Ariana Silvanoshei

Copyright Quinton Carroll © 2005

Edited by Nicholas HM Caldwell for The Guild Companion

Quin wanted a change from a combat-oriented character and felt in the mood for a Thief or a Harper. The result was Ariana Silvanoshei, second-level Elven Thief, and the only survivor of a plague that wiped out her wandering family.

Ariana was designed using the HARP Revised rules set and had her first public outing at Dragonmeet 2004 in "Island in the Mist" (see January 2005). Quin notes that in retrospect, Ariana should have had the Speed Loader Talent to maximise her effectiveness with the bow, bought more ranks in Stamina Resistance and a higher Constitution, and learned some Cantrips to make best use of her large pool of power points. The next version of Ariana is likely to have these improvements.

Her character sheet is presented using Jonathan Dale's excellent spreadsheet: Ariana Silvanoshei