Canadian Super Team: Part 3

Copyright Sean McGinity © 2005

Edited by Nicholas HM Caldwell for The Guild Companion

"No, Tiffani!  Don't get near it!"


At the top of the page is the title of this issue.


Panel 1.

Television style panel. News reporter Trish Wilby from NBC News Winnipeg is speaking from behind a news desk. In the top corner of the screen is a picture of James Phillips, looking distressed. Her name is on the screen.

Caption: An hour later...

Trish: A fight had broken out in the last hour in St. James between the newly established Canadian Parahuman Task Force for National Safety and group of apparently renegade robots. The fight rocked the northwest part of the city. The Canadian Parahuman Task Force for National Safety, otherwise known as the CPTF, was attacked by a horde of giant robots, yes you've heard me right, giant robots.

Panel 2.

Same as last.

Trish: The identities of the individuals involved has not yet been divulged, although it has been confirmed that Los Angeles super-detective The Host was present at the scene. Whether he is actually a member of the CPTF or not is unclear.

Panel 3.

Large panel, two-thirds of the page. The large robot Tee, on fire, is stumbling out of the area that exploded (last issue).

Caption: Now...


Panel 1.

One-quarter shot of Tiffani. She's been beaten about but somehow still stands. She is looking on at Tee (out of panel). She can't believe this thing is still on its feet. She is frustrated.

Tiffani: This is stupid... really flippin' stupid. Why won't you die, you hunk of junk?

Panel 2.

Far shot. Running on nothing but willpower alone, Tiffani runs past the robot. Its head turns, following her. The robot is crackling, sparks flying out of joints. It is amazing it is still standing.

Tiffani: You hurt my dad. And you're going to pay for that. You messed with the wrong chick!

Panel 3.

Back far shot. The robot slowly follows Tiffani down the street. Tiffani is almost a block away.

Panel 4.

Far shot. Tiffani is unlocking the door of her father's jeep, while Tee walks towards her. She is a full block away from the robot.

Tiffani (thinking): I'm sorry, dad. When you wake up, you can tell me off as much as you want.

Tiffani (thinking): Oh, my back is hurting.


Panel 1.

Side one-quarter shot inside the vehicle. Tiffani is staring it up.

Tiffani: Let's see how durable these things are.

Panel 2.

Far shot. Jack is running out of the warehouse (but slowing down as he does). He is realizing what Tiffani is trying but in shock she would actually go through with this. She is racing right by him.

Jack: Tiffani?

Jack: Tiffani!

Panel 3.

Far overhead shot. The jeep races straight for Tee, screeching its tires. Jack is running towards the jeep, one arm outstretched towards the jeep.

Jack: No, Tiffani! Don't get near it!

Jeep (fx): Screetch!


Splash page.

Side shot. The jeep rams into the robot (the jeep stops dead in its tracks at that, it's front caving under the impact). The front of the jeep crushes like an accordion, crushing the entire hood in on itself.

Jeep (fx): BAM!


Panel 1.

Far shot. The jeep bounces back from the robot, rolling back some 20 feet. Tee takes a couple of steps back, reeling from the impact.

Panel 2.

Tight shot. Inside the jeep, Tiffani is ducking under the dash. She knows what's coming next. Her forehead is cut open, from the impact her head made on the steering wheel when she hit the robot. She is barely conscious.

Panel 3.

Tee tries to stabilize himself. It is having trouble with its equilibrium.

Panel 4.

Three-quarter shot. Jack stops in his tracks, realizing what is about to happen. He raises an arm to shield his eyes.

Jack: Tiffani...

Panel 5.

Inside shot of the jeep. Tiffani under the dash. Her eyes are glassy but she has a look of conviction on her face. She is a fighter fighting back the unconsciousness that's creeping in on her, but needs to see the robot drop.

Tiffani: Go to Hell...


Panel 1.

Back shot from behind Jack. The robot explodes, parts of it flying of its body. Jack has his arm over his eyes. Tiffani in the jeep is in the midway point in the panel (distance-wise), its windows shattering from the explosion.

Explosion (fx): KA-BOOM!


Panel 1.

Television style panel. Trish Wilby is reporting from the scene.

Trish: Two explosions were reported. It is unclear at this point if there were any fatalities...

Panel 2.

