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Edited by Nicholas HM Caldwell for The Guild Companion


To the sixty-eighth issue of The Guild Companion

Playing the Waiting Game

Sometimes you just have to wait for events to occur. For instance, recently I have been helping a friend set up a company website (Mitchell Web Design as the obligatory plug!) and working through the process of search engine registration. Once upon a time that was a tedious but relatively painless process of filling in forms. Now, with a few noble exceptions, the search engines want hard cash to ensure that a site is added to their knowledge base in a timely fashion. Alternatively you can wait until a search engine crawler finds the site in its dogged pursuit of links. Of course, that only works if other people link to you - fortunately my friend's site was linked from websites created before going freelance became a forced career move. Our patience has been duly rewarded as the search engines have gradually found their way to the site following those allied links.

There's a lesson here. It's not who you know, but who knows you.

We are looking into the possibilities of hosting a backup mirror of The Guild Companion with Mitchell Web Design to safeguard against the occasional emergencies that have knocked us off the Web here.

... But Not For Much Longer

Waiting on search engines is one thing, but many of you have been waiting a very long time for us to deliver reprinted PDFs of very out-of-print ICE products such as Castles & Ruins and Essence Companion. I have some extremely good news on that front.

Thanks to the assistance of Tim Dugger and Sherry Robinson at ICE, and the perseverance of Joe Mandala, we have cracked the archive problem for Castles & Ruins. I even have a PDF of the first few pages of the book as proof of the process and of our ability to make changes to the archive files in order to fix errata.

Barring real-world incursions into his time, Joe expects to have Castles & Ruins complete with errata corrected and addenda material included for November.

Joe will then be tackling Essence Companion. We're hoping to locate some missing fonts for its archives, but if push comes to shove, it can be reformatted from scratch.

So your patience will receive its first rewards soon.

Changes at RPGNow

We currently sell City of Archendurn, Aaron Smalley's d20/RM citybook, through www.RPGNow.com., and intend all being well to sell Castles & Ruins, Essence Companion, and the Shadow World Master Atlas d20 Edition via them in due course.

RPGNow has been suffering for some time from a bloated catalogue of non-selling items and a gradual increase in fees. To maintain their profitability, they have decided to increase their charge to publishers by 5% and to increase their minimum order amount from 4.95 USD to 6.45 USD. They are also intending to remove dead products and any that don't meet their quality requirements (informative description, aesthetic front cover, and proper price for page count.) The potential knock-on effect of all of these is that we may have to increase the price of City of Archendurn but this is not yet certain. If you have been putting off buying this product, you might want to act now.

Despite these temporary inconveniences, we remain very happy with RPGNow's service, and expect to use them for the forseeable future.

Farewell for now ...

Our next issue will be published in November 2004, but until then ...

Keep gaming and have fun,
Nicholas HM Caldwell
General Editor for The Guild Companion