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Edited by Paolo Angelini for The Guild Companion


to the seventy-eigth issue of The Guild Companion

Issue delay

Let me apologize for the present issue delay due to the sudden hospitalization of Nicholas HM Caldwell, our General Editor, who was working at the issue publication.
Fortunately Nicholas only underwent a small operation and is now out of hospital, recovering at home in Ireland. Our best wishes for a quick and prompt recovery go to him.

Symka news

We have a new series starting with this issue, Canadian Super Team, by Sean McGinity of Symka fame. CST is set in the same universe as Symka and one of its characters, Host, is a CST member which has been involved in Symka for a while now.
Also Sean has started a blog for his Symka series.

Tyresia's world and a looming curse

At the end of last year Claudio B. (whose nickname is Tyresia, the blind seer, and I should have heeded the warning implicit in this name) sent us a series of articles in which he described the house rules of his world (you had a glimpse of what this seer from Palermo is capable of; we already published his Karma rules in the September 2004 issue).
While I was wading through rules detailing magic rituals, crafting, bow construction and many other things, a wonderful, exotic world began to form before my eyes; I was meeting Celts, Bedouins, Viking, Romans beside Briton Dwarves and rebel ones, and Elves, and Satyrs, and Arlin which make the best food of the world. Moreover, as usual with house rules, Tyresia's rules were deeply intertwined with his world cultures, so I decided to persuade him to publish his whole world.
This was when the first accident happened; I was putting up new curtains in my bathroom when their steel wire unfastened and struck me in the eye scratching the cornea. I wore the bandages for a week.
Anyway, I managed to persuade Claudio of my project and he sent me a lot of material; racial bonuses, descriptions, maps and art for his world. I was going to put the whole thing together when real life demanded my attention and by the begining of June I hadn't done much, so when Claudio wrote me asking for news I answered him that I was beginning again to look at his material.
Then the second accident happened, I was hit while playing football (that is soccer to our american readers) and suffered a retinal edema. All I could see for a month with my left eye was a big black spot.
I plan to work again on Tyresia's world on September but this time I'll be wearing a sturdy pair of welding goggles until I'm finished, not that I'm superstitious but you never know.
Joking aside, we'll publish Tyresia's world in the next few issues and I hope you will enjoy it since it is a lively world, thriving with many detailed races and cultures which give it a distinctive flavour, which I liked very much.

Articles really needed

For the fourth time in a row we are asking for your contributions to keep our issues healthy, we look forward to receiving articles regarding everything from role-playing to fiction to card games. The leanness of this issue has been worsened by Nicholas' illness, but it reflects the scarcity of submissions, especially for the role-playing sections. As usual, send your submissions to Nicholas at editor@guildcompanion.com.

Farewell for now...

Our next issue will be published in September 2005, and hopefully it will have Nicholas again at the helm, so on his behalf...

Keep gaming and have fun,
Paolo Angelini
Assistant Editor for The Guild Companion