Symka: Part 19

Copyright Sean McGinity © 2004

Edited by Nicholas HM Caldwell for The Guild Companion

"His wrath will be great if we fail him again."

Page One

Splash Page

Slight bird's eye view of the wrecked Diamond Emporium building. There are dozens upon dozens of firemen, police, paramedics, as well as all of their vehicles. People are tending to the survivors. Amid all of this are: Gideon healing someone; Silver tending to an injured person; Stick digging through some wreckage; and El Tigre scoping the building from within the dent of the explosion. Dust is heavy in the air.

Caption: 20 minutes ago a bomb went off in Winnipeg.


Page Two

Panel 1.

Full shot of Stick landing near a heaping mound of rubble. There are a couple of members of the fire department nearby pointing at the rubble. His staff is not extended and is housed on his belt.

Caption: The blast was enough to shake the whole city.

Panel 2.

Full shot of Stick and the members of the fire department. Stick is squatting, digging his fingers under the rubble, getting a grip on it. The others are watching him in awe.

Panel 3.

With a hard strain, Stick straightens his legs, lifting the section of rubble slowly up, revealing a man underneath, barely conscious with several injuries: head trauma centered around his ear and a lacerated leg.

Caption: Less than 20 minutes ago, the city gathered together, to show solidarity like never before. Hundreds of people flooded to the area to help.

Panel 4.

The fire people pull the body out from under the rubble as Stick struggles with the weight of the rubble.

Caption: This was a disaster that struck the city, a disaster too similar to the one that robbed the world of Switzerland months ago.

Panel 5.

Stick drops the rubble back down. Far, far shot of Gideon making his way towards them all, green energy flowing out of his hands.

Caption: The city would need to pool all of its resources to help out.

Page Three

Panel 1.

Full shot Gideon (in "costume") and the victim. One of the fire crew is watching, telling Gideon something (which isn't reflected in word balloons). Another fire person is pointing off to something else off-panel to Stick in the background. Gideon is pouring his green magical energies into the person. There is a strain on Gideon's face. The victim is severely wounded with a massive cut to his leg and some head trauma, near his ear. Of note, Gideon's hair should have a decidedly darker tint to the blonde. It is no longer straight blonde, an after-effect of killing his own dark-haired father.

Caption: Many are afraid this is the second coming of that attack on Switzerland...,

Panel 2.

Tighter three-quarter shot. The wounds on the victim are fading as Gideon is really feeling the strain.

Caption: ...that Winnipeg... maybe all of Canada is next.

Panel 3.

Gideon pulls away, drained. The victim's wounds are almost entirely healed.

Panel 4.

He stands, leaning back, the slight breeze blowing his hair back, showing head trauma on his own head, exactly the same as the victim had. His eyes are glazed and he is feeling the pain. There is green energy flowing around the wound.

Caption: And even though Canada rallied to offer every aid to Switzerland, the catastrophe didn't happen on their own soil. Maybe they were a little apathetic.

Panel 5.

Close-up shot of the ear. Green energy crackles around the wound.

Panel 6.

Close-up shot of the ear again, but it has healed some. Green energy crackles around the wound.

Panel 7.

Close-up shot of the ear again, this time mostly healed. The green energy starts to dissipate some as it sets the last moments of healing on the wound.

Page Four

Panel 1.

Far shot of El Tigre jumping down from the Diamond Emporium building (the back end of the building with the indent from the bombing). He is carrying an unconscious woman in his arms.

Caption: Canadians are a guilty people, sometimes feeling they haven't done enough.

Panel 2.

Far shot. El Tigre bounds from the landing to some 60 feet away from the building, near the park. Silver is there finishing up on a woman, wrapping an arm in gauze.

Caption: Would the rest of the world feel this way about Canada?

Panel 3.

El Tigre lays the woman down near Silver, motioning to the woman's leg (it's broken).

Panel 4.

Tight full shot of El Tigre, bounding forward into the panel (in three hops) towards the building. He looks determined and exhausted.

Caption: Is Canada about to be attacked just like Switzerland was? Decimated down to the soil so nothing can even grow there again? And will anybody do anything about it?

Page Five

Panel 1.

Silver is placing two pieces of wood on either side of the woman's injured leg.

Caption: Would the rest of the world be as apathetic as Canada feels they were?

Panel 2.

Silver wraps tensor bandage around the leg and the tourniquet.

Caption: It's been 20 minutes since the attack and nothing else has happened yet. But something has.

