Copyright Keith Grainge © 2005

Edited by Nicholas HM Caldwell for The Guild Companion

Keith wanted a "boom mage", believing that this was one of the best ways of finding all the loopholes in the then beta rules of HARP. The result was Ralf, a grotesquely huge human Magician with a touch of pyromania. (And a number of the HARP rules were changed as a result of Ralf.)

Ralf was originally designed using the HARP beta rules and had his first public outing at Dragonmeet 2003 in "The Defense of Marnockham" (see January 2004). In due course, he was revised for compatibility with HARP Revised and had his second public outing at Dragonmeet 2004 in "Island in the Mist" (see January 2005). Keith still remembers fondly the days when Ralf was as deadly with a sword as with a fireball (we got that rule loophole fixed!) and has threatened that Ralf's next level will be as a warrior mage.

His character sheet is presented using Jonathan Dale's excellent spreadsheet: Ralf