Canadian Super Team

Copyright Sean McGinity © 2005

Edited by Nicholas HM Caldwell for The Guild Companion

"Move it! Analyze it after the guys have ripped them apart!"

Page One-Two

Double Page Splash Page.

Large action packed panel, cluttered with all the stars of this comic. 5 robots of varying sizes and styles (from 10 feet tall to 20 feet tall) stand amid a clutter of broken crates (in fact just have taken a step out of the pile of crates). One of the robots (which we will call Jay) stands the most in the front, standing at the most impressive 20 feet tall. One of its eye slots is cracked open with the bullet James Phillips shot into its head last issue. Its attention is focused on the slumped form of James Phillips, motionless across the warehouse.

Of the other 4 robots, one of the 15-foot tall ones (which we will call Gee from here on in) has its arms raised with sledgehammer shaped fists over Giganto, who stands in shock at the robots. He looks completely out of his element here.

Another robot, who we'll call Jaytwo standing at 20 feet, has one arm back behind its body, ready to strike down at Jack who stands just below him, a genuine thrill of battle smile on his lips.

The other two robots, which we will call Tee and Eh, stand before Tiffani, Robert, and Host. Robert is gawking at the robots, impressed at the technology and completely oblivious to the danger presented here. He is holding a briefcase tightly with both hands. Tiffani is tugging at his arm, while Host stands there assessing the robot.

Caption: Moments ago a recruitment drive to form a task force for the defense of Canada brought about its first test. Five massive robots lay in wait amid the pile of crates and attacked the government man, James Phillips assigned with organizing the recruitment drive.

Caption: Now the group of individuals must earn their stripes for application for the team... or face Phillips' fate.

Robert: The ingenuity behind these machines...

Tiffani: Dad! Move it! Analyze it after the guys have ripped them apart!


Page Three

Panel 1.

Tight one-quarter shot of Robert and Tiffani. He is looking up at the robot Tee (off-panel), with his mouth gaping wide. He is admiring the workmanship. Tiffani is pulling at Robert's arm with all her strength to get the man moving, but has only budged him a couple of feet so far.

Tiffani: Dad, let's go let's go let's go!

Robert: Fascinating! Absolutely... Oh, now it seems to have some sort of hand weapon, possibly firing some sort of blast...

Tiffani: Blast? Holy crap!

Panel 2.

Three-quarter shot worm's eye view shot of Tee. The robot is spreading its hands out ready to fire a blast from its palms in the forefront of the panel, foreshortened up its arm to its body.


Panel 3.

Large panel. Tight shot of Tiffani and Robert. Tiffani is pushing her father with both hands (opposite of the direction she was pulling from), her legs pumped in an extreme effort. Robert actually topples (he's sure strong for a geek scientist) and falls backwards. A blast of energy is a little wide. The impact explodes around Tiffani.


Panel 4.

Large panel. In the background of the panel, Tiffani and Robert are rattled. Tiffani is unconscious and Robert is slowly getting to his feet. The Jaytwo robot brings a fist down into the ground near Jack that he narrowly avoids by making a very small leap back. The Gee robot, a little more in the background hoists its fists in the air, its body coiling up for an attack.

Jaytwo's attack (Fx): CRASH!

Page Four

Panel 1.

Large panel of the G robot smashing both fists into Giganto. The impact lines actually blur out the upper half of Giganto's body. Jack in the background of the panel is holding Jaytwo's arm that had smashed down, holding it into the floor. The floor is cracked and its hand is in the rubble of a small crater. There are cracks on the robot's arm where Jack is hanging on. Jack is cocking his right hand, ready for a blow.

Gee's attack (Fx): BOOM!

Panel 2.

Large panel. Far shot on Jack. With one free hand, Jack strikes a mighty blow on Robot Jaytwo, sending it flying through the air into one of the far walls. Jack is still holding onto the robot's right arm (the one he was holding onto last panel), which detached at the shoulder when he impacted it. In the background, another robot (Eh) is moving in on Giganto and Gee. Giganto is conscious on the floor but struggling. Somehow, his will has allowed him to block through the pain. Both robots are looking down at Giganto, computing in their heads on their next attack, unsure if Giganto is still a threat.

Jack's blow (fx): WHAM!

Panel 3.

Worm's eye view of Giganto. He is weak in the knees, fighting to remain standing. Gee and Eh are reaching down for him.

