June 2005

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Words from the Wise (Guys) - Nicholas HM Caldwell
The magneto-gravitic drive - core technology for HARP SF


Symka: Part 28 - Sean McGinity
Confession time


Review: Heroes of Battle - Robert J Defendi
A sourcebook for Dungeons and Dragons

Review: Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay - Robert J Defendi
The new edition of the classic gritty fantasy RPG


Renown for Ranks - Dale T. A. Maxwell
How to describe how effective a character is inside the game setting.

The Search for Good Herbs - Tao Romero
New rules for locating and harvesting herbs and a comprehensive magical herb listing. In PDF


Power Sword Weapon Style for Spacemaster - Elton Robb
A weapon style and training package for masters of the futuristic blade