Canadian Super Team: Part 1

Copyright Sean McGinity © 2005

Edited by Paolo Angelini for The Guild Companion

"That nerd ruined my lunch!"

Page One

Panel 1.

Front full shot of a man sitting down at a plastic table in McDonalds (or a reasonable facsimile). The place is busy, and there are several people moving around the table, trays in hand. The man is hunched over the table. He has a wrapped burger in one hand (with a big bite already taken out of it). He is sucking on a drink through a straw. He has a five o'clock shadow, crumpled clothes (T-shirt with a happy face logo on the front, longer sleeved shirt underneath the T, baggy skater-boy jeans), messy longish (but not long) hair, and mutton chop sideburns (a la Elvis, not Wolverine). He is really enjoying his food, like he spent his last dollars on the meal (which he has). This is Glick Bardo, otherwise known as Terran.

Caption: Winnipeg, the North End. Two weeks ago.

Voice (from off-panel): Two fries, cheeseburger and a Coke?

Panel 2.

Same shot as last. This time the man is chomping down on the burger. He looks quite pleased with the taste. There are still people walking around, trays in hand.

Caption: Jeffrey "Glick" Bardo has barely managed to scrounge up enough change to pay for the combo at the local burger joint. He is eating like a king.

Voice (from off-panel): No, no! That's two regular burgers, a fry, and a Diet Coke.

Other Voice (off-panel and from the opposite direction as the other voice): I want to speak to Joey.

Another Voice (off-panel and with the Other Voice): Joey's not here today. His day off.

Panel 3.

Same shot again. He still has the burger in hand, drink on the table, and is picking away at the fries in their wonderful recyclable cardboard container. He is actually staring down at the fries. There is a slight panic in the faces of the people around him. The crowd is all looking to the left side of the panel in surprise and curiosity.

Caption: Little does he know that today will be one of the most interesting days of his life.

Caption: A day that will have so much impact on his existence.

Voice (from off-panel): What?

Other Voice (again off-panel): Well, that's too bad. That's just too bad.

Another Voice (off-panel): Oh, my God! What are you doing?!?

Panel 4.

Same shot as last. A man in a McDonald's uniform flies across the top of the panel (left to right). Glick looks off (only using his eyes) to the left of the panel. He isn't incredibly affected by this just yet.

Caption: Glick Bardo has powers, powers he has decided to keep hidden from the world.

Panel 5.

Same shot. Glick is taking another bite of his burger, both hands this time. His eyes are on the burger. There is no one around him now.

Caption: He is just trying to make his way in the world, and to stay out of the way.

Other Voice: Joey would have wanted to be here to see this! I'm going to hurt everyone here, like he hurt me! Hurt everyone he promoted! Hurt everyone he didn't fire!

Panel 6.

Same as last panel again. This time there is a shining, illuminating the left side of the panel, as well as Glick. The "Other Voice" is still off-panel.

Caption: But sometimes no matter what you do, trouble finds you.

Other Voice: I'm sick of this place! Sick of the food! Sick of the customers! Sick... Why are you just sitting there?

Page Two

Splash Page

Nice splash of this hulking man, some 7 feet tall. Slightly aerial view to showcase the creature's height. He dwarfs Glick who has still remained in his seat. Glick is actually looking up at the creature, but only slightly, as if it didn't matter. The creature's arms are in the air, over its head in rage. Energy pulses out of the creature's eyes, a side effect of its power. This is where the light is coming from. The creature's clothes are in tatters on its body.


Glick: Would you mind? You're getting flares in my food.

Page Three

Panel 1.

Wide narrow panel. Far shot. The creature backhands Glick. Closeup of the hand on the left side of the panel, Glick flying across the length of the panel into a far, far shot. Glick and table smash through a large window (that leads to the standard playground structure of the restaurant). Glick (and the table) are on the right side of the panel, sideways, flying through the air.



Panel 2.

The creature has its hands over its head, roaring away in anger in a half-shot. His arms encroach into the previous panel. He is quite menacing.

Creature: He was the first to die! Who's next?

Panel 3.

Small panel. Close-up shot of some fries (Glick's fries) strewn about the dirty floor (maybe a couple of muddy footprints). A couple of fries are still in the cardboard container. Shards of broken glass should also be around on the floor. The edges of the panel should be a little fuzzy to represent Glick shaking off the hit.

Glick (off-panel): That idiot... My lunch... it's on the... floor.

Panel 4.

Small panel. Very tight close-up shot of Glick's head and arm. He is pushing himself up from the ground. There are some scratches on his face, mostly superficial ones.

Glick: That nerd ruined my lunch!

Glick: I saved up all week to treat myself...

Panel 5.

Taller, narrow panel. Glick is walking through the door from the playroom back into the restaurant. His arms are at his sides, fingers flexed. A small swirl of dust follows him (caused by his power, but may seem like it was caused by Glick walking into the room).

