Symka: Part 15

Copyright Sean McGinity © 2004

Edited by Suzanne Campbell for The Guild Companion

"You know, I'm starting to get comfortable in this body."

Page One

Splash Page

Silver (in the Leaper's body) and Gideon, El Tigre, and Stick (all wearing High Tech Henchmen costumes), walking forward into the panel. They appear confident. Silver is wearing shades, and there is a psychic emanation to show Silver's control over the leaper's body. The three men all wear caps, to somewhat hide their faces. Gideon's longer hair is tucked up under his cap.

Caption: Hi Tech Henchmen headquarters.

Caption: Gideon, Stick, El Tigre, and Silver have learned of the location of another Symka tablet...

Caption: The one in Katharta's possession.

Caption: And they aim to take it.

Caption: But how did they get here...?

Title: The Plan

Page Two

Panel 1.

The four of them are going up a stairwell. Stick is looking back to make sure they aren't being followed.

Caption: Discovering a broader range to her telepathic powers, Silver possesses the Leaper she and Gideon came across. He is Anderson, a higher ranking soldier in Katharta's army.

Panel 2.

Silver/Anderson and Gideon (carrying Silver's real body) are entering the Leaper's apartment. Silver is unconscious in Gideon's arms. The apartment is non-descript: no pictures, no plants, and no color. There is only a beat-up sofa and a desk and chair.

Caption: Taking possession of this Leaper proved difficult and she feels her grip is not solid. For fear of losing control of the body, she chooses to not fully scan the Leaper's mind for information. She elects to do a light surface scan instead and learns the man's name is Anderson and where he lives.

Panel 3.

Full shot of Anderson's apartment. Gideon is laying Silver's limp body down onto the sofa. Silver/Anderson is standing looking at the door, which is open. Dale, El Tigre, and Stick enter the apartment.

Caption: They meet up with Dale Turcott, El Tigre, and Stick at Anderson's apartment.

Gideon: Were you followed?

Stick: No. We were careful. That's not to say we didn't run across several of them. The streets are filled with Katharta's people. He has agents on almost every street we went down.

Silver/Anderson: That's how we came across Anderson.

Panel 4.

Side three-quarter shot of the foursome walking down a hall past two Leapers. Gideon tucks his cap a little lower. Feature Joaquin's face here.

Caption: Stick: "Anderson? Is he still in there with you, Silver?"

Caption: Silver/Anderson: "His mind is buried deep within. I can feel him there. Like he is sleeping."

Panel 5.

Back to the apartment. Stick and El Tigre look her over. Dale rushes to her body's side.

Gideon: It's her. Her body's okay. I've been keeping an eye on the vital signs. She's fine. Otherwise I don't think I would have allowed this.

Panel 6.

Tight shot. Dale is at Silver's side checking her pulse.

Dale: She's okay. Her pulse is steady, like she's sleeping, or in some sort of coma.

Page Three

Panel 1.

Back angled shot of the foursome in the HTH building. Two Hi tech Henchmen pass them, not even giving them a second glance. Stick looks back at them, anticipating something... anything.

Caption: Gideon: "I already said that she was fine. Don't take my word for it or anything!"

Caption: Stick: "So we all know where the tablet is. What's the plan?"

Panel 2.

The foursome are now at the entrance to a stairwell, looking back to see if anyone has reacted to their presence and the fact they are now entering a secure part of the building ("Employee Access Only" signs. Silver/Anderson is swiping a security card through a security access to the stairwell.)

Caption: El Tigre: "The Hi Tech Henchmen HQ is well fortified. But not that well fortified. Leapers and Hi Tech Henchmen are walking the streets of the city looking for us. There is a regiment of them at their HQ, but it's less than their normal numbers."

Panel 3.

The foursome is walking up the stairwell.

Caption: Silver/Anderson: "And you know this from touching the tablet?"

Caption: El Tigre: "Yes, I do. I was contacted by Mana..."

Caption: Gideon: "Joaquin, we know that."

Panel 4.

The foursome is entering onto the next floor out of the stairwell. Stick is looking around suspiciously (this is too easy).

Caption: Gideon: "We can discuss everything you saw later. All that matters is that we know unequivocally where the tablet is."

Panel 5.

Back in the apartment. Gideon is standing with his arms crossed. He looks determined and confident. He has a feeling this is going to succeed. Everyone else is won over by the plan.