Caption: Stick, Silver, Gideon and El Tigre have arrived on the scene not armed with anything but a helping hand.

Panel 3.

Silver extends a hand out to the woman, a parallel to the psychic energy coming from her mind to the woman's mind, easing her hurt.

Caption: They are here to help, to save as many lives as they can. Even though they are wide open to attacks from any of their enemies, not to mention the criminal investigation of their actions by the Winnipeg Police Force, they brave on.

Panel 4.

The woman smiles and cries and Silver smiles in return.

Caption: To the citizens of this city, nothing matters but trying to save as many from this disaster as they can. In this moment, Winnipeg is pulling together to save its own.

Caption: Our heroes are helping them achieve this and in this moment, all judgments are cast aside.

Page Six

Panel 1.

Inside Host's kitchen, Host is sitting (in a full shot) on a barstool, feet pulled up and resting on the bottom rung of the stool. He is sipping a hot cup of coffee, watching a small television set on the countertop.

Caption: Meanwhile, back at Host's mansion, Host is sitting in anxiety.

Host (thinking): What is going on? It doesn't appear to be a terrorist attack like the one in Switzerland...

Host (thinking): ...there's no follow-up. It seems to be a single attack against the Diamond Emporium.

Panel 2.

One-quarter front shot. Host is deeply meditative.

Host (thinking): Not so strange in itself. I'm certain Katharta made a lot of enemies over the last century. It's not unusual that this might happen. But for someone to cause this much death over him...

Panel 3.

One-quarter shot, Host lowers his head in sadness.

Host: My god, the carnage.

Panel 4.

Inside a room at the Hi Tech Henchmen headquarters sit two Minions, in full cloaks and hoods. They are arguing.

Caption: Meanwhile at the Hi Tech Henchmen headquarters, two of Katharta's Minions are in a heated argument...

Minion 1: We must strike back with vengeance!

Minion 2: No! We will not take a stand yet. We don't know what is going on...

Minion 1: You are wrong!

Page Seven

Panel 1.

Minion 1 is pounding his fist on the table. Minion 2 is calm and in control.

Minion 1: We know full well who our enemies are are! It is a simple matter of elimination... one by one.

Minion 2: And would you have the master destroy us all? We have failed so many times in the last weeks when one of us took initiative. His wrath will be great if we fail him again.

Panel 3.

Minion 2 has his hands on his chest to point to himself.

Minion 2: Our former leaders took initiative. And what happened to them.

Minion 2: We've moved up in the ranks because the Master slaughtered those above us.

Panel 4.

Full shot. Gideon is walking away lazily from another person he's helped. Green energy glows around multiple spots on his body from his regeneration. He is weary and barely able to stand. Gideon is incredibly injured, having taken on multiple wounds from the people he has healed. He has contusions over his body and his clothing is stained with blood in several spots.

Caption: Hours later at the remains of the Diamond Emporium building...

Host (thinking): I've saved another one. There are many more to... go...

Panel 5.

Three-quarter shot of the same. Gideon is truly stumbling in this panel, starting to lose his footing. The green energy around him is trailing him like smoke.

Caption: Gideon has been taking on the wounds of his victims and relying on his own magics to heal these same wounds on himself. But as the number of injured and dying is so high, Gideon has forced himself to work much faster.

Panel 6.

One-quarter shot. Gideon falls forward down. He doesn't even try to catch himself.

Caption: His own self-healing still needs time... time he hasn't been giving himself...

Page Eight

Panel 1.

Full shot. A paramedic is hunched over Gideon, flipping him over onto his back. Gideon is completely unconscious. Silver is walking over, almost in a run. She is trying to look over the paramedic's shoulder to see what is going on. The green energy is still present.

Paramedic: He's barely breathing, he has a weak pulse.

Panel 2.

Silver is standing over the paramedic. Gideon is fully on his back and the paramedic is checking Gideon's pulse. Silver looks incredibly concerned.

Silver: Is he okay?

Paramedic: I don't know. I don't understand this sort of thing. I never specialized in parahumans.

Paramedic: There's this green energy around these wounds he has. The wounds he has... they look like he was caught in the blast.

Panel 3.

Silver steps in and crouches in next to the paramedic. She is looking Gideon over.

Silver: I work at the hospital. I've had some experience with parahumans before. Trust me... it's a case by case basis.