Glick: ...and some mutated testosterone freak...

Glick (off panel): ...kills my... lunch. Aw, crap.

Panel 6.

The creature is holding onto a woman's arm with its large hand. She is trying to wrench herself free and failing. Its looking at her, and the energy in its eyes are flaring, as if they are about to do something. Its about to kill her.

Glick (off panel): HEY FREAK! OVER HERE!

Page Four

Panel 1.

Wide narrow panel, the width of the page. Far shot of the creature, Glick, the victim and the distance between Glick and the creature. The creature is on the far left side of the panel, 3/4 facing front. The victim is slightly crouched to its right, and a little more in the background. She is no longer in the creature's grip and is moving towards the background of the panel. Glick is on the far right side of the panel, standing straight. He is also 3/4 facing front. He has both hands slightly outward at his sides, his fingers stretched out and slightly curled, harnessing his power. Swirls of dust and dirt, almost in mini tornadoes are forming near his hands.

Creature: What's up here? You come back for more? Huh?

Glick: Listen, moron! I'm hungry, okay! And I was minding my own frikkin' business! Aw, just never mind.

Panel 2.

1/4 shot of Glick. He has one hand up, pointing straight out and forward (and out of the panel). He is slightly intense, like he's angry, and frustrated. Very tight shot.

Glick: Aw, just never mind.

Panel 3.

Full shot of the creature. Slightly angled shot, showing the now focused dirt and dust, almost solid/liquid, flying towards it. It doesn't look afraid, like it can take it quite easily. (No showing of the impact of the initial hit).

Panel 4.

Bird's eye view. The creature is smashing through the entrance of the restaurant from the impact, and into the building across the street, over the cars driving by. It hits the building very hard.

Caption: "Mr. Phillips? You have a visitor."

Page Five

Panel 1.

Shot of James Phillips, lying on a bed in a cell, on the cot. He is in a solitary wing. He has one leg straight out while the other leg is bent, foot flat on the cot. He is reading a book, which he nests on his raised knee. He holds the book with one hand. He is raising his head up towards the cell door. The cell door is the standard bars-type. The shadow of the man is cast upon Phillips.

Caption: In an undisclosed prison most have never heard of...

Voice (off-panel): Mr. Phillips? In the flesh? I never thought we would ever meet. I will tell you, I'm not a fan of yours.

James: Who are you?

Panel 2.

Slight worm's eye view, Half shot. with the light shining behind Perry Meadows. He stands before the bars of the cell, imposing looking. He has short hair, almost buzzed to the scalp. He is wearing a stuffy-looking military suit littered with various medals of honor. He looks arrogant, and even a little creepy.

Perry Meadows: Me? I'm Perry Meadows.

Perry Meadows: You're coming with me.

Panel 3.

Close-up of James' face. He has no emotion.

Perry (off-panel): I'm taking you to Canada.

Panel 4.

Tight side shot of James Phillips. He is shackled at the wrists and ankles. He is paying attention to every detail to where he is. He is inside a small private jet, surrounded by Meadows himself and 8 FBI agents.

Panel 5.

The group walking up the stairs to the parliament building. Far shot. The stairs are cordoned off, keeping the public at bay. There is a little crowd watching Phillips marched into the building.

Panel 6.

Inside the secretary's office to the Prime Minister. Slight aerial shot. Two of the agents are unlocking the shackles, while the others have their weapons drawn on James. Meadows stands outside of the circle watching on. (There is no secretary at the desk in the office. She has been removed for safety.) A door with a name plate reading "Prime Minister" is on the edge of the room.

Panel 7.

Small panel. Tight shot of the nameplate on the door: Prime Minister.

Page Six

Panel 1.

Full shot of James entering the Prime Minister's office. James is on the right side of the panel. The PM is on the left side. Meadows stands between the two men.

Prime Minister: Mr. Phillips. Please have a seat.

Panel 2.

3/4 shot. James is seating himself directly in front of the PM's desk. The PM is sitting back down. Meadows should be visible in the background watching over James, arms folded. The PM is talking with his hands a little. Meadows is staring at James in disdain, because of the familiar atmosphere the PM is trying to have with Phillips. He doesn't like the man. James Phillips is showing surprise, but trying to hold his emotions back (he never shows emotion).

PM: Keep in mind, we will expect you, should you refuse today, to keep this conversation confidential.

James: Certainly, Mr. Prime Minister.

PM: Please, Mr. Phillips. Call me Peter, or Pete, whichever.

PM: I'm a fan of your work. I've watched your career for some quite some time, and so has the rest of the world. We all know how you've helped save the world, through your association with Forestere, Inc., and your term as government aid to the American Defense Department.

PM: Because of your involvement, the Department of Defense was able to prevent the bombing of government buildings in Iowa and Utah, two assassinations on the President, and a terrorist attack on Baltimore. And these were only the incidents that were made public.