Gideon: And we have an idea as to their defences. The last place they'll think to look for us is in their own base.

Silver/Anderson: Anderson happens to organize some of the recruiting drives for Hi Tech Henchmen.

Page Four

Panel 1.

Close-up of Silver/Anderson opening a trunk.

Panel 2.

Silver/Anderson holds up a Hi Tech Henchmen costume (from out of the trunk).

Silver/Anderson: Joaquin... Gideon... Stick... This about your size?

Panel 3.

Side angled shot of the foursome in the HTH building in a quarter shot. At the far end of the hall is a Minion (in robes) walking towards them.

El Tigre: This is the hall I saw.

Silver/Anderson: Yes, I recognize this place from this guy's surface thoughts. You know, I'm starting to get comfortable in this body.

Panel 4.

Tight one-quarter back shot, over the shoulder of the foursome. Stick is looking angrily at Gideon. The Minion is advancing on them.

Gideon: Don't get too comfortable, Silver. If this guy you're in is a higher ranking leaper, he's deplorable... a sick, human being...

Stick: Quiet, Gideon!

Minion: Stop!

Panel 5.

Silver/Anderson steps forward, facing the Minion.

Minion: What are you doing here? None of you are allowed on this floor.

Panel 6.

Side one-quarter shot. Silver/Anderson lifts her head and looks the Minion in the face. The Minion has a moment of recognition.

Minion: Oh, Anderson. It's you. Why are you bringing these men here? This level is restricted to them.

Silver/Anderson: These men have information. Important information. I need to speak with... the master... now.

Page Five

Panel 1.

Side angled three-quarter shot in Dale's Range Rover. Dale is sitting in the driver's seat looking into the back seat where Silver's body is lying.

Dale (thinking): Silver, what were you thinking taking over this man's body?

Panel 2.

Silver, in a three-quarter shot, lying unconscious in the back seat.

Dale (thinking and out of panel): You took over his mind. You possessed him. It's the ultimate violation of a human's rights. And you're putting this man in danger.

Panel 3.

Three-quarter shot of Dale. He's leaning back in the seat of the Rover, hand up to his forehead in frustration.

Dale (thinking): Just when I think that you're the only moral compass on your team, you go and do this.

Dale (thinking): Why am I even mixed in with you all? To save my own neck?

Panel 4.

Far shot of the Range Rover. Two Hi Tech Henchmen are walking near the car. One of them points to the Rover. The HTH building is across the street.

Dale (thinking): I've been taking care of myself for too long to rely on someone else.

Panel 5.

Side three-quarter shot from outside the Rover, looking in on Dale. The arm of the Hi Tech Henchman that pointed is in the panel. A look of surprise on Dale.

Henchman 1: I know you, don't I?

Dale: Wha...?

Panel 6.

Slight worm's eye view from within the Rover looking up past Dale to the Henchman leaning over, looking into the car at Dale. Dale looks afraid.

Dale (thinking): Oh shit!

Page Six

Panel 1.

Flashback. Inside Host's mansion, in the study. Lots of old tomes piled high around the room, piles of dust on the tops of them. There is a fresh batch of books, without dust on them, split into two piles. An old fashioned ornately carved telephone sits on the floor next to one of the less dusty stacks of books. It's obvious these are getting some use. Far shot to capture the entire room. Host is wearing a black turtleneck and dress pants and dress shoes with little tassels on them. A young Asian woman, probably 17 or 18 years old, sits in the lotus position on the floor before him. Host is teaching her to levitate. The girl, Sulan, is an inch or two off the floor.

Caption: Hours earlier, at the mansion of Host, a member of the government funded Parahuman Task Force, also known as the Canadian Super Team by the press...

Caption: Just a few days ago, Host helped our heroes in a confrontation with members of Katharta, Inc. Host's aid was tentative, viewing Katharta, Inc. has the greater evil.

Host: Now, Sulan, concentrate. Shut out everything in this room. Think only on the task at hand. Raise yourself from the ground. You can do it.

Panel 2.

Same shot, but as a full shot, capturing the phone in the panel. Sulan has raised herself a foot off the ground. The phone rings and Host turns his head to face the phone.


Host: Keep it up, Sulan. Try to get to three feet and maintain that height. Ignore the phone. Stay focused on your levitation.

Panel 3.

Side close-up shot of Host on the phone.