Silver: This energy of his... he's been using it to leech the wounds out of the bodies of the people caught in the blast. These wounds, however... he's been drawing them into himself.

Panel 4.

Silver is pulling the hoodie back off of his face.

Silver: This energy around him... seems to be what he draws the wounds out with. But this energy also seems to be healing him.

Silver: He doesn't appear to heal himself as quickly as he can do others. And he's been at this for hours.

Panel 5.

Overhead shot of the three of them. Gideon is stirring. He is barely alive.

Silver: He looks almost dead... no wait...Gideon stirs.

Gideon: Help me up.

Page Nine

Panel 1.

Angled side shot. Gideon is looking at Silver. He is completely out of it and likely has no idea where he is. The paramedic is getting up to his feet.

Gideon: There are more to heal. I just need some help getting to my feet.

Silver: No, let your power take care of you. Let yourself heal. You've done enough.

Paramedic: You've done you're best, sir. You rest now. Take it easy. You've made an impressive dent in all this. Many owe you their lives.

Paramedic: Rest. I have to get back to this to help the others.

Panel 2.

Silver is pushing the hair out of Gideon's face.

Gideon: How does it look? How many more?

Silver: We have things in hand, Gideon. The rest of us will keep going. You've already done more than your fair share here.

Panel 3.

Silver props Gideon up so he is seated against a small mound of rubble.

Silver: I'm going back, Gideon, to help some more.

Gideon: Wait! How bad is it, Silver? How many are dead? How many more need to be saved?

Panel 4.

She bites her lip and lies in a one-quarter shot of her face.

Silver: Not many. Thanks to you.

Panel 5.

She looks down on him lovingly.

Silver: Look, Gideon, I may have said some things about you... we all may have. But you've proved yourself here today to us. I think we simply misunderstood you.

Panel 6.

She touches a hand to his face.

Silver: Thank you.

Page Ten

Panel 1.

Far shot. El Tigre is talking to a group of firemen. The firemen are pointing upwards to the building.

Fireman 1: We've spotted someone on the 4th floor.

Panel 2.

Tighter three-quarter shot of El Tigre and the firemen.

Fireman 2: The structure above on the 5th is starting to give. I don't think we can get a ladder up in time.

Panel 3.

Far shot of the building, showcasing the 4th and 5th floor. The structure there should look weak.

Panel 4.

El Tigre bounds off towards the building.

El Tigre: All you have to do is point me in the right direction, chief. I haven't even broken a sweat yet.

Panel 5.

El Tigre bounds up to the 3rd floor.

El Tigre (thinking): The third floor was solid when I was last up here. I can't take the chance of landing on the 4th directly. I don't want my additional weight to topple anything.

Page Eleven

Panel 1.

El Tigre climbs up the side of that floor up to the 4th floor. He moves slowly, methodically.

El Tigre (thinking): I was lying to the firechief.

El Tigre (thinking): I don't know how long I can keep this up. My body's aching. I've been at this for forever. I'm beat and at the end of my rope.

Panel 2.

El Tigre has made it up to the 4th floor and is getting to his feet slowly.

El Tigre (thinking): But I can't stop now... not with so many people in need.

Panel 3.

El Tigre is walking across the floor. He's keeping his head up, worried about the 5th floor collapsing in.

El Tigre (thinking): The floor here is weak. I need to be careful. I don't want the floor to collapse.

El Tigre (thinking): I never asked where this person was that they spotted. I should have waited another second and gotten the information. But it's too late to turn back now.

Panel 4.

El Tigre clasps his hands on each side of his mouth, saying:

El Tigre: Where are you?

Voice: Please help me...

El Tigre: There!

Page Twelve

Panel 1.

El Tigre is crouched over a mound of rubble with portions of an office desk sticking out of it. There is a gaping hole in it and an old woman's face is peering through it.

El Tigre: Hang on. My name is...

El Tigre: ...

El Tigre: ...El Tigre...

El Tigre: ... and I'm helping the authorities rescue everyone. Are you okay?


Panel 2.

Worm's eye view. El Tigre's looking up and the ceiling is starting to crack open from the 5th floor.

El Tigre: Oh no.


Panel 3.

Far shot. A section of the 7th floor crumbles smashing through the 6th and into the 5th.


Page Thirteen

Panel 1.

Bird's eye view down onto El Tigre, who picks up a bent out of shape desk (two-handed) from a pile of rubble near the old lady's pile of rubble. He is poised and ready. Chunks of rubble are falling towards him (the size of watermelons).