Full shot. Inside the building, Giganto is turning around from the sound of the explosion. He has one fist up in the air, about to pound the robot at his feet one more time (the robot is in pieces and definitely out of it).

Giganto: What in God's name was that? Two explosions? What is Jack doing?

Panel 3.

Jack is running over to the jeep, panic in his eyes. He is sure Tiffani is dead, but hoping against hope she somehow survived. The jeep has an arm of the robot in flames on the roof. Smaller little fires are on the body of the jeep. The main chassis of the robot itself lies in flaming pile, 10 feet in front of the jeep.

Jack: Tiffani what did you do?

Panel 4.

Jack is pulling Tiffani out of the jeep. Tiffani is barely conscious, but still seems to have some fight in her. Giganto is in the background, running out of the building, and shrinking back down to human size to get through the doorway. Jack is incredibly relieved to find Tiffani alive. He is almost in tears.

Giganto: Jack! What's going on here?

Jack: Are you okay? Are you okay?

Tiffani: Did I get it...? Did I scrap the stupid thing?

Jack: Take it easy, Tiffani. Just take it easy.


Panel 1.

Jack is carrying Tiffani in his arms. Giganto is beside him.

Giganto: Jack?

Jack: I found the last robot. Tiffani was playing tag with it. She took out the thing... by herself.

Giganto: And half the street, from the looks of it. Where's everyone else?

Panel 2.

James stumbles out of the doorway to the warehouse. He is limping.

James: Russell? Jack? Is everything under control?

Panel 3.

Large panel. Full shot of the street, showcasing the fires and the carnage. Some of the buildings have small fires on their walls. There are scorch marks everywhere, car parts and robot parts. Terran is next to James, unconscious on the ground. Giganto is next to Robert White, crouching over him.

Jack: I guess you could say that.


Panel 1.

Televisions style panel. James is leaning against a building, holding his injured leg up and off the ground. Trish is there holding a microphone up to his face.

Caption: An hour later...

Caption: "We spoke with James Phillips, the leader of the CPTF..."

James: We... we were holding a recruitment drive for the Canadian Parahuman Task Force when an attack was initiated upon all those present.

Trish: Do you think this has any link to your criminal record...

Panel 2.

Television style panel. James is giving the cameraman a dirty look.

James: No further comment.

Panel 3.

Televisions style panel. James is being helped away by Jack as Trish continues her newscast.

Trish: The CPTF have been assembled under criminally convicted James Phillips. Phillips is apparently on loan from the US to work off his jail sentence by forming and leading a group of parahumans to safeguard our country. Not a parahuman himself, Phillips has nonetheless proven his value as a strategist while working alongside the US military. What are the goals of the CPTF and to what extent is the government's involvement with them?

Panel 4.

Large panel. Press conference on a full page splash. Slight angled aerial shot, as well as being angled off a little to one side. James Phillips is seated at a long table flanked by Giganto and Jack on his right and Host on his left. Jack, Giganto and Host are all costumed. Stacks of microphones are placed in front of each of them, brandishing the likes of NBC, ABC, Independent News, CBS, and CNN. James looks uncomfortable sitting there, as does Giganto, feeling foolish wearing a costume. Host looks sickly (he hasn't fully healed) while Jack looks completely at ease. The audience, a cross between reporters (in the front row) and general public can be partially seen in this shot.

Caption: Three days later. James Phillips decides to hold a press conference.

Random Reporter: Why did the Prime Minister want its own task force?

Random Reporter: What is the goal of having a task force?

Random Reporter: Are you mutates?

Random Reporter: Are you really superheroes or are you really government agents?

Random Reporter: What are you real names?

Random Reporter: Is it true that Watchman is on your team?

Random Reporter: What's your connection to Forestere?


Panel 1.

Three-quarter shot of James at the table, holding up a hand to quiet the crowd.

James: I will answer all of your questions one at a time.

James (thinking): I can't believe I'm doing this. I'd rather be shot.

Panel 2.

Three-quarter shot of the line-up of Giganto, Jack, James, and Host.

James: But first let me introduce the first official members of the Canadian Parahuman Task Force for National Safety: Giganto, Jack, and Host.

James: All three of these men are exceptional. Although you may not have heard of Giganto or Jack before, let me tell you that their courage cannot be equaled. As for Host, you may recognize him as a former member of the detective agency called Hired Hand. His detective background and experience will prove quite useful for our team.