Phone: Host? I need your help.

Host: Who is this?

Panel 4.

Close-up shot of Joaquin, wearing a Hi Tech Henchmen uniform, on the phone and in Anderson's apartment.

El Tigre: It's...uh... El Tigre.

Panel 5.

Full shot of Host. He isn't impressed. Sulan is in the background three feet in the air. She looks uncertain, having trouble concentrating.

Host: El Tigre... from the fight at Octavian's? Oh, I remember your little group, tiger.

Phone: That's El Tigre...

Host: Whatever. Look, I'm not too comfortable with all this. Your little troupe left behind a lot of explaining for me and...

Phone: Shut up!

Panel 6.

Close-up of Host. Surprised look on his face.

Phone: Things are going to get real hairy real soon. We need your help. We'll talk to you about whatever you want to talk about... but we need your help.

Page Seven

Panel 1.

Far back shot of Host on the phone. Sulan has levitated to five feet above the ground.

Sulan: Ah, Host?

Host: I looked into your precious tablets, tigger. I don't think you have any idea what you are playing with here. In fact, I should take them all from you and put them somewhere safe...

Phone: HOST!

Phone: This isn't the time.

Phone: We need a safe house. We need someone with some experience in these things. We need someone who can hide the tablets.

Panel 2.

Sulan falls to the floor and Host whirls around. He is concerned for her, yet he is also too interested in what El Tigre has to say.

Host: You want me to...

Fx: Crash!

Host: Sulan? Sulan! Are you okay?

Phone: Host, I need an answer!

Panel 3.

Side angled shot of the Minion and Silver/Anderson, with Gideon, Stick, and El Tigre in the background watching on.

Minion: I see.

Minion: Well, Anderson, I appreciate you want to move up in the ranks and to be the one to present whatever information you have directly to... the master.

Silver/Anderson: Please don't take offense...

Panel 4.

Front shot of Silver/Anderson, eyes focused, brow furrowed.

Silver/Anderson: ...but of late there has been some jockeying for position under the master. Many have failed him... many...

Panel 5.

Same shot, but the eyes are glazing over. Anderson, a strong spirit is trying to regain control.

Silver/Anderson: ...have been selfish with their information, creating unheard of failures in the organization. Information was used to... was held... back. It would have... prevented...

Panel 6.

Silver/Anderson is holding her head, trying to fight Anderson.

Page Eight

Panel 1.

Side shot of Silver/Anderson and the Minion. The Minion is getting very suspicious and thinks this has gone too far. Silver is fighting Anderson and losing.

Minion: Anderson?

Minion: Anderson! Answer me?

Panel 2.

The Minion has officially had enough. This is some sort of trick on Anderson's part, he's sure. He won't have disobedience in the ranks --- not now. Anderson has gained control but is disoriented and confused as to where he is. Gideon, Stick and El Tigre are worried and starting to think about taking this Minion out before some sort of alarm gets raised. The Minion is leaning over Silver/Anderson, in an authoritative stance. Silver/Anderson starts to lean forward, losing control of her balance.

Minion: If you say you can't trust me, then I should rightfully kill you on the spot!

Panel 3.

Silver/Anderson falls into the Minion's arms. Gideon is ready to dust this guy, but is hesitant, worried that Silver might still be inside Anderson. Stick and El Tigre are even more hesitant.

Minion: I've had enough of this, Anderson! What are you pulling here?

Anderson (thinking): Where am I? What am I doing? I thought I was reporting about what I'd learned... Someone's in my head... controlling me...

Panel 4.

Close-up of Anderson's hand grabbing the Minion's bare wrist. A slight shock in the contact coming from Anderson. Anderson (and all Leapers) have the ability to paralyze their targets with a touch.

Caption: Unsure of where he is and what is happening, Anderson strikes out instinctively with a paralyzing touch before lapsing into unconsciousness. The strain on his body over the last couple of hours has taken its toll on both Silver and Anderson.

Panel 5.

Full shot. The Minion is stepping back, his head spinning, trying to fight the paralysis. Gideon pushes Anderson aside.

Caption: Silver loses touch with Anderson and Anderson's body collapses from exhaustion.

Gideon: She lost him. It's up to us now.

Page Nine

Multiple panels of Gideon blasting the Minion over and over. The group is unsure what to do, standing in the background.