Panel 2.

Full shot. Using the table as a bat, El Tigre bats away two chunks of rubble in one continuous movement.



Panel 3.

Another full shot of El Tigre smashing more of them away. This pretty much destroys the desk in his hands.



Page Fourteen

Panel 1.

Full shot, slight worm's eye view. El Tigre casts the remnants of the table aside, moving quickly back towards the pile of rubble.

El Tigre (thinking): She's under here. I need to move this gently --- but fast. I don't know how much more time I have before everything gives way.

Panel 2.

Tight three-quarter shot of El Tigre straining. He is gripping the mound of rubble and it is starting to move.

Panel 3.

With a heft, El Tigre clears a large section away over the victim, a small middle-aged woman.

Panel 4.

Spent, he drops to one knee next to her. She is crying, and begging him.

Old Woman: Please, I have a grandchild being born today. I don't want to die.

Panel 5.

He scoops her up in arms gently.

El Tigre: Don't worry, ma'am. I have you. I'll get you out of here.


Panel 6.

One-quarter shot of El Tigre looking up. Some dust is falling and very small pieces of debris.


Page Fifteen

Panel 1.

One-quarter shot. On the ground the firemen are looking up, incredible concern in their face.

Fireman 2: Come on, come on!

Panel 2.

Far, far shot. The 5th floor falls, slamming into the 4th floor, letting off a wave of dust under the collapse.

Fx: CRASH!!!!!!!!

Panel 3.

Same as Panel 1. Fireman 2 is holding his eyes to hide the tears. Fireman 1 has a hand on his back in reassurance.

Fireman 2: Damn! We lost another one!

Fireman 1: Buckle up; we have a lot more to find. We can't stop now.

Panel 4.

Back full shot of the two firemen walking away. Fireman 2 is hunched a bit with the other urging him on.

Fireman 2: I know, I...

Voice (off-panel): Chief?

Fireman 1: What?

Panel 5.

Full shot of El Tigre and the woman. He is covered in dust but otherwise unharmed. He is carrying the woman in his arms. His shoulder is scraped up hard, bloody. The two firemen are also in the shot, ecstatic they made it out.

El Tigre: I have one more for you. I managed to get out from the other side. I found a wall that was weakened enough to leap through.

Fireman 1: You're hurt.

El Tigre: Yes, I am, but I'm not dead yet. I had to put everything I had into getting through that wall.

Panel 6.

Stick is lifting a section of wall to reveal a man and woman safe under a desk in a full shot.

Caption: Meanwhile...

Stick: Hurry up! This is heavy!

Page Sixteen

Panel 1.

Similar shot to last. Some policemen are pulling the victims out who are unconscious.

Panel 2.

The victims are out (and off-panel). Stick drops the section, exhausted.


Panel 3.

Stick drops to his knees, while struggling to keep his upper body straight.

Stick (thinking): Didn't think I could lift that much weight.

Stick (thinking): I'm spent. That took everything out of me. But I couldn't give up. Those people wouldn't have made it without me.

Panel 4.

Stick leans against a block of rubble to support himself from totally falling over. He is angry and sad at the same time. One-quarter side shot. His head is slightly downcast. There's a light shadow over his face.

Stick (thinking): How could someone do something like this? How could someone try to hurt so many innocent people?

Stick (thinking): The effort to try and save all these people... do these murderers realize what we have to do here to save them all?

Panel 5.

Using the mound of rubble as support, Stick forces himself up to his feet, pushing himself up with his arm. He is very unsteady.

Stick (thinking): I just need to rest a little...

Stick (thinking): But I can't give up now. I need to focus on the task at hand. When this is all over I can rest for as long as I need to.

Panel 6.

A policewoman rushes up to Stick. Stick turns his head towards her. He is trying his best to shake off the fatigue.

Officer 1: I could use your help over here, buddy! I found a whole group of people trapped just over there, past that mound of rubble.

Panel 7.

Stick picks her up, with a scoop around the waist.

Page Seventeen

Panel 1.

Large panel. Bird's eye view shot. They are several dozen feet in the air, looking down at a group of police next to a section of rubble. The officer is both afraid and in awe (at flying).

Stick: You mean over here?

Panel 2.

They land. A couple of the other officers are looking back at them, but keeping their concentration on the mound of rubble they are standing in front of. One of the other officers is walking over to them.

Officer 1: We counted at least 5 people under here. Looks like the lunchroom sank intact and got smothered over here.

