The Myth of the Teregond

Copyright John MacDonald © 2005

Edited by Joe Mandala for The Guild Companion

The Myth of the Teregond is an extended adventure (or mini-campaign) set in the splintered kingdom of Arnor during the Third Age of Middle-earth. News has come to light of an ancient Eldar artifact which is reputed to have strong powers to aid in defense against Trolls. Adventurers have an opportunity to seek this mystical stone and become embroiled in the politics and conflicts of the North.

The Myth of the Teregond was written by John MacDonald with major contributions from Gabrielle Quaglia Lead, Steve Landers, Eric Dubourg, Jose Enrique Vacas, Sampsa Rydman, Thomas Morwinsky, George Photopolis, and Keith Frye.

The adventure is available here in PDF: Myth of the Teregond