November 2005

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Words from the Wise (Guys) - Nicholas HM Caldwell
Rolemaster revision! Release of The Toyman's Fair. Aliens in HARP SF


Amityville Prequel - David Daniel Ball
A horror story for the campfire

Symka: Part 33 - Sean McGinity
Another unexpected family reunion as Lurch tells his story

The Stacked Deck Chapter 2 - Ronald Soller
Our young Tarot Mage arrives in Quellbourne. Part 2 of our new serial set in Shadow World


Sample Black Powder Weapons for HARP - Nicholas HM Caldwell
Add pistols and muskets to your HARP game! Quick-and-dirty rules for guns.


Review: Shadowrun 4.0 - Robert J Defendi
A New Look at an Old Game


A Doppelganger's Dilemma - R.J. Hansen
Rolemaster and HARP rules for the duplication abilities of doppelgangers