Caption: The Minion is formidable, but even he can't fight the paralyzing touch of a Leaper and a barrage of magical blasts from Gideon.

Page Ten

Panel 1.

Full shot. Gideon stands over the unconscious Minion. Stick steps forward with a worried and pissed off look at Gideon.

Stick: That sure made a lot of noise.

Panel 2.

Front shot of Dale inside the Rover with the Hi Tech Henchmen peeking in.

Henchman 1: Aren't you that news guy? From Independent News?

Dale: Uh, I, uh...

Panel 3.

Close-up shot of the Henchman who is thinking. He is obviously not one of the smarter Henchmen.

Henchman 1: How did you... it doesn't matter.

Panel 4.

Far far shot from outside the vehicle. Henchman 1 is leaning into the Rover (back shot of him) while Henchman 2 stands next to him, hands on his hips.

Henchman 1: You are Dale Turcott. You're coming with me. Someone really wants to talk with you. Step out of the car and we do this nicely.

Panel 5.

Same shot as Panel 3. The Henchman gets a familiar glazed look on his face. Silver has taken him over.

Panel 6.

Front far shot of the Rover. Henchman 1 stands straight up awkwardly. Henchman 2 is looking at him, confused.

Henchman 1: You know what, I don't want any trouble.

Panel 7.

Back one-quarter shot from within the Rover of Dale. Through the front windshield, he can see Henchman 1 walking forward and away from the vehicle. Henchman 2 is running up behind him, confused.

Henchman 2: What's going on here?

Henchman 1: Nothing at all. Just an old friend from high school. Come on! Let's go so we're not late.

Page Eleven

Panel 1.

Front one-quarter shot of Dale. Look of bewilderment on Dale's face. Silver sits up from the back seat, looking at Dale. Silver looks exhausted.

Silver: It's okay, Dale, I happened.

Panel 2.

Side shot of the both of them. Dale has turned around to look back at Silver. He looks worried.

Silver: I took over his mind. I needed to get rid of him right away.

Silver: We have problems. I lost control of the leaper.

Panel 3.

Tight one-quarter shot of Gideon pointing down to the end of the hall, to a room. The doors are opening.

Gideon: We've lost the element of surprise. Look!

Panel 4.

The four of them run forward, with El Tigre leading the charge. He flips off his cap with one hand and pulls out the sonic blaster he stole from Blinshriek several issues ago with the other.

El Tigre: Then let's fix this.

Panel 5.

Far shot of the foursome. Four red cloaked Minions exit the room. These are the elite. They spot the foursome. One of the Minions points towards the group. One of the Minions is half in the room and half out of the room.

El Tigre: Over here!

Page Twelve

Panel 1.

Full shot. El Tigre, running forward, fires the sonic blaster, catching three of the Minions in the blast. The blast is deafening, forcing the Minions to hold their ears in agony. Gideon is immediately behind El Tigre, hand radiating magical energy.


Panel 2.

Far shot of El Tigre and Gideon. Gideon pulls up from behind El Tigre to let off a magical blast.

Gideon: You missed one.


Panel 3.

Full shot. The Minion El Tigre missed with the sonic blast takes Gideon's magical blast straight in the chest, knocking him back.


Panel 4.

Stick flies forward, full speed, crashing fists first into one of the deafened Minions. El Tigre is behind him, tagging two other Minions with a double front forward kick, the sonic blaster still in hand.




Page Thirteen

Panel 1.

Three-quarter shot. Stick has his back to the entranceway. He has the guy he flew into in his hands by the robe. The Minion that Gideon had blasted is getting to his feet in the room.

Panel 2.

With a mighty heft, Stick throws his Minion into the room smashing into the other, both Minions slamming into the wall from the impact. Gideon runs into the room. The tablet is in the center of the room surrounded by a transparent box of energy.


Panel 3.

Back shot of Gideon, slowing his run, trotting up to the energy container around the tablet.

Panel 4.

Opposite of Panel 3. Front shot of Gideon, walking towards the energy container. He is reaching out to it. In the background, El Tigre has unsheathed his straight mystical blade and holds it from the tip, ready to throw it.

Panel 5.

Small panel. Tight close-up shot of Gideon's shoulder and El Tigre's blade flying through the air just over the shoulder. Gideon looks to the side at it as it crosses his line of vision.

Panel 6.

Close-up shot of the blade breaking through the energy container, as if it were breaking glass.


Panel 7.