Stick: That's... large.

Panel 3.

The other officer walks up to them, as the first officer steps away from Stick. Officer 2 is disgruntled and generally very angry. Stick is not intimidated (too tired to be).

Officer 2: I'm not a fan of you guys. What you did at the museum was a crime and when that's all done...

Stick: ...I'm not worried about when this is all done and neither should you. Get your priorities straight! There are lives at stake! Keep that in mind!

Panel 4.

Officer 1 is pointing away to the other people Stick saved (off-panel), standing up for Stick. Stick is reasoning with Officer 2.

Officer 1: He's strong! He lifted a whole section and saved two people.

Stick: I can't do this without your help, officer. I need you to point me exactly where the rubble fell. If I lift in the wrong area I could crush someone if the rubble shifts.

Panel 5.

One-quarter shot of Officer 2. He is extremely suspicious.

Officer 2: Over here.

Page Eighteen

Panel 1.

Large panel. Stick hoists up the chunk of rubble over his head, revealing eight people (three that are unconscious). They are all seriously injured.

Caption: And within a moment, Stick hefts the huge piece of rubble over his head, straining his muscles to their full extent.

Caption: He has never lifted this sort of weight before and even with his Super-Strength, these 15 tons are heavy.

Panel 2.

Large panel. He drops the weight off to one side in one last shrug. He is spent.

Caption: With the last of his strength, Stick throws the large piece of rubble aside.


Panel 3.

Stick falls back, slowing his fall by grabbing a street sign protruding through the rubble he stands on. He can stand no longer. The officers are rushing in to help the trapped victims.

Stick: Need to catch my breath... jes' for a second...

Stick (thinking): I did it... I did it...

Voice (off-panel): Thank you, thank you...

Panel 4.

Full shot. A woman has jumped onto him and is hugging him. She is so happy to be alive! Stick is a little taken aback, but too weak to resist.

The woman: Thank you, white knight! You are an angel!

Stick: It's... Its okay, ma'am.

Panel 5.

Three-quarter shot. She is looking at Stick as if he was an angel, in awe of him, and incredibly grateful.

The woman: I brought my son into work with me today. I couldn't find a sitter and I needed to put in some overtime.

The woman: You saved my son. You saved my son!

The woman: My life would have been destroyed if I had lost him.

Panel 6.

She is sobbing in his arms and he looks down to her, grateful for his strength, grateful he was there for this woman. He is suddenly realizing what he can do with his power and that he has a purpose. To save lives. With the weight of this realization he sheds tears.

Page Nineteen

Panel 1.

Far shot of Snapshot (still out of costume -- and with a building casting a shadow on his face to hide his features). Three-quarter shot of Dale Turcott with videocamera in hand. They are on the perimeter of the disaster, watching behind a police line.

Snapshot (thinking): Somebody got a mad on. Got pissed with the Diamond Emporium something fierce. And who comes out to help but them parahumans. Interesting.

Dale (thinking): I picked up the camera in my car... good thing. This is Pulitzer Prize winning material.

Dale (thinking): Maybe I started judging them too quickly. They are working themselves into exhaustion here, trying to save as many people as they can.

Panel 2.

Side one-quarter shot of Dale.

Dale (thinking): They are open targets here. The police or any of their enemies could take them at any time. At the pace they are going, they'd be too tired to provide any resistance to the authorities. But nothing is happening. They are working together out there with the authorities.

Dale (thinking): I'll send this footage to the networks. Surely this will help make a better name for them.

Panel 3.

Shot of Snapshot, Dale and third figure: Blaster. Blaster is casually strolling past them without a care in the world. He has a cocky smile on his face. Dale is worried.

Snapshot (thinking): Now there's a familiar face...

Dale (thinking): It's one of Bryan's bodyguards! What's he doing here?

Panel 4.

Rear full shot of Blaster walking up to Gideon, who is still sitting, looking slightly better than before, his magical energies flowing around him, working overtime to heal himself.

Panel 5.

Front shot. Blaster is standing a little behind and over Gideon, looking down at him.

Blaster: Some show, huh?

Panel 6.

Gideon turns his head to see Blaster.

Blaster: Don't bother getting up, pretty boy. I seen all the work you been doing. You must be tired. You wouldn't stand a chance. I could finish you here.

Gideon: Then why don't you? You have some problem with making a calculated attack? Or is it something about honor?