PM: God knows what else you've done behind the scenes that the world isn't even aware of.

PM: You've earned my respect, Mr. Phillips.

Panel 4.

3/4 shot of the PM. He leans forward, the lighting creating shadows upon his face, darkening his features.

PM: But you were convicted of a federal and locked up. I don't condone what you did.

Panel 5.

3/4 shot of both men. The PM leans back, acting as if he might be wiping his hands of Phillips. Phillips looks worried.

PM: You've been deported back to Canada to fulfill your sentence.

James: ...but?

PM: Are you aware of what happened in Switzerland, Mr. Phillips? Canada cannot sit idly by for something like to happen to her.

Panel 6.

Full shot of all three men.

PM: In this climate we need to defend ourselves against the possible threat. But we can't alienate all the poor mutates our society has spit out. Especially not after I enacted the Parahuman Act.

PM: Under the right guidance, Canada can increase awareness of parahumans while protecting ourselves against any potential "bad seeds". With its own task force, we can lead the world like we always have before.


Panel 1.

Look of incredulity on James. A resolute PM, leaning forward for emphasis about what he is about to say.

James: Sir?

GM: Canada needs a team of parahumans to counter any and all threats to the safety of this country. And we need someone to assemble and lead them.

Panel 2.

Small panel. Close-up of a phone ringing. This panel should be inserted into Panel 3, a little crooked within that Panel. The edges of the panel should be slightly jagged from the ringing of the phone. The "Ring" should flare through Panel 1, ripping through both edges.

Caption: Two days later.

Phone (fx): RINGGG!

Panel 3.

3/4 shot of Thomas Forestere, in a casual suit. He has the receiver to his ear. (Panel 2 is inserted into this panel).

Forestere: Thomas Forestere! Hey, James! How are you? You're up in Canada doing what?

Panel 4.

Similar shot to Panel 3, but its mirror-image with James Phillips in Forestere's place (these two men are so similar to one another).

James Phillips: I'm assembling a team of parahumans to safeguard Canada. Think you can shake the tree and see what you could find for me?

Forestere: What are you doing putting together a super-hero team?

James: The Prime Minister of Canada offered me the position as a "public service" to work off my sentence.

Forestere: James, I told you I could have worked out something for you.

James: It's okay, Fory. I was getting fed up with the Washington bureaucrats. This'll let me get back in the game.

Panel 5.

As with Panel 4, Panel 4 is inserted into another panel (in this case Panel 6, remember, mirror-image). A close-up of a James' contract on a table. James' hand is on it.

Panel 6.

Full shot of James standing by the phone, and looking off at the window. Nice shot of the entirety of his apartment. It's a nice place, but quite devoid of furniture, with only a mini-bar, a reclining chair, a folding table, and a TV and stand. There's a rap at the window.

Forestere (off-panel with an electric word bubble): I know a couple of people. Do you remember Russel James? The investor? I helped him out a little while back. In fact he lives in Winnipeg.

James: I'm not looking for an investor, Fory...

Forestere (off-panel with an electric word bubble): Russel's been spruced up by Genetica...him and some other guy he hangs with. Russel's good people, James.

James: Oh, I know he is...

Fx (towards the window): Tap! Tap! Tap!

James: Hey, Fory. Let me call you back. Something's come up.

Panel 7.

Small panel. Full shot of James Phillips walking over to the big picture window.

Panel 8.

Tight shot. James pushes the curtain open. Manice Konsil, the Host is at the window, looking none too heroic, but in full gaudy costume.

Host: James Phillips?

Panel 9.

Far shot, tight panel. Worm's eye view from the street below James' apartment. Host is at the window of the 25th floor, standing atop of a manhole cover-like stand of emerald eldritch energy. The angle should really showcase how far up Host really is, to make the reader a little dizzy.

Host: Could I... could I come in?

Panel 10.

Full shot. Inside the apartment, James is standing back from the now open window, arms crossed. Host is stepping through the window.

Host: I figured if I made a grand enough entrance I could get your attention.

James: You have my attention. What do you want?


Panel 1.

Wide panel. Full shot of both men facing one another at a distance. James should look confidant and strong, while Host should almost look outclassed, uncomfortable, out of place.

Host: It's about the team of parahumans you're putting together. I'm here for the job.

James: How would you know that?

Panel 2.

Small square panel. 3/4 shot. James is walking towards the little bar table (ready for a drink). Host is a little more comfortable in this panel.

Host: Oh. That was easy. I spoke with an interdimensional entity who has eyes everywhere. She told me.

James: Sounds like a security leak to me.

James: Get to the point. Why you?

Panel 3.

James is at the bar pouring a drink out of one of the nice decanters, back to Host, very casual.

Host: You haven't heard of me? I'm Host...

James (cutting off Host's word balloon): I know who you are, Manice Konsil. Host, as in "host to magical energies" or some such thing.

Panel 4.