Panel 3.

Side shot of the panel-group; the crowd of reporters and others are watching them intently. James is pointing at one of the reporters who is leaning forward in her chair, notepad in hand. She is wearing fashionable glasses, with her tied up in a bun on the back of her head, business-skirt, and high heels.

James: Now, first question!

Reporter 1: The battle was intense and shook the city. Could this have gotten out of control and could innocent bystanders have been hurt by the attack?

Panel 4.

Three-quarter shot of James and Host. Host is tired and worn out. Also in the panel is the reporter, now standing.

James: It was definitely dangerous and yes there could have been some collateral damage. The fact of the matter is this: we stopped these robots cold. We contained the threat and saved the city.

Reporter 1: Were any of your group hurt in the altercation?

Panel 5.

Three-quarter shot of Host and the reporter, side shot, facing off to one another.

Host: Many of us were hurt but its part and parcel of the job.

Reporter 1: What's it like going from working for a private firm as a private investigator to working for the government?

Panel 6.

Host seems a little more energized this panel, getting a second wind. He is holding a finger up.

Host: Here's something for the public to think on: this was a recruitment drive; none of us were recruited at the time of the incident but we nonetheless contained the incident. This is the type of team we are.


Panel 1.

Back shot of the team, with a nice full shot of the crowd present. There must be 100 people or so here, various news agencies, lots of cameras, both video and digital cameras. A couple of the flashbulbs go off. Reporter 2 is woman in her 50s, blonde hair, a little overweight. She wears her hair down past the ears, with jagged uneven edges to it; she also wears a business suit/skirt, tan in color. Reporter 3 is a man in his mid-20s, athletic, square-jawed, with a bit of double-chin, ugly grey suit and tie.

Reporter 2: Are there any more recruits or is this it?

James: No, we're still looking at some people as potential recruits but haven't settled on anyone else at the present time.

Reporter 3: Jack, what is your background and how did you end up with this team?

Jack: Um, well, I applied for the job just like everyone else. I did kick some major robot butt, though.

Panel 2.

Side shot from the other side of the table this time. Reporter 2 is leaning forward with another question.

Reporter 2: Giganto...

Giganto (thinking): Groan. Why did I ever let Jack stick me with that name?

Reporter 2: ...what is your background?

Giganto: The same as Jack, ma'am.

Reporter 2: Ha ha! You kicked some major robot butt?

Giganto: Well yes, I did make a dent in them. I represented the team then and there and have been recognized for my contribution as a full-fledged member.

Panel 3.

Three-quarter side angled shot of Jack, James and the reporter. Jack is leaning forward in his chair, eyeing the reporter playfully. James is looking sideways at him with a look of wonder and confusion.

Jack: Yes, he did kick some butt. He was phenomenal! You should have seen it! The man is awesome!

James (thinking): What is he doing, he's making us...

Reporter 2: Jack! What powers do you have?

Jack: Well, not sure if I can tell you. You might be some super-villain looking to find some sort of weakness.

Panel 4.

Full shot of the crowd laughing.

Panel 5.

Same shot of the crowd. They are smiling and talking to one another. They are completely engaged with Jack and entertained.

Jack (off-panel): Let's just say I'm as tough as nails and leave it at that.

James (thinking): ... he's making us look good. The crowd loves Jack. I don't know why. Maybe recruiting him was a better move than I thought.

Panel 6.

Side shot of the table and the crowd. Someone stands up that doesn't have a notepad and is not affiliated with one of the news stations. She has a very manly look to her and is wearing very male looking clothes that don't fit her well at all. Very butch looking.

Tough gal: Why are there no women on this Task Force? How can you best represent the people of this country if you have no women on the team? There are plenty of competent female parahumans!


Panel 1.

James is looking down the table to his left at Host.

Panel 2.

James is looking down the table to his right at Giganto and Jack.

Panel 3.

Front shot of the panel group. Giganto looks uncomfortable. He's adjusting his mask in nervousness. Jack is looking at James, waiting for him to come up with some kind of answer. Host seems a little frustrated. James is just plain surprised this type of question came up.

James: Alright then... the reason for this is that... Well, only men have applied...

Jack: James... if I may? I agree whole-heartedly with you, ma'am. This is not by far a clear representation of society here in our group.

Panel 4.