Giganto (thinking): Their attack was so fast... I'm not used to this. What am I even doing here?

Giganto (thinking): Shake the cobwebs, Russell! If I don't do something I'm dead. In this form, I'm not exactly at my toughest.

Panel 4.

Tight close-up shot of Giganto's face. He has one fist shaking, visible in the panel. He is gritting his teeth, making a physical effort (to grow).

Giganto (thinking): James Phillips took a serious hit. And Tiffani hasn't moved since that blast. And now they are moving in on Tiffani and her father to finish them off! If these things have hurt either one of them...

Giganto (thinking): I need to get past these two tin cans to get to them.

Page Five

Panel 1.

Tall narrow panel. Giganto grows to 20 feet tall, coming up between the two robots. His extra girth actually pushes the robots back a couple of steps.

Giganto: Come on, you tin cans! Come after me!

Panel 2.

Giganto backhand punches the robot Gee, who teeters over. The other robot Eh, fires an energy blast from its palm. But at the short range, the blast snags Giganto's shoulder only.

Giganto's blow (fx): SMASH!

Giganto: Aargh!

Jay's blast (fx): ZEE-OW!

Panel 3.

Giganto follows through from the last panel in a three-quarter shot. Giganto double sledgehammers Eh in an impressive smash that rocks the building, tipping the robot over. Giganto's clothing is ripped at the shoulder and his skin is red from the shot. Gee falls to the ground in this panel.


Page Six

Panel 1.

James Phillips is lying unconscious in the forefront of the panel. Coming in from the background: Host is running through a robot's legs (robot Jay), J is currently unaware of Host, focusing specifically on James. Host is pulling his mystical bow from his cape.

Caption: Meanwhile, the robot that attacked James Phillips moves in for the kill. Host has every intention of wielding his magic to stop the machine.

Host (thinking): The robot intends on killing James! Who sent them and why now and here?

Panel 2.

Full shot. Host spins around and pulls back on his mystical bow, almost point blank on the robot.

Host: Hold robot! Face me and face your death!


Panel 3.

Front three-quarter worm's eye view shot of the mystical arrow striking the robot in the torso, having no effect but a sparkling light show.

Host (off-panel): It had no effect...

Panel 4.

The robot moves over Host, paying him no attention, focused on its goal to finish James Phillips. It is raising its hands over its head, ready to smash down on James.

Host (thinking): He didn't even notice me.

Panel 5.

Host leaps forward (bow still in hand), and is just over James. The robot's fists are a dozen feet away. Host has his fingers in the "iloveu" peace sign (he is casting his magic).

Host: Calla lampur...

Page Seven

Splash Page.

The robot's fists strike down on a green half-globe that covers Host and James Phillips. Host is covering the man with his own body to protect him. The globe cracks under the attack, but does not give.

Host: ...encada!

Attack (fx): BOOM!

Page Eight

Panel 1.

Tiffani is regaining consciousness but not moving much. Robert is on his back. His legs are slightly bent, with his feet flat on the ground, and he is pushing himself up with one arm (behind his back). He has his briefcase held in the other.

Robert: Tiffani?

Tiffani: Groan...

Robert: Are you okay? TIFFANI!

Panel 2.

Small panel, tight shot of Tee's head turning quickly (hears Robert's cry).

Caption: The robot had assumed it was successful in eliminating its threat, but Robert's cry engages its attention once more.

Panel 3.

Robert now kneeling is taking the gauntlet out of the briefcase.

Robert (thinking): I have its attention? Good! That means it will leave Tiffani alone.

Panel 4.

Tight shot of gauntlet going on Robert's arm.

Robert (thinking): And I am ready for you. No one hurts my daughter!

Panel 5.

Robert reaches out and touches the leg of the robot with the gauntlet in a full shot, sending off an electric charge that feeds up through the robot.

Robert: I'm sending you to the scrap heap!

Gauntlet (fx): BUZZZ!

Page Nine

Panel 1.

Tight panel of Robert and Tiffani. Robert is kneeling over his daughter. She is regaining consciousness now, but still groggy.

Robert: You're alive... too stubborn to go down... That's my girl!

Panel 2.

Far shot of Jack. He is leaping up in the air (getting some 20 feet into it) and discarding the robot arm he was holding. He is following through on Jaytwo who is struggling to get back to its feet with only one arm.