3/4 shot. James is beginning to raise the glass to his lips, not offering the glass to Host as Host thought. Host has a hand out for the glass and is looking at the glass, just realizing that James never offered the glass to him.

Host: Ah, no thanks, I don't drink.

James: As a punk, you joined Hired Hand, a massive detective agency. You worked with them for a little while, rode some coattails, remained a punk, and quit the team. So, no thanks but I don't need the headache. I don't work with wannabes.

Panel 5.

Full shot of James Phillips, encased in a raggedly oval force field of emerald green energy. He is floating in the air. He looks just a little surprised that Host just did this. But he's more annoyed than anything. Host is standing next to this, doing the "I love you" hand sign, and concentrating on the force field. He isn't overly impressed with James and is really trying to bring a point home to him. His glass has dropped on the floor, breaking.

Host: This "punk" was the one that stuck with Hired Hand when everything fell apart. I'm the one that saved countless lives including Howard Jeffries, the owner of Hired Hand. I'm the one that has the experience and guts to lead your team of parahumans in the field. I'm exactly what you need!

Glass (fx): CRASH!


Panel 1.

3/4 shot of James. He is studying the force field.

James: Nice color.

James: Look, kid, it's nothing personal. If you want on the team, you'll have to apply like everyone else. But what you did just shows me you don't cut it.

Panel 2.

Full shot. James lands on the floor, in a 3-point stance. Host just stands there, disappointed.

Host: Great. Just great.

James: If you wouldn't mind. I was busy.

Panel 3.

Small tight panel. Full shot of Host walking out the main door of the apartment. He is slightly hunched.

James: Take the stairs this time, alright? I'm trying to keep a low profile in this city.

Host: I'm world class. Why wouldn't he want me?

Panel 4.

Very wide panel. Far shot of the outside of White Electronics. It's a small shop, single floor and basement. It's on the corner of 3 streets, two regular streets and one perpendicular cutting the block in half. There's a nice neon sign outside, lighting the company name. The sides of the building are large glass windows, with bars across all of them. This is a lab/electronics shop, selling general electronics like stereos and TVs, as well as wiring, electrical boxes, diodes and cathodes. The word balloons are for Robert and Tiffani White, both inside the building, but off-panel. The panel should be smaller to emphasize the small size of the building.

Caption: White Electronics, two weeks later...

Tiffani: Dad! Now here's an opportunity for you!

Panel 5.

Inside the electronics shop. Far shot. Robert, a 40-something guy, in decent shape (no gray hair), wearing a button shirt with rolled-up sleeves, tinted glasses. He is soldering something onto a circuit board. Tiffani is young, in her late teens (18-ish). She's hip and current. She's wearing hip-huggers, a navel revealing T-shirt, dock martens, and wearing a too-tight necklace. She's sitting on one of the tables, legs crossed, and hunched over in one of those teenager ways. She has a newspaper open in front of her. Robert is in the foreground, Tiffani in the background.

Caption: Robert White and his daughter Tiffani...

Robert: What's that, Tiffani?

Tiffani: The government is looking to put a team of parahumans together. National security for the country.

Robert: That's nice, dear, but I'm not a parahuman. Parahumans are those mutates that those genetics companies created.


Panel 1.

Full shot of same from a different angle. Over Tiffani's left hand side.

Tiffani: Come on, dad! This suit you're working on has parahuman written all over it! With this thing on, you're like a superhero!

Robert: Tiffani, this suit I'm building isn't for me to wear. I'm hoping to sell the designs of this battlesuit. Superheroes are for the comicbooks, hon. We live in the real world.

Panel 2.

Tight 1/4 shot of Tiffani.

Tiffani: Sometimes I wonder if you live in the real world, dad.

Robert: What's that?

Tiffani: Nothing. Look, dad, let me make it obvious to you. You don't think the government would love to have a look at that battlesuit you've been building for the past fifteen years?

Tiffani: Come on, dad. I'm not saying you should wear the stupid thing. Contract your services to them. With the government backing you, you could spend all of your time in R&D. You wouldn't have to sell TVs to make ends meet. You could be a full-time electronics developer.

Panel 3.

3/4 shot. Robert is standing straight up, taking his glasses off. He's thinking about what Tiffani just said, like a light bulb just went on. Tiffani is in the background.

Robert: Yes.

Robert: Yes, you're absolutely right. I'll bring the plans with me. When is the recruiting happening?

Tiffani: In a couple of weeks.

Robert: This could get my foot in the door with the government.

Tiffani (thought balloon): I know you can do it, dad. I'm proud of the work you've done. I know this'll happen. But I'll be there with you to make sure it happens.

Panel 4.

Tiffani does a hand-stand flip off of the table she was sitting on (use ghost images for the motion). Robert is in his own world, thinking things through.

Robert (off panel): I'll need your help to spruce up the technical drawings. Maybe I could even get some of the systems working by then.

