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Edited by Nicholas HM Caldwell for The Guild Companion


To the seventy-second issue of The Guild Companion..

Dragonmeet 2004 Characters

Requests were made for the publication of the characters used in my Dragonmeet 2004 fantasy scenario. Having secured the permission of my players to publish them, we're presenting three of them this month and the remaining three in next month's issue.

TGC Project Blog

A suggestion was made on the ICE forums that ICE ought to replace their overly optimistic six-month or one-year release schedules with a regularly updated blog or design journal. And then publish a short-term release schedule which only contains products that will appear in the next three months.

It's a very good idea, and once ICE has got enough of their current crises handled, we'll doubtless be seeing it. In fact, it is such a good idea that I decided that TGC should have one for our own projects. If you look in the Guild Companion Modules forum, you'll find it as the TGC Projects Blog.

I've been updating it once a week so far, and plan to maintain that level of currency, even when the only update is "No change."

It isn't a locked thread, so interested parties can post queries and I'll try to answer them as best I can. Note there are a couple of other TGC projects that aren't mentioned in the Blog. These projects are very far off from completion and mentioning them will only raise expectations that could be easily dashed.

News on HARP SF

Perhaps the most difficult thing about writing the science-fiction version of HARP (name still to be decided) is the interconnections among the chapters. To be sure, none of my other projects have been linear in their development as there have always been dependencies between the sections. However such linkages have tended to be mostly unidirectional, e.g. Chapter 7 depends on Chapter 6 and can't be written until Chapter 6 is complete. With HARP SF, there is a web of dependencies where parts of Chapter 6 depend on Chapter 7 and parts of Chapter 7 depend on parts of Chapter 6. Except of course they both depend mutually on several other chapters as well. Finding the right place to attack next can be mildly frustrating, and of course it is difficult to claim that any chapter is finally complete at any given point.

However, we do now have a statistics chapter, a professions chapter, the cultures section, the skills chapter, and the core of the talents chapter, all of which are currently "complete" until some other portion of the rules gets written. I'm currently untying the Gordian knot of the Adventuring, Combat and Equipment/Technology chapters, shuffling from combat actions and combat rules to the weapons and armor of the future then back to new critical tables and so on.

Simultaneously my laptop has suffered a display failure after six months of impeccable fault-free operation, so I'm now suffering the irony of trying to devise tomorrow's technology with pen and paper.

Farewell for now ...

I hope to have my laptop back in action in the next couple of weeks, and be in a much better position to discuss potential future technologies in next month's editorial. Our next issue will be published in March 2005, but until then ...

Keep gaming and have fun,
Nicholas HM Caldwell
General Editor for The Guild Companion