Caption: Meanwhile, Jack has his robot well in hand. These things are tough as nails but Jack is in full combat mode. Far from a seasoned fighter by any means, Jack fights with some sort of instinct, improvising as he goes along.

Caption: Jack's main power (next to his super-strength) is his ability to alter his density. By reducing his density, Jack is able to use his heightened strength to send himself flying through the air...

Panel 3.

Full shot. Jack is landing on the robot with both feet. There is an impact effect. Jack actually is going through the robot.

Caption: ...and by increasing his density, hit like a 10-ton anvil.

Jump (fx): KRA-KOW!

Page Ten

Panel 1.

Nice full shot of Giganto in his glory holding up one of the robots over his head. His other robot is on the ground, starting to get to his feet.

Caption: And the same can be said for Giganto. He is guided by the need to protect Tiffani and Robert White, two regular humans caught in the middle of all this. And these two robots have stood in his way to protect them

Panel 2.

Without letting go, Giganto pounds the one robot into the other shaking the building again. It's a huge impact. Little bits and parts shatter off of the robots.

Caption: Harnessing a long repressed rage at the experiments that made him what he is, he lets go, letting that rage speak volumes.

Giganto (fx): BOOM!

Panel 3.

Giganto again hefts the robot over his head...

Caption: And he attacks again.

Panel 4.

...and smashes it down into the other again, for another tremendous impact. Giganto grits his teeth.

Caption: So lost in his anger is he that he continues his attacks, even though he has already vanquished these two machines.

Giganto (fx): BOOM!

Page Eleven

Panel 1.

Tight shot inside the globe Host has made. His face is red with effort. His teeth are gritted, and blood flows from his nose. He still has James Phillips under him.

Host: Ungh... That hit harder than anything...

Panel 2.

Small panel. Full shot of the globe. It has many cracks in it from the last impact it suffered.

Caption: Host's magics are an extension of his training. Against common threats, he has gotten cocky... smug in what he can do.

Panel 3.

Larger panel, panning out. The cracks are starting to fade away.

Caption: But against these robots... their technology... they ignore magic. But that does not have to be so. With the right focus... the right will, his magics can affect all, even these mechanical monstrosities.

Host: But I can't give up...

Panel 4.

Large panel, panning out yet again. The cracks are sealed. And the robot stands over Host, with both its arms up in a double axe-handle, rearing up for another strike. Inside the bubble, Host is rising to his knees. He has his hands out to the side, doing the "iloveu" symbol with his hands. His head is tilted back in concentration and pain. James is unconscious at his feet.

Caption: If his will is strong enough, he will endure...

Host: Calla lampur encada! Calla lampur encada!

Host (thinking): The robot is too strong. I'm holding my force sphere by will alone... and I'm buckling.

Page Twelve

Panel 1.

The force sphere collapses, shattering in a million pieces. Host crumples as if he himself had been struck. The robot is overhead, both its fists down, having broken the sphere.

Caption: But everyone has their limits...


Panel 2.

Host lays draped over James Phillips body, his cape partially covering them both.

Caption: ... and today, Host has reached his.

Panel 3.

Host's robot stands over the two unconscious forms, contemplating its next move. The shards of the sphere are starting to fade.

Caption: Having overcome this transparent wall, the robot computes its next move.

Panel 4.

Bird's eye view shot. The robot Tee is standing over Robert and Tiffani. Robert is holding his daughter, nursing her back to consciousness. The robot is rebooting its internal systems.

Caption: Moments ago, Robert used one of his prototypes to send a million volts through the robot. It was enough to scramble its electronics. That action saved his and Tiffani's life.

Page Thirteen

Panel 1.

Worm's eye view opposite of the last panel. Tiffani is pushing her father off of her, glad for his attention, but wanting to get to her own feet on her own. The robot is looking down on them.

Caption: The robot has spent the last few moments rebooting its internal computers and checking its servos.

Panel 2.

Close--up shot of the robots eyes. They are lighting up.

Caption: Its systems are at 80%. It has lost its energy blasts and some other functions. But its chassis is in working order. The internal engines have been restarted. It is ready to continue with its programming: terminate James Phillips and any that stand with him.

Panel 3.

The creature takes a sweep with one of its large hands and strikes the old man, sending him flying out through one of the windows in the warehouse...

Panel 4.

... and outside onto the side walk across from the warehouse.

Panel 5.

Far, far shot. Terran is on his way back towards the building. He is leaving behind Muscles and Acid. Exo-Skeleman is flying off overhead. Terran is holding his helmet in one of his hands.