Panel 5.

Tiffani is grabbing her backpack and jacket towards the door, with Robert still not facing her, thinking things through.

Tiffani: I'm with you, dad, all the way! Got to head for gymnastics. I'll help you when I get back. Love you.

Robert: I'll need to work on that diode problem I was having... and the conductivity need to be spruced up so I don't short it out...


Panel 1.

Far shot. James Phillips is shaking hands with Russell James. They are at Russel's mansion in the library. Jack (no last name) is sitting on one of the leather chairs. Jack is wearing a T-shirt and jeans (nothing spectacular). Russell and James are both dressed in suits. Russell is considerably taller than James (half a foot). The library is huge and expensive, with all the walls lined with books. There are several chairs and couches and loveseats, all leather. There is a cart with bottles of liquor and empty expensive tumblers on them.

Caption: The mansion of Russell James, the owner of the respected brokerage company, James Brokerage Company, where James Phillips is about to propose a deal...

Russell: It's a pleasure to meet you, Mr. Phillips... and Jack. Thomas Forestere spoke highly of both of you.

James: And he of you.

Russell: You were very vague on the phone, Mr. Phillips.

Panel 2.

3/4 shot of James and Russell, talking.

James: Yes, I was. I apologize. It's not in my nature to be cryptic, but what I'm about to ask you is a little... odd.

Russell: Oh, I understand fully. You want to talk about money. You'd like me to help you with your finances.

James: No. No, it's not that. I need something more than money. Forestere told me about your mutation.

Panel 3.

A switch in Russel's demeanor and stance. He is getting defensive.

Russell: Yes, that mutation. It wasn't exactly something I wanted to remember.

James: I thought you might not see me if we spoke about that.

Russell: And you probably would have been right. It's only because you're a friend of Thomas Forestere's that you're still here.

James: I appreciate that. I do. I'm assembling a team for the Canadian government to safeguard the country.

Panel 4.

Far shot. Russell is turning away from James, one hand out to stop him from coming closer to him. James is calm, not deterred. Jack simply watches, enthralled.

Russell: Mr. Phillips! Please understand that I was experimented on like an animal! I was subjected to pain you cannot imagine! I'm ashamed of what happened! I'm only interested in recapturing the time I lost while I was tortured! I will not use what was forced on me!

James: What was done to you was... is a crime. But it was also a gift.

Panel 5.

Russell has turned around and is pointing a finger at James, furious.

Russell: I was created in the eyes of God! What was done to me had no holy calling, Mr. Phillips! It went against His plan for me! What was done to me was a sin that He will punish them for!


Panel 1.

Shot of all 3 men. Jack is standing between them. He is trying to calm Russell down.

Jack: Just a second, Mr. Phillips.

Jack: Russell, I know about the pain. I was there. But you can't spend the rest of your life hiding what you are. You are what you are now, a mutate. But you're still a man. A good man. A man who wouldn't waste what happened to him.

Panel 2.

Russell is straightening his jacket, also shaking off the anger. Jack is beside him, with a hand on his shoulder. James watches.

James: I need someone like you, someone with a conscience, someone with principles. I not only need someone with powers, but I need someone who can lead this team in the field. Someone who knows right from wrong.

James: Forestere would not have sent me here if he didn't think that.

Panel 3.

Close-up of Russel.

Russell: Yes, well, I'm used to juggling numbers, not people. I'm a trader.

Panel 4.

Close-up James, pushing the point.

James: You created a multi-million dollar company from scratch, the old-fashioned way. You led an ever-growing team of investors and traders into success. You can lead a team of parahumans. This should be a cakewalk for you.

Panel 5.

Shot of all three men.

Russell: And to work for the government? What is that all about? Really? I don't trust them.

James: I don't trust the government any more than you do. But my job is to keep them at bay while you go out and right wrongs. I deal with them.

Russell: Why don't you just take Jack with you?

Panel 6.

1/4 shot of Jack and James. Small tight panel.

Jack: I would be up to the challenge. I have power to spare. I could lead your team.


Panel 1.

Shot of Russell and James, with Jack in the background watching them.

Russell: What do you do for someone that has saved your life, Phillips? Do you cast them aside at the first opportunity? You may not be a religious man, but I'm sure you're familiar with the term "karma".

James: Yes. You reap what you sow. Do unto others... I have read the good book.

Panel 2.

Head down slightly and arms out, Russel explains...

Russell: Unlike myself, Jack has no memory of who he was before the experiments. He may never get his memory back. The least I can do is help him establish a new identity.

Panel 3.

James walks past Russell with a big smile on his face. He has figured out an angle.

James: The Prime Minister picked me to organize and assemble a team to protect the country. To be honest, I don't know if I am qualified. Forestere gave me your name. He was helping out a friend in need.

James: I need your help, Russell. I need your moral compass, your inner strength, your leadership. I need your... faith.

Panel 4.