Full shot. The Tough Gal is leaning over the reporters' heads, hands on her hips. Jack has stood up and is addressing the lady and the crowd. James is looking up at Jack in worry.

Jack: The Canadian Parahuman... The Canadian Super Team...

James (thinking): What!?! The Canadian Super Team!?!

Jack: ...wants to take this time here to put word out to any parahuman, anyone with talents that can help improve upon this great team... We are looking for new members for our team. We are not discriminating against anyone, but at the same time we need a balance on the team to represent society.

Panel 5.

Front three-quarter shot of Jack (standing) and James (looking down at the table in shock). Jack is looking at James.

Jack: You can send your submissions to the Government of Canada, Canadian Super Team. Is that right, James?

Jack: James? James?

James: Oh yeah, sure that's right.

Jack: I'm sure we'll also have some sort of online enlistment as well as a formalized... form for you to fill out, which we will make available to you soon. You have my word.

Jack: This team needs some girl power!

Panel 6.

Full shot of the whole panel-group. They are all looking up at Jack, unsure of what to make of him. Jack has a shit-eating grin on his face, completely confidant in himself.


Panel 1.

Television panel. ¾ shot of Jack.

Jack: So anyone out there watching... We'd like to even the ranks out better. If you have something you can offer to our team... Get in touch with us.

Panel 2.

Full shot of Tiffani sitting in a mini-lounge in a hospital. She is leaning back in a chair, watching a TV, a TV with Jack's face on it. She has her arms on the arms rests of the chair, and a smile on her face. Tiffani has a bandage on her head and her eyes have bruises around them from the same impact. She's wearing a loose sweatshirt. A backpack hangs over the armrest of the chair. Two other chairs are beside her, along with a table scattered with magazines.

Caption: Meanwhile...

Tiffani (thinking): Then you really need me on this team don't you, "superhero"?

Tiffani (thinking): I did my share against those robots and I probably saved Terran and dad's lives. And that was just little bitty me!

Panel 3.

Full shot. Tiffani is getting to her feet, but doing so tenderly because of her injuries.

Tiffani (thinking): Imagine what I could do with some power behind me. Boys... you'll be seeing much more of me!

Panel 4.

Outside worm's eye view of the downtown Winnipeg Head Office Genetica building. The place has 20 stories to it (a modest building by the company's standards), standard rectangular structure. There is a ledge halfway up the building that surrounds the building, as well as a ledge at the roof of the building. Two flags come off the front of the building: a Canadian and an American.

Caption: Genetica. One of the two top genetics companies in the world. Genetica is responsible for many advances in the field, and with its main competitor Deoxy, has turned genetics into the leading industry in the world.

Panel 5.

Full shot. Wendell Reyes, world renowned scientist, is being met by a large group of people, scientists in lab coats, businesspeople in suits, and general staff in business-casual. He is shaking hands with one of the businesswomen. Wendell is in his early 40's, a slight graying in his hair. He wears a well-trimmed goatee. He has an average build, with a little bit of a stomach to him. He wears glasses and has a charm to him that is apparent in the faces of everyone there.

Caption: Wendell Reyes. He is one of the smartest scientists in the world. He is a master in the field of genetic muscle recuperation, working with victims of paralysis.


Panel 1.

Full shot. The businesswoman is escorting Wendell into a lab. Behind them are some of the scientists, watching Wendell look the lab over.

Caption: He has spent two decades trying to rebuild nerves, severed spines, lost muscle mass, and to reverse paralysis. His driving force had always been his daughter, a victim of a spinal cord injury. She had died months before the technology that could have kept her alive was discovered.

Panel 2.

Full shot of the businesswoman escorting Wendell down a wide hallway with several offices on each side.

Caption: In the years that followed, Reyes spent some time working for the government and several labs across the world all while continuing his research. Each job was to further his ultimate goal. He would learn new and different fields that he could apply to his research.

Panel 3.

Three-quarter shot. The businesswoman is motioning Reyes to a desk in an office. The office is incredibly spacious with a massive picture window overlooking the city. All of the furniture is made of a stained mahogany with dark green leather, and gold buttons.

Caption: In recent years his dedication to his goal caught Deoxy's attention. They hired him immediately. Reyes learned of the rivalry between Genetica and Deoxy which stemmed from Genetica supposedly breaking genetics' laws. Deoxy wanted to put Genetica out of business. They were engaged in criminal acts of human experimentation and needed to be stopped. Genetica was always able to hide its criminal activities from authorities and had enough pull with government for those acts they couldn't hide.

