November 2004

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Words from the Wise (Guys) - Nicholas HM Caldwell
GM or Player


Symka: Part 20 - Sean McGinity
The showdown between the parahumans and Bryce's mercenaries continues


Greater Rituals - Nicholas HM Caldwell
How to create new magical effects using HARP's Ritual Magic, including two full worked examples.

Irregular Progressions - Tim Dugger
HARP without levels by its designer

Removing Professions from HARP Fantasy - Nicholas HM Caldwell
A profession-less approach to HARP


Review: War of the Ring - Nigel Buckle
A big game of the biggest story in fantasy literature


Fascinating Ways - Helen Mazarakis and W. Alexander McCollum
A new Bardic spell list for the true performer

Filling in the Blanks - Helen Mazarakis
Suggestions and new spells for eliminating blank slots on selected Spell Law lists