1/4 shot. James on the right of the panel, Russell on the left, and Jack in the middle.

James: I need someone to help me make sure I do this right... for His sake.

Panel 5.

Same as last panel, except that Russell is laughing.

Russell: Ha ha ha ha ha!

Panel 6.

Same as last panel.

Russell: You had me going until the last part, you atheist.

Russell: I won't guarantee you anything, James Phillips. But I will try this out. For now.

Panel 7.

James puts a hand on Jack's shoulder.

James: Well, Jack, it looks like your buddy just found you both a job.


Panel 1.

Outside bird's eye view shot of a warehouse. It's in an industrial section of town. Some of the building's around are abandoned, some not. Outside of the building there should be a sign that reads: "Recruitment inside for Parahuman Task Force". There should be a couple of last minute people walking in the front door.

The warehouse is only has a ground floor but equivalent to a 4 story building in height. The outside looks recently renovated.

Caption: One month later at a recently purchased warehouse just outside of downtown Winnipeg...

Panel 2.

Inside of the warehouse now. The warehouse is completely bare, except for some centerposts to hold up the ceiling. Against the far back wall is a wall of 4' square crates, somewhat haphazardly strewn about. In the "room" are Jack and Russell. Both are in "costume": Jack wears a muscle top and black tight jeans and dock martens; Russell is wearing an actual costume with his face 3/4 covered in a mask (see attached costume design), a monstrous belt that covers his abs, biker type boots, and metal armbands (basically the opposite of his daywear). Robert White and his daughter are walking in to main part of the room where Jack and Russell are. Robert really doesn't look that imposing compared to the other two. Tiffani is eyeing Jack as in, "Look a real superhero". Robert is wearing nerdy scientist clothing, and holding a briefcase, while Tiffani is decked in all out Gwen Stefani teen clothes.

Jack: Are you sure you have the right place, sir?

Robert: We'll see, I guess.

Tiffani: My dad is a scientist. A real genius.

Robert: Oh, Tiffani. My name is Robert White.

Tiffani (cutting off Robert's word balloon): I'm Tiffani White! Who are you?

Panel 3.

Tighter shot of the four. Jack and Tiffani are standing at the forefront here, while Robert and Russell and sort of not comfortable.

Jack: I'm Jack!

Tiffani: That's an original codename.

Jack: And what is Tiffani?

Tiffani: I'm just here with dad. I'm not a parahuman... unfortunately.

Jack: Well, it's a pleasure to meet you Jack and...

Panel 4.

Russell is about to speak, but Jack in front of him speaks for him.

Jack: His codename is Giganto.

Russell: Giganto?

Jack: He can turn into a giant of a man. A really cool power.


Panel 1.

Far shot of all 4. They are slightly turning to face the new arrival (off-panel). Tiffani and Jack seem to be lost in their conversation.

Tiffani: And what can you do?

Host (off-panel): Gentlemen. I have arrived.

Panel 2.

Full shot. Host is standing with his arms on his hips, trying to look rather heroic, but really looking cheesy. The rest are in the panel but sort of cut off by the side of the panel. They are all looking at Host in surprise (who the heck is this guy and who designed that awful costume?)

Host: My name is Host. I'm sure you've heard of me.

Jack: Get a load of this guy?

Robert: Is this guy for real?

Panel 3.

3/4 shot. Host is holding Tiffani's hand elegantly and slightly bowing. She is kind of impressed and blushing somewhat. Robert is watching disapprovingly.

Host: Hello, young lady. It's a pleasure to make you're acquaintance.

Voice (off-panel): Hey let's get this rolling! I have plans!

Panel 4.

Entranceway. Larger panel to showcase the newcomers. Three people come in: Muscles, a 7 foot tall bald strongman dressed in black jeans and T-shirt; Acid, the homeless leader of the Stray Dragons, dressed in blue jeans, a stained white T-shirt, and heavy looking trenchcoat; Exo-Skeleman, a 70-something retired criminal in a bulky looking exoskeleton, and Terran (from the intro, wearing the same clothes as earlier). Muscles is in the forefront, arms extended in front of him, obviously the center of attention. Acid is immediately behind him with a smile on his face and his attention on Muscles. Hobbling behind them all is Exo-Skeleman who is already winded from the trip over.


Muscles: Where's the guy who put the notice in the paper? Sign me up to get paid for beating people up!

Acid: I'm just here for the cash.

Exo-Skeleman (thinking): This loud-mouthed braggart is nothing compared to a true original, the Exo-Skeleman!


Panel 1.

Larger panel, 3/4 the height of page, with the word balloons working their way down the panel. Full shot of James Phillips standing just in front of the crates (side back shot past James' shoulder) and one top of a small podium. He is looking under whelmed.

Caption: Minutes later, James Phillips makes his entrance. He looks at the small crowd, under whelmed by the amount of people that have shown up.