Panel 4.

One-quarter shot of Wendell sitting at the desk with his hands flat on the desk. He is admiring the room.

Caption: Wendell had played by the rules his entire career and his daughter was still dead. Would Deoxy be able to make the scientific strides it needed to for Wendell to come up with a way to reverse paralysis?

Panel 5.

Three-quarter shot. The businesswoman is leading Wendell (now they are alone, no other businesspeople or scientists around) to a closed door office. The name plate on the door reads: Jameson Rogers -- President.

Caption: Jameson Rogers, the owner of Genetica made Wendell an offer. He wanted the smartest at Genetica and he couldn't have Wendell working for the opposition.

Panel 6.

Full shot. The businesswoman is introducing Wendell to Jameson Rogers, the owner of Genetica. Rogers is of average height, with slicked back black hair, an intense face, and confidant stance. He is shaking Wendell's hand solidly.

Caption: Wendell left Deoxy. They were moving too slow by following the rules. Genetica could make the progress he needed to because they followed no rules. Despite the harm they did, working for them was the best opportunity he had to reverse paralysis. Deoxy were shocked and Genetica saw this as a coup.


Page 1.

Full shot. James is limping off the stage from the press conference. The conference is over. He has his cell phone to his ear.

Cellphone (fx): RINGGGGGG!

James: Hello. James Phillips.

Cell phone (with electronic word balloon): It's Robert White.

Panel 2.

Robert White's lab. 3/4 shot of Robert tinkering away on something while talking into the speaker phone. He has several little cuts on his face and his hands are bandaged. There are people behind him trying to get his attention that he is waving off.

Speaker phone (with electronic word balloon): Robert?

Robert: Hello, James.

Speaker phone (with electronic word balloon): I thought you were still in the hospital?

Robert: I checked myself out. I have some work to do. I've been looking at the robot head you left at my lab.

Robert: I'm going to see if there's any kind of signature in the head, but I'll need more than the head. There's no guarantee I'll find what I need there. Can you bring a full robot to my lab?

Panel 3.

Three-quarter shot of James. The people he waved off are walking away, while a man and a woman are now trying to get his attention. James's eyes are looking at the cell phone at his ear. He has a sly smile.

James: Uh, well... sure.

James (thinking): I haven't even agreed to bring this guy on yet and he's already working for me.

James: I'll get you a full robot, White. Thanks. I'll talk to you soon.

Panel 4.

Full shot. James is putting the phone away while the people from the last panel are waiting impatiently for his attention. He isn't really paying them any attention, his thoughts still on Robert.

James (thinking): I already have my own suspicions of who may have planted those robots there, but until I get to know my team, I can't trust anyone. We'll see what White can come up with.

James: What's so damn important. I was on a call.

Panel 5.

Full shot. James turns around to face the people trying to get his attention.

Woman: It's the Prime Minister, sir. He's been trying to get a hold of you.

James: Really...

Panel 6.

One-quarter shot of James and the man and woman.

James: And who are you?

Man: We've been assigned by Mr. Perry Meadows to keep watch over you, sir. There could be another attack.

Woman: You aren't a parahuman, sir, and you're safety is important.


Panel 1.

Three-quarter shot. James pulls out his cell phone and pointing to it.

James: You see this? It's called a cell phone. If the Prime Minister needs to speak with me, he can call me on this.

James: I don't need any assistants or bodyguards to tell me when I have calls. And I don't need any protection. Okay?

Panel 2.

Three-quarter shot of the three of them. The man and the woman are staring blankly at James.

Panel 3.

Three-quarter shot. James is limping away.

James: Never mind. I'll call him.

James (thinking): Blasted Meadows! What the hell is he doing tailing me?

Panel 4.

Close-up of James's face, deep in thought.

James (thinking): And Mr. Prime Minister? Right now I have a lot of suspicion about those robots that broke my leg and tore open the team. No one's safe from culpability just yet. I'll call you when I figure this all out.

Cell-phone (off panel) (fx): RINGGG!

Panel 5.

Close-up worm's eye view from the cell phone to James's face.

James (thinking): And here we go again...

James (thinking): Must be urgent, huh Mr. Prime Minister? Well, you'll have to wait. This is my team, not yours.

