April 2005

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Words from the Wise (Guys) - Nicholas HM Caldwell
Tech Levels versus Tech Stages


A Menagerie of Monsters - D. Andrew Ferguson
Eight creatures based on the System Reference Document (v3 and v3.5). This is an Open Gaming article


Baby, Family, or King? - Jerry Bridges
A story of bravery and family life in a fantasy world at war

Symka: Part 26 - Sean McGinity
Gideon and the other superheroes square up against Pitawa.


R'Tak, The Cannibals of the Forest - D. Andrew Ferguson
In the depths of the forest, terrible descendants of early elves feast on the living. A new HARP monster.


Merry Men - Daniel Myers
More detail on the lesser heroes and villains of the Robin Hood mythos

Resisting the Effects of Sleep Attack Spells - R. J. Hansen
New rules on sleep magic

Rolemaster -- Thoughts on Character Development - Jörg Jahnke
Musings on rules to create professions from templates