Alternate Damage Adjustment by Armor

Copyright Christian Nicolaisen © 2004

Edited by Mario Butter for The Guild Companion

In Martial Law, an optional revised critical system is introduced which varies the damage taken by a character according to the type of armor. A character wearing Plate will have most injuries reduced to merely Hit Damage only, rather than a combination of Hits, Maneuver Penalties, Bleeding and Stun Results.

The following proposed rule option reduces the damage taken from the most serious wounds rather than reducing all injuries.

Wearing armor adjusts the Damage Cap as follows:

  • No armor: +10
  • Soft leather: +5
  • Rigid leather: no adjustment
  • Chain: -5
  • Plate&Chain: -10
  • Plate: -15

Example: Edgar the fighter is clad in Plate armor. A Medium Attack has a normal Damage Cap of 100, modified by -15 (for Plate), giving an adjusted damage cap of 85.

His foe, Woran the Rogue is armed with a greataxe, which is a Large weapon. Woran attacks Edgar making a Total Attack Roll (d100 roll + Woran's OB - Edgar's DB) of 98. The Adjusted Attack Roll is 98 + 10 (Large Weapon critical modifier) = 108. The normal damage cap for Large Weapons is 110, but is modified by -15 by these rules, giving an Adjusted Damage Cap of 95. Woran's attack is thus reduced from 108 to 95.