James: My name is James Phillips and I've been assigned by the Prime Minister of Canada for this project. But what is the project exactly?

James: The Prime Minister is concerned with the safety of this country. He wants a team that is up to the challenge, brave enough, noble enough, and powerful enough to stand up to any threat.

Terran (off-panel): Sorry, I'm late!

Panel 2.

Back angled shot of the entranceway. "Glick" Bardo, also known as Terran, has just arrived. He is actually decked out in a costume (sort-of), with a helmet to protect his head and hide the upper half of his face (see attached for a full description of his costume). The rest of the crowd, including James is watching Terran in the distance. Terran has a bag slung over his shoulder.

Terran: Crappy bus service into this part of town, this time of night. You could have picked a better location.

Terran: I caught your speech, Phillips. Touching.

Panel 3.

Full shot. Terran is walking towards the group, leaving his bag on top of a loose crate. Jack and Giganto are half looking at one another, and at Terran with a "who the hell is this look" on their faces. Host is looking at Terran as if he was the lamest superhero ever. James just looks at Terran, unshaken. Muscles and Acid, who look like buddies are checking out Terran with a little bit of "I like this guy". Tiffani is rolling her eyes. Robert looks uncomfortable and out of place. The rest just watch.

Host: And who are you supposed to exactly? Captain Low Budget?

Terran: I'm your shining star. I'm here to make the team formidable, Fancy Pants.

Host: Again with the Fancy Pants?

Terran: But let's get right down to it. What am I going to get out of the deal?

Panel 4.

3/4 shot of Host.

Caption: James Phillips runs through the legalities, the salary structure, the benefits... when finally one man interrupts.

Host: Do they want us to safeguard the country against threats, or are we going to be some sort of military task force that protects the corporations interests and forgets the little people?

Panel 5.

Full shot of James Phillips standing at the podium, in silence.

Panel 6.

Same exact shot as last.

James: Assuming you are one of the chosen, yes, you will be safeguarding the country against real threats. We are not about protecting the interests of large corporations, we are about safeguarding the citizens of this country. This is a team that works for Canada.


Panel 1.

Front 1/4 shot of Perry Meadows, watching from just outside the door to the building.

Panel 2.

3/4 shot of James. The word balloon carries over into panel 1.

James: I am no bureaucrat. I am no politician. I am in this to do something right. I'm what stands between you and the government. I authorize your missions. If it is the right thing to do, I will send you in. Then I will seek the government's approval. I will not get bogged down by red tape. I will not wait for some committee to vote on the action.

Panel 3.

Full shot. Meadows getting into his car. The driver is holding the door open for him.

Meadows: Let's get out of here.

Panel 4.

Far crowd shot. The people are dispersing. Robert White and his daughter Tiffani are talking with James Phillips. Host is standing behind them, waiting to speak with James. Muscles, Acid, and Terran are leaving together in a group (note that Terran does not have his bag with, he has left on the crate). Jack and Giganto are talking with Exo-Skeleman.

Tiffani: Mr. Phillips? Could we have a word with you.

Muscles: Hey, kid. I like your spunk. Come have a drink with me.

Terran: Thanks. That'll be great. Don't know if I can afford it or not.

Muscles: Don't worry. It's on me.

Acid: I'm coming along. This thing stinks to high heaven. What kind of baloney is this?

Panel 5.

3/4 side shot. Robert, Tiffani, and James are speaking. Robert is holding up the briefcase to show James. They are standing by some crates.

Tiffani: My dad has a little something to show you.

James: Go on.

Robert: I thought I could offer you my services. I have something in this briefcase.

James: It better not be a bomb or anything.

Robert: Oh heavens no! Nothing like that! I'm an engineer. I've been working on something that will be of great value to you.

Panel 6.

3/4 shot. Robert has placed the briefcase on a crate and is opening up the case.

James: Well, maybe you'd better let me determine whether it's valuable or not.

Robert: This is just one part of the system I've been working on for the last few years. I run an electronics shop down the way...

Tiffani: Dad, get on with it! Mr. Phillips is a busy man.


Panel 1.

Close-up of the interior of the case. One gauntlet made of steel, with well articulated looking fingers.

Robert: I'm designing something different for the other gauntlet, but here's the right hand.

James: A steel gauntlet?

Panel 2.

Robert is holding up the gauntlet so Phillips can see it better.

Robert: Much more than that! I have been working between a variety of metals to create this alloy. Much stronger than steel. Much stronger.

James: I'm listening.

Robert: The key to it is a combination of the metal and the electronic field. The field heightens the strength of the metal, almost like a force field. But it also provides quite the punch. I don't have all of the defects worked out yet.

Panel 3.

3/4 shot of the three of them, with Host in the background listening.

James: This seems like impressive technology, Mr...

Robert: White! Robert White.

Tiffani: And I'm Tiffani!

James: Well you can fill out the application...