Panel 6.

Full back shot. Tiffani is waiting outside of a hospital room. Inside the room is Glick Bardo, the parahuman called Terran. He is apparently sleeping on the bed in the room, with assorted tubes plugged into his nose and arms.

Tiffani (thinking): Terran... you tried to save me and look what happened to you.


Panel 1.

Three-quarter shot. Tiffani is standing over the bed, looking down at Terran.

Tiffani: Terran, thank you for saving me. That was a complete bone-headed courageous thing to do. I took out that tin can for you. Hope that helps you heal better, ha!

Tiffani: He was a stubborn robot, but nothing a couple of huge explosions couldn't take care of.

Panel 2.

Same shot as last. Tiffani is holding back some tears.

Tiffani: Next time, though, worry about yourself, huh? Get better.

Panel 3.

Three-quarter shot as last, except Tiffani is walking towards the door. Terran's eyes are open.

Terran: I will.

Panel 4.

Same shot as last. Tiffani turns her head.

Tiffani: Terran? Was that you?

Panel 5.

Tiffani is standing over the bed, excited to see him awake. Terran is smiling.

Terran: Yeah, babe, I'm alive. I liked your little speech.

Tiffani: Uh, yeah. Well... you heard it all...?

Terran: Didn't know you cared about me, babe.

Panel 6.

Tiffani stands straight up defiantly.

Tiffani: Don't call me "babe".

Terran: Glad to hear you took out that damned robot. I didn't know you were a parahuman.

Tiffani: I'm not, "superhero". It's called ingenuity. If you had some you might not have gotten yourself tagged like you like you did.


Panel 1.

Bird's eye view shot. Terran is looking up Tiffani, all business.

Terran: How's your dad. He alright?

Tiffani: He's fine. Just some bruised ribs mostly.

Terran: Good. Take care of yourself. You better be ready for me when I get out of here.

Panel 2.

Tighter front shot of Terran, side shot of Tiffani.

Tiffani: In your dreams.

Panel 3.

Back full shot of Host. He is opening the door to a small mansion in the downtown area of Winnipeg. He is shaky, struggling with the door.

Caption: Later, after the press conference...

Panel 4.

Host stumbles through the door where one of his students, Sulan, an Asian girl in her late teens rushes to him. Sulan is 5'1" and very lithe.

Sulan: Host? Master?

Panel 5.

Despite her size she catches Host, supporting him so he doesn't fall to the ground. She is stronger than her size would suggest.

Sulan: Master... I told you that you should have remained here instead of going to that press conference.

Host: It... it was important, Sulan. Leave me be, now. I am fine.

Panel 6.

Tight one-quarter shot of both of them. Host is getting angry with Sulan.

Sulan: Master, you are not fine! You suffered grievous injuries. You are not well. You need to rest.

Host: I know what I need, Sulan!

Host: I... I'm needed. This city... this country needs us more than the rest of them realize.


Panel 1.

Sulan is getting Host to a chair in the foyer. She is undeterred from helping Host.

Sulan: What good will you be to them if you die? You suffered some serious internal injuries.

Host: Yes, I did, Sulan. Because I was unprepared. Take this as a lesson: always be prepared. Don't make the mistake I made. Now I need to get back to my room and study.

Panel 2.

Sulan is in Host's face. Despite his status of master over her, she is feisty when she needs to be. Host is a little taken aback.

Sulan: But always remember that knowledge comes from all places, not just from teachers. Ricky and I have meditated all day. We are ready to perform a healing ritual on you. This will heal your body and ease your mind. Once you are better you will be much more receptive to study.

Panel 3.

Host smiles. She stands over him, defiant but smiling back. She has her hands on her hips.

Host: You're right, Sulan. I am not a great teacher at all, am I? Just some punk who inherited all this.

Sulan: No, you are a good teacher. A good teacher knows when to take advice. I will prepare the downstairs resting room.

Host: Thank you, Sulan.

Panel 4.

Jack and Giganto (in civilian identities) are walking down the street. Jack is quite excited about all everything that has happened. Even Giganto (Russell) is showing some interest in the whole thing.

Jack: Wasn't it amazing, Russell?

Russell: It was something, Jack. I didn't quite know what to expect. You really impressed me.

Panel 5.

Tighter shot.