One-quarter shot. El Tigre has moved into the room, just behind Gideon. Gideon looks back at him.

El Tigre: Can't be too careful, Gideon. That energy field was likely trapped.

Gideon: Uh... thanks... El Tigre.

Page Fourteen

Panel 1.

Back in Dale's Rover. Silver is leaning over the seat. She looks really drained and out of it.

Dale: What happened up there, Silver?

Silver: I just lost control of the guy. I left the guys to fend for themselves. Things are going to get bad up there.

Dale: Why do you think that?

Panel 2.

Tighter one-quarter shot of the two of them.

Silver: This was my plan... my plan.

Dale: And this is what? A chance to prove yourself, or a chance to prove Gideon wrong?

Silver: What?

Panel 3.

Silver looks at Dale incredulously.

Dale: What was this all about? You took over some guy's mind, for God's sake! And you sent him back inside...

Silver: Wait one minute here, Dale! If you're accusing me of something, go ahead and accuse, but don't beat around the bush!

Panel 4.

Same shot as last. Dale is pointing a finger at her.

Dale: It's about free thought, Silver! You took away that man's free thought. You took away his ability to make a choice. And you put him in harm's way by dragging him back into the Hi Tech Henchmen's headquarters. What if this guy's found out?

Silver: Dale, I think you're confusing this with free speech. This has nothing to do with free speech. I just borrowed the guy's body...

Dale: You violated him!

Panel 5.

Tighter shot, showing the building tension between the two. Silver is speechless.

Dale: You admonished Gideon for his unusual methods but think nothing about raping someone's mind! Are you insane? Do you do this in your day job as a psychiatrist, too? Do you rewire people's minds and make them think they are better when they aren't?

Panel 6.

Dale is leaning into the back seat, his face red, pointing a finger at his head (to indicate he is talking about the human mind). Silver is standing back in shock at the outburst. Spit is actually shooting out of his mouth

Dale: By denying this man's own thoughts and sticking yourself in there, you violated his mind!

Page Fifteen

Panel 1.

Gideon and El Tigre are running full steam down a hallway, with Stick flying behind them. This is a tight panel to show the tension in getting out of the building. Wide horizontal panel.

Panel 2.

Another tight horizontal panel. Gideon, Stick and El Tigre continuing down the hall. Gideon has a hand out and a green magical shield forms behind them, intercepting some crimson magical blasts.



Panel 3.

Another tight horizontal panel. Front shot close-up of the three men's eyes. Tense!

Panel 4.

Small panel of the doorway at the bottom of a stairwell.

Panel 5.

Same shot, with Stick flying through, fists forward, slamming the door open.

Fx: BAM!

Panel 6.

Small panel, small shot. The tablet, in El Tigre's hands.

Panel 7.

Wide and skinny panel. Katharta eyes, looking up in realization. The tablet has been taken!

Katharta: Eh?

Page Sixteen

Panel 1.

Large panel. The lobby of the Hi Tech Henchmen building. The three men have made their way out of the stairwell to a greeting of Hi Tech Henchmen, the last standing defense in the building. There are several dozen of them. El Tigre blasts a group of them with the sonic blaster. Gideon's magical energy builds in his hands. Stick is hovering, picking his next move.

Panel 2.

Large panel. The three men are plowing their way through the Henchmen. Gideon is double blasting a group of three. El Tigre is roundhouse kicking two others. Stick has picked up one and is waving him around like a club taking out three more of them.

Panel 3.

Silver is leaning back almost submissively in the backseat of Dale's Rover.

Silver: Dale. They've been found out.

Dale: They've...

Dale: ... been found out?

Panel 4.

This time, Silver is on the attack, in Dale's face.

Silver: While I'm here getting yelled at by you, my friends... our friends... are being overwhelmed by hordes of Hi Tech Henchmen!

Panel 5.

Close-up of Dale's face. The rage is subsiding as realization kicks in.

Silver (out of panel): They have the tablet, Dale. They have it!

Page Seventeen

Panel 1.

Large panel. Stick is at the back of the three of them, waving the Henchman around, clearing a swath behind them. Some of the Henchmen are intimidated and are holding back. El Tigre is flipping over one Henchman and swinging a kick into another (he has the tablet tucked under his only free arm). Gideon has his shield up and is using it to push through a crowd of more Henchmen between them and the entrance to the building.

Panel 2.