Robert: No, no, no. It's not like that. I'm not a parahuman. This isn't for me to wear. This is for you.

Tiffani: For him?

James: For me?

Panel 4.

1/4 shot of all three. Host is still in the background.

Robert: I would like the government to buy this technology, my technology. I would like to contract out my engineering talents to help your team.

Tiffani: Dad?

Robert: Quiet, Tiffani. Dad's doing business.

James: Well, I can't say I'm not intrigued. Look, Mr. White, let's plan a meeting. I'd like to take a look at your shop, see what sort of plans you have, and see if they're worthwhile.

Panel 5.

3/4 shot of Robert and James shaking hands. Robert and James are both smiling. Tiffani stands off-center, brooding.

James: If your technology is good enough, and powerful enough, this could be the perfect fit.

Tiffani: But...

Panel 7.

1/4 shot of Tiffani. She's disappointed. Host watches on from behind her, his brow furrowed.

Tiffani: I thought you'd let me wear it, Dad.

James: We'll meet... say... next Thursday. Here's my business card. Give me call beforehand, and I'll get directions.

Robert: You won't regret this, Mr. Phillips! You'll be amazed at some of the designs I have for the rest of this armor!

Host (thinking): There's more to her than meets the eye. She has the fire. Maybe I should speak with her. But first I need to speak with Phillips.

Panel 7.

Far shot. Exo-Skeleman is dropping off a form on his way out in a stack of forms. Host is approaching James. Giganto and Jack are off to one side talking to one another. Robert and Tiffani are walking towards Jack and Giganto to speak with them.

Host: James Phillips, I must speak with you.

James: Sure you do.

Exo-Skeleman (thinking): Here's my chance to really prove my worth. I'll show this city that Exo-Skeleman is a name to be reckoned with!

James: If I could have a word with you.

Giganto: Certainly.


Panel 1.

Host and James face to face. Host is showing a little more confidence in James' presence. James is a little less cold looking this time.

James: You want to tell me that if I don't pick you for this team I am making a mistake. The success of this team depends on you?

Host: No. No, that's not it. I just wanted to say that it looks like what you're doing here is a little better than I expected. It seems like you have loftier goals.

Host: I do want to be part of this team, but you have to make the right choices for this kind of team. For this type of team, you have to have the right people. If I don't make the cut, I know it will be for the right reasons.

Panel 2.

Host walks off.

Host: Good luck, Phillips.

Panel 3.

Far shot, Host walking off from James. James has his hands up, at a loss for words and too late to call Host back. He seems touched. Crates are in the backdrop.

Panel 4.

James scratches his head in a far, far shot.

Panel 5.

Same shot as last, except the panel is shaking, including the walls and the people. Everyone there (Jack, James, Giganto, Robert, Tiffani, and Host - everyone else is gone by now) is bracing themselves from the shaking, knees bent to stabilize themselves. Behind all of this are the piles of crates falling away from large robots standing up from under them. The robots are not visible in the panel, just some impact lines.

Fx: CRASH!!!!



Large panel, 2/3 of the page. There are 5 robots standing amid the crates, each standing between 10 and 20 feet tall. They all look roughly the same, but with slight variations. They are humanoid in form, with lots of hydraulics (think Terminator), but with inhuman looking heads (more demon-looking heads). Full group shot of James (forefront), Host, Robert, Tiffani, Jack, and Giganto. All of them are looking up at the robots. James is on one knee, teeth gritted, and pulling out a pistol (a Glock). Robert is totally in shock (and awe). Tiffani is afraid, mouth wide. Host has his head cocked sideways like a dog might. Jack has a dumb smile on his face (yay! A fight!). Giganto is expressionless, just dumbfounded.

James (thinking): Cripes! I knew I shouldn't have had this meeting on a Monday.

Robert: What the? These robots... magnificent.

Jack: A fight? Already?

Tiffani: Let's not just stand here.

James: No, of course not...


Panel 1.

Tight 1/4 shot of James. He has his right gun hand straight forward (coming out of the panel), firing a shot towards the reader, determination on his face.

James: ...we kill these things!

Panel 2.

3/4 shot of one of the robots. James' shot hits the robot through one of its eyes, breaking the glass on the eye, but apparently doing little to no damage. The robot doesn't notice the hit, but does focus its attention on James (off-panel).

Panel 3.

Side shot. The robots are starting to walk out of the crates, taking large steps. The heroes are starting to spread out. The robot that was hit is reaching for James who is backing up.

James: Come on! You want on the team? Here's your chance to prove yourselves! Move it! This isn't a drill!

Panel 4.

The robot after James (we'll call it J) swats at James, catching him dead on and sending him flying, somewhat low to the ground. Some of the heroes are in the panel watching James take a serious hit in shock.


Panel 5.

1/4 shot of the team, with shocked looks on their faces.

Caption: The fight is on! Will this ragtag group of individuals take up the fight? And what are these giant robots? Be here next issue!