Caption: It was several minutes ago that the recruitment drive for the Canadian Parahuman Task Force finished. Several filled out the application forms, some with great hopes of joining the team. They lingered behind to speak with James Phillips. Others were more interested in filling out the forms and leaving, cocky about their chances of joining the team.

Exo-Skeleman (thinking): They will literally go crazy to get someone like Exo-Skeleman on their team. I am an icon.

Muscles: So, small fry... what do you think a' this whole thing?

Page Fourteen

Panel 1.

three-quarter shot of the group (Muscles, Terran, and Acid). Terran is pointing back over his shoulder, to indicate he is going back. Muscles is pointing ahead.

Terran: Sure beats being a cashier at some convenience store. You, know.... Ah crap.

Terran: I'll be right back, guys. I forgot my backpack back there.

Muscles: S'okay. We'll be at Moxe Zuma's up here on Sargent. We'll meet you there.

Terran: I'll be there in a few minutes.

Panel 2.

Side shot of Terran walking and in deep thought.

Terran (thinking): My mutation has been compromised. The world knows about me ever since that fight at that fast-food restaurant. I can't change what happened. I can't undo using my powers in public. So I might as well make the most of it.

Terran (thinking): I can probably run circles around these doofusses, anyway, so this would be a cakewalk. Easy money. Easy job.


Terran (thinking): What was that?

Panel 3.

Terran rounding the corner of a building, seeing Robert White on the opposite sidewalk from the building, surrounded by shattered glass.

Caption: The noise is loud... the sound of glass breaking. Curious, Terran rushes to the scene to find...

Terran: What the hell!

Terran (thinking): What happened here? It's that geek scientist guy who has the hot daughter.

Panel 5.

Terran kneeling down over the body, checking for a pulse.

Terran (thinking): He still has a pulse.

Robert: Groaannnn...

Terran (thinking): Just seems a little dazed. Lots of cuts though, but no big bleeders.

Fx (from off-panel): BOOM!

Panel 5.

three-quarter shot of Terran. He is putting his helmet back on.

Terran (thinking): There's some fighting going on inside. I got the costume, I got the powers. Time for me to show them how it's really done.

Terran (thinking): I'll show these grandstanders some real power.

Page Fifteen

Panel 1.

Tiffani is slowly getting to her feet as her robot prepares to fire another shot. The back of her clothing is ripped and her back is tenderly red from the energy.

Caption: Now that we've brought Terran up to speed, let's get back in on the action...

Tiffani (thinking): What happened? My body's in pain, burning. I'm still alive, but where's dad?

Panel 2.

one-quarter shot of Tiffani. She's looking up.

Terran (off-panel): Hot pants! Out of the way!

Tiffani: Wha? Holy crap!

Panel 3.

Full shot of Tiffani, rolling out of the way (using her gymnastic ability here). An immense robotic fist slams behind her into the floor, but she gets totally clear this time.

Panel 4.

Far shot. Tiffani is getting to her feet. The Tee robot is following her with its eyes, ready to make another move, straightening itself out. Jack is climbing out of a small crater in the ground (about 2 feet deep). Jaytwo's arm and legs come out of the crater (its body is totally smashed inside the crater. Giganto is standing at full height still, holding his robot by its leg (the robot is held with nothing more than wires now, the robot at his feet is in pieces). Jay stands over Host and James, who are both still unconscious (draped under Host's cape). Terran is ledged on the windowsill picking his move.

Tiffani (thinking): Whoa! Rolled out in the nick of time. Thanks, Terran. I owe you one

Terran: I found your father, Tiffani. He's outside but okay. As much as I'd like you to stick around, you need to get out of here too.

Page Sixteen

Panel 1.

Shot from behind Tee's head and over its shoulder, with both Tiffani and Terran in its sights (each one over the other shoulder). The robot is deciding whom to go after, which is the bigger threat right now.

Terran: You listening to me, hot pants?

Panel 2.

Far shot. Terran is still at the window, accumulating dirt in little whirlwinds from the ground under him. Tee is moving quickly towards Terran, the apparent most deadly threat. It has one of its hands raised in a fist. Tiffani is running towards Terran.

Terran: Alright you bucket of bolts! Not sure what happened here exactly but ya hurt some of these people! You ain't getting away with it!

Tiffani: Shut up...

Panel 3.

