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To the seventy-first issue of The Guild Companion. and a Happy New Year to all our readers from all of us here.

Dragonmeet 2004 Report

Like hundreds of other gamers, I journeyed down to Dragonmeet 2004. I was able to jump the queue courtesy of my demo GM status and managed to get set up without any repetition of last year's dice hunt.

My fantasy scenario ("Island in the Mist") was fully booked up in short order. Andrew, Dorothea, Gareth, Geoffrey, Paul, and Stephen set to with a will, making a relatively safe passage to Ennis Isle, and trouncing the first Undead attackers without too much cost. Taking down the principal villains was substantially harder and fate points were needed to stave off some unpleasant enemy action. The scenario ended with a transformed Vivamancer in bear form leaping ten or more feet into the air to drag a wounded demon to earth and its doom. A lot of fun. John Seal dropped in on the game mid-session to say hi, hand over a bundle of HARP books as goodies for the players, and then he had to dash back to work. Many thanks to John for his gifts.

(For those who don't know, John is the owner of ICE.)

You can find "Island in the Mist" in this month's issue.

With only about twenty minutes before the next scenario, I had time to grab a very fast lunch and have a quick tour around the dealer's room. All the usual suspects were in evidence and business seemed to be brisk. I didn't have time to hang around and dashed down to grab the signup sheet for "Resident Aliens". From speaking with Chris Hartford, Dragonmeet's games coordinator, demand was high for "Resident Aliens" - the signup sheet had six slots filled and three names on the reserve list. (Apologies to Mike Davy who was on the list but didn't arrive in time for the start of the game and so missed out. Next time I'll see if I can persuade one of my playtesters to come down as a backup GM to avoid such situations.) Dorothea, Douglas, Gihan, Jonathan, Max, and Roger embarked on their exploration of the far frozen south of Tantallon, and almost got themselves killed by some fumbled Piloting maneuvers and suffered the embarassment of their Scientist fleeing from the local fauna, even as the rest of the party were demonstrating the effectiveness of aimed bursts from laser rifles. Our merry band of heroes broke into the alien base, captured some prisoners, and with clever planning and effective coordination seized the base, despite the best efforts of the resident aliens. Another fun game.

Nigel Buckle, our MECCG editor, was only a couple of tables away, heavily engaged in a MECCG mini-tournament. So I was at last able to say "Hi" to one of our most prolific regular contributor. Hopefully I didn't spoil his concentration too much!

As the convention wound down, I and the other members of the Committee for the Consternation convention met to plan the next phase in that endeavour. See http://www.consternation.org.uk for more details.

They Are Alive!

At the suggestion of ICE, I will be writing "Construct Toolkit", a PDF product (or possibly products), that will bridge the divide between the Rolemaster rules for entity creation in Construct Companion and the spell and alchemy rules of HARP's College of Magics. This will be a bridge product which will translate the key mechanics of Construct Companion into HARP terms. It will not be a total rewrite of Construct Companion (as much of my time is already alloted to HARP SF) and you will need Construct Companion to make effective use of the Toolkit. We will be publishing the Toolkit via our RPGNow outlet.

Some time ago, Andrew Ferguson was so taken with Construct Companion that he was inspired to work on a Rolemaster-only adventure module for us. The first draft of "The Toyman's Fair" has been submitted and edited. Andrew is now hard at work on the final draft, while Joel Lovell is creating some splendid cover artwork and illustrations of the new entities that Andrew has created.

More news on both these products as it happens.

Farewell for now ...

Our next issue will be published in February 2005, but until then ...

Keep gaming and have fun,
Nicholas HM Caldwell
General Editor for The Guild Companion