but the maximum number of spells is five and the maximum number of skills is four.

If a GM prefers, he can also allow some education to characters which follow the god of their choice, as a temple would teach skills to most members while only Clerics and Paladins are able to get spells. The cost for Paladins to learn spells is 4 development points / rank and there is no change for clerics. Paladins can gain these spells from the temple, but GM can limit his choices if he wishes to do so.

Deity Type Religious spells Related Skills
Fire / Sun Light Mundane Lore: Religion
Projected Light Signaling
Fire Wall Crafts: Blacksmith/Weapon smith / Armorer
Fire Ball
Fire Bolt
Air / Wind Air Wall Mundane Lore: Weather Watching
Elemental Ball Navigation
Elemental Bolt Perception
Love / Seduction Charm Acting
Boost Presence Story Telling
Boost Insight Public Speaking
Justice / Law Boost Self Discipline Mundane Lore: Law
Magic Shield Mundane Lore: Heraldry
Holy Symbol Arcane Lore: Undead Lore
Resist Damage
Turn Undead
Water / Sea Boost Agility Sailing
Elemental Ball Swimming
Elemental Bolt Mundane Lore: Weather Watching
Water Wall Navigation
Moving Ways
Death / Undead Control Undead Duping
Create Undead Arcane Lore: Undead Lore
Drain Life Poisoning
Animate Dead
Nature / Animals Find Shelter Herbcraft
Locate Food Animal Handling
Nature's Strength Beastmastery
Nature's Tongues Foraging / Survival
Path Lore
War / Devastation Boost Strength Combat Style: One
Divine Hammer Weapon Skills
Mighty Charge
Warrior's Might
Weapon's Fury
Art / Handicraft Phantasm Crafts: Any Three
Boost Agility Mundane Lore: Metals
Mundane Lore: Stone
Mundane Lore: Gems
Mundane Lore: Any craft related
Healing / Diseases Minor Healing Healing
Cure Disease Herbcraft
Major Healing Poisoning
Life Keeping Mundane Lore: Herb Lore
Life Giving
Wisdom / Knowledge / Magic Boost Reasoning Arcane Lore: Spell Lore
Boost Insight Arcane Lore: Any
Rune Mastery Mundane Lore: Any
Past Visions Mundane Lore: Any
Tongues Runes
Darkness / Night / Dream Calm Singing
Darkness Stalking & Hiding
Travel / Road Guess Perception
Moving Ways Navigation
Long Door Tracking
Path Lore
Find Shelter
Earth / Agriculture / Mountains Boost Constitution Mundane Lore: Weather Watching
Earthen Transmutations Mundane Lore: Stone
Elemental Weapon Horticulture
Combat / Athletic Prowess Boost Agility Acrobatics
Boost Strength Weapon Skills
Haste Martial Arts Strikes or Sweeps
Warrior's Might Jumping
Weapon's Fury
Chaos Changing Ways Duping
Holy Symbol Disguise
Illusion / Light Light Mimicry
Dispel Magic Disguise
Projected Light Acting
Trade / Wealth Boost Reasoning Appraisal
Boost Presence Linguistics
Guess Mundane Lore: Any
Intuitions Duping
Tongues Trading