January 2005

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Words from the Wise (Guys) - Nicholas HM Caldwell
The Dragonmeet Report

Legal Woes - D. Andrew Ferguson
Tips on beefing up the town guard. An Open Gaming article.


Symka: Part 23 - Sean McGinity
Blue Moon makes our heroes an offer he won't let them refuse.


A Murder - Tero Oksala
A Ready To Run city-based fantasy scenario for HARP.

Island in the Mist - Nicholas HM Caldwell
A Ready-to-Run fantasy adventure for HARP suitable for convention use or as part of an ongoing campaign


Announcement: MECCG tournament in the UK -


Lowell Matthews and the World of Novi - Compiled by 'FAC'
To commemorate the anniversary of Lowell Matthews's untimely death, we present a PDF compilation of the World of Novi


The Wondrous World of Wands - Steven Carpenter
This article is focused on the wand using magicians of fiction and legend and therefore is designed around essence users in RMSS.