Page Twenty

Panel 1.

Side angled shot, slight worm's eye view.

Blaster: You make a good point, but Bryce has told me you're all off-limits for right now. That's on account of you having something he wants.

Blaster: If I killed you now, how would I ever get my hands on the something you have that he wants?

Gideon: But then you could kill me where I stand to get the others' cooperation, couldn't you?

Panel 2.

Same panel. Blaster is looking down at Gideon.

Panel 3.

Same panel.

Blaster: That green energy around you? Is that healing you right now?

Gideon: Yes. I'm buying time. How much you have?

Panel 4.

One-quarter shot. Blaster leans in close enough to whisper into Gideon's ear.

Blaster: Meet Bryce at Freitag's Tavern with the tablets in 3 days at 4pm.

Blaster: He likes to beat the dinner rush.

Blaster: This is what happened because Hi Tech Henchmen pissed him off. Don't be another victim. Winnipeg can't handle another catastrophe like this.

Panel 5.

Front full shot. Blaster walks away. Gideon remains seated.

Gideon (thinking): Too weak to follow him. I couldn't even get up to a seated position on my own.

Panel 6.

Close-up shot of Gideon's face. The cuts on his face are healing before our eyes.

Gideon (thinking): Is this bombing Bryce's? Did he plan this?

Page Twenty-One

Panel 1.

Large panel. Gideon, Stick, and El Tigre are back up on their feet, talking in a group. Silver is standing nearby, moving closer. Ricky and Sulan have just walked up to the group.

Ricky: You have done good work here.

Stick: I noticed you two were pitching in, too.

Sulan: People are noticing too.

Ricky: Your friend Dale Turcott has been taking some video.

Gideon: He has?

Panel 2.

One-quarter shot of all of them. Silver has moved into the panel.

Ricky: Oh yes. This is being televised. You're on all the channels.

Panel 3.

Trish Wilby is standing in front of the wreckage with Dale Turcott.

Caption: Meanwhile, Dale Turcott speaks with Trish Wilby from the NBC Newstation.

Dale: Aren't you glad I looked you up?

Trish: Dale, I've been busy...

Dale: its okay, Trish. I understand. You were working on your career, I was working on mine.

Panel 4.

She is looking at him like they are old friends. There's a hint that there may have been more. He is handing her a camera tape.

Trish: We had a position for you at NBC. They wanted you. I made sure of that. You had the goods, Dale.

Dale: I still do, I think. This is for you. Maybe you can get your network to air this. I need to help these parahumans out.

Panel 5.

She places the tape in her bag. She looks concerned.

Trish: What are you doing, Dale? Have you been shadowing them?

Dale: Much worse. I got too close. Now I can't find myself abandoning them. It's not just the story anymore, Trish. It's more than the story. There's something more here. I need to be there when it happens.

Trish: And you without a station.

Panel 6.

He smiles at her. She smiles back.

Dale: You heard?

Trish: I'm a reporter. I hear all.

Dale: The owner isn't around anymore. Things may change.

Trish: If they don't, Dale, please call me. I've moved up at NBC. I'm the top reporter now. Wouldn't it be fun competing for stories again?

Dale: I'll call you. When this is over. I promise. Now go edit that tape and get it out there.

Page Twenty-Two

Panel 1.

Television type panel. Trish Wilby is on the air with the story.

Trish: Just in: the latest on the bombing of the Diamond Emporium building.

Trish: Speculation is that the bomb in question was in fact a vehicle loaded with explosives that struck the rear of the building. The amount of explosives used would have had to be large in number for the damage caused.

Trish: Earlier speculation on this being another strike from the terrorist organization Strength were quickly refuted by local authorities. This seems to be a direct single attack against the Diamond Emporium.

Trish: What prevented this from being a worse disaster was the timely involvement of the group the press has dubbed the Tablet Murderers. The Tablet Murderers have been accused publicly by the organization Hi Tech Henchmen as responsible for the murder of Jeff Anderson, the night watchman for the Museum of Antiquities. Today, however, they were here using their incredible powers to save lives, by moving debris, getting stranded people down from the remnants of the building, and healing people.

Trish: The blast struck during the night while the majority of the Diamond Emporium employees were away. The night crew on hand consists of some 145 people. At present count, there are 10 dead and another 10 unaccounted for. The number of injured is still an unofficial 125.

Trish: We are still unsure how this partnership with the authorities had been established with the team. More on the spot coverage coming after the break.