Copyright David Bate © 2005

Edited by Nicholas HM Caldwell for The Guild Companion

David wanted to see if it was possible to create a swashbuckling warrior, who relied on skill and speed rather than heavy armour to survive the rigors of battle. The result was Gawaingil, second-level Half-elf Fighter.

Gawaingil was born to an elven father and Human mother. His father returned to woods soon after, as he couldn't cope with the town. As a kid, the different rates of growth of his human and elven heritage meant that Gawaingil looked ugly and was teased and picked on. He got used to fighting but found he did better by dodging than punching back. When this was noticed, he started training to be a fighter, at first it was the usual and he started to learn how to use armour/shields etc, but his teachers soon realised that he did better without them and he was trained in the duelling style. After a while, he ran away for adventure and has made his living as a fighter/guard and not picked up much about the other tasks around him. He is about 6'6" tall with a lithe wiry frame, his features have started to catch up and he is no longer ugly, although not handsome he is quite charismatic. He wears soft leather most of the time and has a sword on one side of his belt and a buckler on the other. He carries a composite bow for missile work, but is not great at it.

Gawaingil was designed using the HARP Revised rules set and had his first public outing at Dragonmeet 2004 in "Island in the Mist" (see January 2005). David is pleased to note that this character proves that you don't need heavy armour to survive in HARP combat.

His character sheet is presented using Jonathan Dale's excellent spreadsheet: Gawaingil