Joran Alvar

Copyright Matt Fitzgerald © 2005

Edited by Nicholas HM Caldwell for The Guild Companion

Matt wanted to try out the new Vivamancer profession from College of Magics. As an experiment, he designed a character which had neither directly offensive spells nor weapon skills but instead relied on shape-changing to be effective in combat. The result was Joran Alvar, second-level Elven Vivamancer.

Joran was designed using the HARP Revised rules set and had his first public outing at Dragonmeet 2004 in "Island in the Mist" (see January 2005). Matt notes that in retrospect, Joran should have been equipped with piecemeal armor in order to add DB without casting penalties. Matt is also considering Shield Training and Eloquence Talents for Joran's next level.

His character sheet is presented using Jonathan Dale's excellent spreadsheet: Joran Alvar