Jack: Me? Once you came out of your shell, you put a great walloping on them tin cans!

Jack: I have to thank you for giving me this opportunity, Russell. Without you I don't know where I would be. You helped me find direction in my life. And the Canadian Super Team is the icing on the cake.

Russell: I owe you my life, Jack.* It was the least I could do for you.

*Editor's Note: What is the story behind Jack and Russell? Keep your eyes peeled in these very pages for details as we move along.

Panel 6.

Front one-quarter shot of the pair.

Jack: Listen to me, Russell. You keep talking about this debt you owe me. I can understand where you are coming from. I understand why you took me in and gave me a place to stay. I know you feel bad that I don't have a past... that my memories before the experiments are gone... that I don't even know who I am.


Panel 1.

Same shot as last.

Jack: I appreciate everything you've done for me. More than you'll ever realize. But eventually it's up to me to find my way.

Jack: I plan on moving out. It's time I took some control back in my life.

Russell: Jack, its fine. Don't worry about it. You can stay as long as you like.

Jack: NO, I must do this Russell. And that is the end of it.

Panel 2.

Full shot. Jack is excited. Russell is confused.

Jack: Now, let me buy you a drink to thank you for everything you've done for me. I know this great place.

Russell: Well, all right.

Panel 3.

Full shot of a tavern called Jose's.

Leo (off-panel): Jack, I was just going to call you. I just saw you on TV. You didn't tell me you were a superhero.


Panel 1.

Leo Corleone greets Jack and Russell. Leo is 6'6" and some 300 pounds. He is in his 60s. He has a slightly receding hairline with hair slicked back and little ponytail in the back. He is red in the face and sweaty. He greets them with a broad smile.

Jack: I just became one, Leo.

Russell: A superhero? Is that what we are?

Leo: What was that?

Russell: Nothing.

Panel 2.

Russell and Leo are shaking hands.

Jack: I want you to meet my good friend, Russell James.

Leo: It's a pleasure to meet you, Russell. Any friend of Jack is a friend of mine.

Russell: It's a pleasure to meet you, sir. This seems like a nice place.

Panel 3.

Jack, excited like a kid in a candy store...

Jack: It's a great place! The food is amazing!

Leo: You know it, Jack! He loves the burgers we make here. Secret family recipe, y'know.

Leo: I'm sure it's the only reason you wanted to work for me.

Jack: Oh, Leo.

Panel 4.

Shocked look on Russell's face. Leo and Jack are getting along famously. It's obvious that Leo is awed by parahumans.

Russell: "Work for me?"

Leo: Look, Jack. With all this superhero business, when are you going to have the time...

Jack: Don't worry about it, Leo. I will figure something out. I made a commitment to you first. I will honor that commitment to you. Besides I don't think I need to sleep. What else am I going to do with all that time.

Panel 5.

Russell is still surprised.

Russell: You applied for a job... here?

Leo: This will be great publicity for my place, Jack. If you're still willing to work here, we will work out some sort of arrangement.

Leo: Now let us worry about your friend here. He looks hungry.

Panel 6.

Leo is motioning with his hands to Wendy, a 40-something woman with a heavier build.

Leo: Wendy, get these men some drinks and some food. On the house!

Russell: Working here, Jack? I could have gotten you a job within my firm... better than flipping burgers. You're a smart man.


Panel 1.

Jack and Russell in a tight 1/4 shot.

Jack: Russell... I wanted to make it on my own steam. Sometimes it's good to get grit under your nails.

Russell: Yes, true enough. It's probably why I'm doing the "superhero" thing with the Task Force.

Panel 2.

Jack puts a strong hand on Russell's shoulder in a sign of pure friendship from the man.

Jack: So true, my friend. I suspect this experience with the Canadian Super Team will enrich your life.

Panel 3.

Back shot of a man sitting in a café across the street from the Genetica building. He is drinking a coffee. He looks very calm, reserved and unassuming.

The man (thinking): What a wonderful day. Clear blue sky, the birds are singing, what a great day to be me. After today I will only have one more step to take to achieve my goal.

Panel 4.

He raises his coffee cup in a toast.

The man (thinking): I thank you in advance, Mr. Reyes.

Caption: Who is this man and what are his plans with Mr. Reyes? And what will the Canadian Parahuman Task Force do to fill up their roster? And who sent those pesky robots after them?