Far shot. Tiffani pushes Terran out of the window off the sill, using her whole body to move him. Both of them are out the window as a massive fist slams into the ground under the window.

Tiffani: ...and get out of the way.


Panel 4.

Outside on the sidewalk, Tiffani is on top of Terran. They have just landed outside the window. Terran is looking up, smiling at Tiffani. Tiffani is pointing a finger of disapproval at Terran.

Tiffani: Were you just planning on waiting for that thing to hit you or what? What's you're power? Stupidity?

Terran: How was I supposed to know it was going to move so fast?

Tiffani: Learn how to pay attention, mushroom-head! You could see the energy building up in its hands!

Panel 5.

Tight worm's eye view (over Tiffani's shoulders) shot of the robot Tee sticking its head out of the window, looking down at them.

Terran: Oh crap.

Tiffani: What?

Page Seventeen

Panel 1.

Far overhead shot. Terran is using his Earth control to blow Tiffani up to the roof of the building with a dust tornado. The robot is sticking its upper body through the window, pointing its hands at Terran.

Caption: Terran uses his control of earth, to quickly assemble dirt to push Tiffani out of harm's way

Tiffani: Whoa!

Panel 2.

Far overhead shot. Same as last. The robot smashes both fists into the ground, apparently right into Terran, the impact effect hiding Terran from view. Tiffani is getting to her feet on the rooftop overhead.


Panel 3.

Same shot as last. Tiffani is looking over the ledge to the robot down below. The robot is looking up at Tiffani. Tee's body, now moving through the window raising dust and raining down some debris. The robot's body is blocking where Terran was lying. Its head is twisted up towards Tiffani. It spots her.

Tiffani: Oh my God! The robot fried that him!

Tiffani: Oh-oh. He sees me.

Panel 4.

Full shot. Tiffani is in a full out run across the rooftop.

Tiffani (thinking): I have to hide! I have to hide!

Panel 5.

Large panel. Far shot. Jack and Giganto are walking towards the last robot, Jay. Jay is half turned around at their approach. At the robot's feet are Host and James Phillips, still unconscious.

Caption: Meanwhile, inside the warehouse, one last robot remains...

Jack: Hey, robot! Over here!

Giganto: Be careful, Jack. It's close to those two. They're injured. Let's not make matters worse for them. We need to get the robot away from them.

Jack: I got it, Giganto!

Giganto: Giganto? Come on, Jack. Enough with the Giganto business.

Jack: Well, I didn't hear you coming up with anything else.

Page Eighteen

Panel 1.

Far shot. The robot is running towards Jack and Giganto. Jack is standing his ground, concentrating, altering his density (apparent from the ground caving a little under him). His muscles should be flexed (almost as if he was coming out of a double-biceps pose). Giganto has a bit of a battle-stance: feet wider apart, arms half-crooked.

Giganto: I could be wrong here, but what kind of flashy name is Jack?

Jack: Okay. Point taken. You win. How about thick guy and big guy.

Giganto: Okay... Maybe I'll stick with Giganto.

Jack: I thought so.

Panel 2.

Jack spread himself out as much as possible with a wide stance, arms out, to provide as much of an obstacle as possible. He is super dense here, and the ground should have some stress marks on it from his weight. He is increased his density here to 10 tons. Giganto is cocking back a fist. The robot's leg bumps into Jack. The robot's expectation of knocking Jack over on the run-by causes it to lose its balance upon the contact.

Giganto: Jack? How many robots did you count?

Trip (fx): THUK!

Panel 3.

Jay is leaning forward, balance completely lost. Giganto is ready for it, starting to swing his fist.

Jack: Ugh!

Jack: Not sure. Why?

Panel 4.

Roundhouse punch from Giganto on the unbalanced robot. The impact starts to spin the robot.

Punch (fx): WHAM!

Panel 5.

Full shot. The robot is almost spun around, no longer facing Giganto now, and almost magically dancing from the impact, not yet falling over. Giganto is moving in for the follow up. He is readying a backhander. Jack is reducing his density and just about to move in.

Giganto: I could have sworn there were five robots.

Jack: Yeah?

Giganto: And I don't see Tiffani or Robert around either.

Jack: You're right.

Panel 6.

Back shot of Giganto. He is backhanding the robot, sending it in another halfspin the other way this time. Jack is in the forefront of the panel running away from the fight. He looks confident.

Jack: I'm on it while you mop up here.

