October 2005

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Words from the Wise (Guys) - Nicholas HM Caldwell
HARP Heroes and The Order of the Iron Crown


Canadian Super Team - Sean McGinity
Our budding heroes must cooperate or die!

Symka: Part 32 - Sean McGinity
The hell demon, Mordo, enters the fray directly.


An Example Were - Cormac Doyle
A HARP example of the lycanthropy rules and variant form of Jonathan Dale's Excel spreadsheet

Becoming a Werewolf - Cormac Doyle
HARP and RMSS/FRP rules for lycanthopy and lycanthropes


Review: Stormwrack - Robert J Defendi
A life on the ocean wave, D&D style


Skill Expertise - Claudio Butticè
There's a substantial difference between a person with talent, and a person with experience


Investigating the Andaris Research Station - Jörg Jahnke
A Ready to Run adventure for Spacemaster