Filling in the Blanks

Copyright Helen Mazarakis © 2004

Edited by Peter Mork for The Guild Companion

This article provides suggestions for eliminating blank slots on selected spell lists. The format for each entry is as follows, where A.B.C indicates a section from Spell Law and N indicates the level of the blank slot or the level of the original level of the replacement spell. Modifications are presented in square brackets.

Spell List with Blank A.B.C.N

Spell (A.B.C.N)

Lofty Movements

Leap (

Lofty Movements

Landing (

Nature's Law

Earth Lore: Caster learns the fertility, nutrients, and moistness of target soil and its appropriateness for planting. Area of effect: one 10'x10' area of earth, Duration: —, Range: 10', Type: I.

Nature's Law

Fauna Lore: Caster learns type, habitat, and diet of any one animal. If the animal is magically created or a fantastic animal, the caster gets no information. Area of effect: 1 animal, Duration: —, Range 10', Type: I.

Sound's Way

Long Whisper ( [Range 50']

Sound's Way

Sounding II (

Calm Spirits

Sleep V (


Compass (

Detecting Ways

Detect Illusion (

Detecting Ways

Detect Curse (

Essence's Perceptions

Scent ( [Duration 1 min/level]

Rune Mastery

Runic Lore: Caster gains +20 on one attempt to read runes. Area of effect: caster, Duration: —, Range: self, Type: U.

Invisible Ways

Shadow (

Invisible Ways

Hidden Pocket (

Living Change

Hues ( [Maximum hiding bonus is +25, Area of effect: any one organic object, Range: touch]

Gate Mastery

True Familiar: Caster is able to transform an animal already created as his "familiar" to a "true familiar" (see Essence Companion). Area of effect: one animal, Duration: permanent, Range: touch, Type: U.

Spell Reins

Power Dilution: For the duration of this spell, the caster may expend one-half the normal power points (rounded up) when casting subsequent spells. However, all spells cast with reduced power points require a spell casting static maneuver (with a special modification of -20), and any BAR or EAR is subject to a special modification of -20. Area of effect: caster, Duration: 1 minute/level, Range: self, Type: U.

Earth Law

Excavate: Caster may dig a hole in the earth (up to 100 cubic feet per level per round). Area of effect: varies, Duration: 1 min/level, Range: 100', Type: U.

Ice Law

Cold Ball I: Area of effect: 10'R, Duration: —, Range: 100', Type: BE.

Attack Avoidance

Turn Blade II: Caster gains a +10 DB vs. two attacks. Caster must be able to see both attacks. Area of effect: 2 attacks, Duration: —, Range: self, Type: U.

Liquid Manipulation

Condense Water (

Mind's Door

Vibrations (

Controlling Songs

Song of Confusion: As Confusion ( [Duration: concentration, Range: 50']