Page Nineteen

Panel 1.

At a hotel bar nearby. Muscles and Acid are being served their first drink. Both look unconcerned.

Caption: The blows from the warehouse rock the neighborhood.

Acid: Listen to that ruckus. Sounds like a major slugfest going on.

Muscles: It does. Too bad we just bought drinks. I would have liked a nice fight to finish off the night. But I'm not about to waste a drink.

Acid: Yeah, you're right.

Panel 2.

Exo-Skeleman is overhead, flying. It should be obvious that the flight isn't that great, and the flight path should be very sloppy and crooked. In fact, at this point, he takes a small dip.

Exo-Skeleman (thinking): What was that? I almost lost control! Sounds like explosions or something. Well, no matter. I am Exo-Skeleman! I don't have time to meddle in petty squabbles. I need to save myself for this government team. Don't want to chance wrecking my ex-skeleton.

Panel 3.

Far shot. Tiffani is jumping down from the bottom of a fire escape ladder.

Tiffani (thinking): The robot isn't going to follow me is it? I'll just double back and see what's going, and drag my dad out of here until things cool down.

Panel 4.

Large panel. Running out the alley, Tiffani runs right into the Tee robot. She is surprised.

Caption: The robots are programmed to do adapt to their environment and their victims.

Caption: Interestingly enough, this robot has found a particular annoyance with this human. It shouldn't be causing it any problem... peculiar.

Page Twenty

Panel 1.

Far shot. Tiffani is running back down the alley she came from.

Tiffani (thinking): Aah! What do I do? What do I do? I can't keep running!

Panel 2.

Back three-quarter shot of the robot moving into the alley. Tiffani is visible in the distance, already making the end of the alley.

Caption: It overrides its own internal controls, turning off its security settings to re-engage its offensive ranged energy blasts.

Caption: It could very well overheat by doing this, but terminating its quarry is overriding its logic circuits.


Panel 3.

Far shot. The robot emerges from the alleyway, firing a blast near Tiffani (which she narrowly sidesteps), hitting the ground underneath a nearby car. The impact pushes the car into the air slightly.

Blast (fx): KZOW!

Tiffani (thinking): It's still following me. What do I do? Think! Think!

Panel 4.

The car lands on its side. Tiffani runs up behind the car as the robot moves forward towards her.

Panel 5.

The robot flips the car over casually (more moving it aside, but just next to it). Tiffani runs behind another car ahead of her, fumbling in her pockets. The robot is smoking slightly around its chest. It is overheating.

Tiffani (thinking): Okay. You're a robot. I can outthink you, stupid tin can!

Page Twenty-One

Panel 1.

Close-up shot of the robot's feet. Gasoline is running out of the car, onto and down the street towards Tiffani (who is off-panel).

Tiffani (thinking and off-panel): Let's see how you take an improvised energy blast.

Panel 2.

Very tight shot of Tiffani's hand. She is pulling a lighter out of her pocket.

Tiffani (thinking): Maybe it is a good thing I sneak smoking in from time to time.

Panel 3.

Another tight shot of Tiffani's hand. She is dropping the lit lighter towards the stream of gasoline.

Tiffani (thinking): Dad would kill me if he finds out.

Panel 4.

Similar shot to last. The car that the robot overturned goes up in flames, as well as the lower half of the robot. Tiffani is running away. The robot's head turns towards her, apparently undisturbed from the fire.


Panel 5.

Far, far shot. Large panel. The car explodes, spraying Tee in flames and debris. The car in front of it is in flames. In the forefront of the panel, bathed in the bright light of the explosion is Tiffani who is still running away (she's not in the explosion but can no doubt feel the heat).


Page Twenty-Two

Panel 1.

Tiffani is watching the fire from a block away. The flames are several dozen feet in height, as the fire has caught the buildings on one side of the street in flames, as well as the cars along the same side of the street. Tiffani is breathing heavy, a victorious smile on her lips.

Tiffani: I did it!

Tiffani: You hunk of junk, I did it!

Panel 2.

Large panel. Tee walks out of the flames, sparks coming out of its head. It is aflame, but nonetheless still pursuing its goal -- killing its opponent.

Panel 3.

Panel inserted into Panel 2. Tight close-up of Tiffani.

Tiffani: Oh, come on...

Caption: One last robot left against Tiffani? If that explosion didn't take it out, what else can she do? Be here next time as the fight continues and the after effects of the battle take place.