El Tigre follows through, landing and flipping the Henchman he jumped over into a group of Henchmen. Stick is flying up (just a few feet in the beginning of flight), dropping the Henchman into a group of others. Gideon lets loose a blast of magical energy from behind the shield into another Henchman.

Panel 3.

Stick flies towards the entrance, just over Gideon's head, plowing into a group of Henchmen at the door. Strong solid forward punch from El Tigre into another Henchman. Gideon backhands someone with the shield.

Page Eighteen

Panel 1.

Gideon builds a wall of green energy to one side, blocking any more attackers from getting at him and starts to run towards the door which Stick seems to have cleared. Stick backhands a stray Henchman while flying towards the entrance. El Tigre takes a small bound towards a Henchman running in behind Gideon, who is unaware.

Panel 2.

El Tigre bounces off the Henchman's back that he targeted last panel. The bounce carries him over Gideon and towards the doorway. Stick flies through the front door. They explode outwards from the impact. Gideon runs forward, with a glance behind at the Henchman that El Tigre downed.

Panel 3.

Gideon and El Tigre follow Stick through the entrance to the outside.

Page Nineteen

Panel 1.

Front far shot of the building, with Gideon running forward towards Dale's Rover. El Tigre bounds, landing next to the vehicle. Stick flies to the car and up to curb his momentum.

Panel 2.

They pile into the vehicle.

Panel 3.

Inside the vehicle, El Tigre is shouting to Dale.

El Tigre: Move it, Dale! Get out of here now!

Panel 4.

Far slight overhead shot of the Rover burning rubber, a couple of Henchmen running out of the building, seeing the vehicle drive away.


Panel 5.

Close-up of the tablet in El Tigre's hands. Undulating waves are coming from it, triggered by physical contact with El Tigre.

Panel 6.

Katharta and his two servants, the ones who were covering him with Tibetan script last issue. Katharta is fully aware of that the tablet has been taken. The servants look at Katharta in submissive fear.

Katharta: My tablet...

Page Twenty

Panel 1.

Front angled far shot of the Hi Tech Henchmen building. A Minion in a crimson robe flies out of the front door of the building, aboard a thin disk of solid crimson magical energy into the forefront of the panel. He is crouched low and holding the front of the disk for support. He is angry. They are not going to get away!

Panel 2.

Far far shot of the Rover racing down the street. Traffic is starting to thicken, but Dale is still able to swerve through it. The angle is off kilter to heighten the tension.

Panel 3.

Another off-kilter angle, the opposite of the last panel. Same as last panel except that the Rover has moved closer in the panel. As well, the Minion in robes has cornered onto this street, a dozen feet off the ground.

Panel 4.

Tight shot inside the Rover. Everyone is panicked.

Silver: We're being followed!

Dale: I can lose him.

Panel 5.

Overhead shot. The Rover swerves onto a side street, using the sidewalk to get there, and back onto the street. The Minion is closing in, easily rounding the corner.

Panel 6.

Overhead shot. The Rover veers left. The Minion follows.

Panel 7.

The Rover takes a sharp right down a street, faking out the Minion who keeps going left.

Page Twenty-One

Panel 1.

Another overhead shot. The vehicle darts between cars towards a full fledged traffic jam.

Panel 2.

Close-up shot of Dale's face.

Dale: Shit!

Panel 3.

Side angled shot. The vehicle rear-ends a car and stops dead. The street is clogged with traffic.


Panel 4.

Far shot. Everyone starts to get out of the vehicle. Gideon, Dale and Silver in particular are shaken up.

Dale: Sorry. There was nowhere to go.

Gideon: You did well, Dale. I'm impressed.

El Tigre: He's coming...

Panel 5.

Tight shot of Gideon, Silver, Stick and El Tigre's heads. Gideon is dead ready.

Gideon: He's mine. We can make it to Host's on foot from here.

Gideon: Start moving, I'll catch up.

Panel 6.

Stick puts a hand on Gideon's shoulder. Dale gives them a look of distrust.

Stick: No. We're with you. We all get out of this.

Page Twenty-Two

Splash page.

Side slight bird's eye view. The Minion is heading full speed down the street towards them. The fight is on.

Caption: And we leave you here. Next issue, the fight continues. And someone dies...

Editor's Note:

SYMKA and the World of Genetics are the intellectual property of Sean McGinity - all rights reserved.